Why BigCommerce is More Profitable CMS For Your Business?
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Why BigCommerce is best
In the present scenario web pages constitute reseller program, independent thoughts, current customer area, live stores and other features of the company. As website is the best way for promoting the advertisements Big Commerce prove to be grist to the mill for highly attractive website. It is a well supported, reliable and complete shopping cart which is a very good choice for new online businesses. It has more features than most similarly priced ecommerce solutions. These features pave the way to compete against large ecommerce companies.
As everyone is fond of the internet today and if any information is required about anything then they opt for checking it online. When a particular website is visited by people then they get informed about that particular thing. If anyone wants to promote his profession or other thing then the BigCommerce website solution or BigCommerce website design is the best way for this purpose.

Following are the features of the BigCommerce:-

  • 30 days free trial and 24 hrs support
  • Sell on Facebook
  • Mobile template
  • Sell on Amazon and eBay
  • Product syndication like Shopzilla and Google Product Search, Price Grabber and Next Tag
  • Wish lists and gift certificates
  • Returns Management
  • Oder and Customer management
  • Free and attractive templates
  • By default Search Engine Friendly
  • Reliable hosting and uptime

Benefits of using BigCommerce:-

1.) It’s easy to use interface works as expected. It is very comfortable to use every day to manage a business.
2.) It is search engine friendly, but there are a few minor issues and it can be easily overcome.
3.) It integrates from iContact, iDevAffiliate, oLark and MailChimp and the third party software thanks to the flexible and powerful API.

Which payment gateways are supported by BigCommerce?
Generally all the payment gateways are supported by the BigCommerce. All the usual suspects and many smaller ones. Google Checkout, eWay in Australia, Payleap, Paypal and Authorize.net. I can go on listing all of them.

What shipping providers are supported by BigCommerce?
UPS, FedEx, Canada Post, Australia Post and USPS are the shipping providers supported by BigCommerce.

Also, it must be noted that when you opt to design your company’s website go for that designer company who is an expert in this task and have vast experience in designing from many years. You can also learn different methods of building your own website. You can select a unique design for your website via hundreds of templates of BigCommerce.


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