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1Digital® Agency’s eCommerce SEO experts have spent years creating custom SEO strategies for the most widely utilized eCommerce platforms, including Shopify, BigCommerce, Volusion, Magento, and more. We’re your strategic partner focused on creating SEO campaigns that drive organic traffic and conversions.

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Proprietary SEO Strategy for Your Platform by 1Digital®

Our digital marketing company has years of experience creating and implementing SEO campaigns on all major eCommerce platforms. Our SEO experts will optimize your website following SEO best practices and generate increases in sales, traffic, and conversions that will exceed your expectations. Additionally, we are an Elite BigCommerce Partner, with expertise serving other major platforms including Shopify+, Magento, Volusion, WooCommerce, and many others. Give our SEO consultants a call today if you are serious about increasing your rankings, online traffic, and conversions!

Start Dominating Your Industry With our Platform-Specific SEO Services

1Digital® Agency’s SEO specialists have extensive experience managing and customizing all of the major eCommerce platforms, and as a result have been able to devise platform-specific SEO services that are validated by results. Our search engine optimization and digital marketing services begin with keyword research and industry analysis, entailing comprehensive technical, on page optimizations and off-page techniques that will ensure your website is crawled and indexed favorably for your target keywords. From the optimization of content in product descriptions and in collections pages to a thorough backlinking strategy that will send referral to your website to continuous monitoring of your Google Analytics and Google Search Console, our SEO specialists will utilize platform-specific techniques to give your online store a distinct competitive advantage.

BigCommerce SEO

BigCommerce users face a great deal of competition. As the platform grows in popularity and flexibility, merchants from all over the world see it as the perfect tool to grow their business. BigCommerce has all the tools and features necessary to create an optimized eCommerce website, but a digital marketing agency with specific experience customizing the platform can save you time and effort. 1Digital® has the experience and knowledge to leverage every feature this platform offers, painstakingly optimizing content, product pages and category pages as well as other aspects like alt text and metadata. We’ve become an Elite BigCommerce Partner through consistently delivering results for website and business owners, increasing traffic and conversions through comprehensive BigCommerce SEO services.

Shopify SEO

Trusted by merchants from all over the world, Shopify has grown to become one of the biggest names in eCommerce platforms due to its scalability, speed, security and customization capabilities. It’s interface is relatively intuitive and offers incredible integration tools that allow businesses to connect with their audiences in creative, unprecedented ways. However, only those who apply proven Shopify SEO strategies are able to outperform their competitors. 1Digital® Agency is a Shopify+ Partner whose eCommerce SEO experts have spent years creating custom SEO strategies for the most widely utilized eCommerce platforms, including Shopify, BigCommerce, Volusion, Magento, and more. We’re your strategic partner focused on creating SEO campaigns that drive organic traffic and conversions for your Shopify stores.

WooCommerce SEO

WordPress blogs are among the most popular websites on the internet, but the platform was not geared towards eCommerce. The relatively new WooCommerce plugin addressed this by allowing WordPress users to build great looking online stores with ease. Installing the WooCommerce plugin allows blogs to be converted into online stores that can easily match any other eCommerce platform. However, its flexibility and customization options result in a complex systemic hierarchy that make it imperative to design a WooCommerce SEO strategy that allows for all these features to be leveraged alongside a robust and content-rich website. Let our WooCommerce SEO experts implement a holistic marketing strategy that leaves nothing to chance. Together, we will bring your business to the next level.

Volusion SEO

Volusion offers unique features for merchants who depend on high volumes of traffic. That is why a comprehensive Volusion SEO strategy is vital for businesses who want to generate a consistent stream of traffic that leads to conversions. Let an experienced digital marketing company like 1Digital® improve your eCommerce metrics in every dimension, and help your online business grow.

Magento SEO

The Magento platform is a favorite among online merchants who value customization and enjoy creating uniquely designed and functional online stores. Unfortunately, many of these sites never achieve valuable ranking positions due to technical SEO issues, slow load speeds, and generic content. Only with the help of a professional digital agency with experience in specific Magento SEO strategies and best practices can your website outrank the competition, build a strong brand awareness, and create a customized content strategy that will enhance your website’s performance across all metrics.

Shift4Shop SEO

Formerly known as 3DCart, this platform has been popular among merchants for decades because of its simplicity and ease of use. However, the sheer amount of features and options makes it tempting for merchants to utilize as many as possible, while neglecting technical aspects of SEO. 1Digital® has years of experience managing 3DCart SEO campaigns and has developed incredibly effective Shift4Shop SEO strategies that include technical SEO optimization, link building strategies, content and much more. Give your online business the ultimate advantage with the help of our SEO experts today.

WordPress SEO

Even if the primary focus of your WordPress website is not eCommerce, you still need a WordPress SEO strategy. Get your content unparalleled reach, and become an authority in the eyes of search engines for queries related to your favorite topic or industry. Get the support of an SEO company that will not rest until your pages rank more competitively for the keywords you target. We offer technical support and will outline an on-page and off-page strategy to ensure long-term success for your WordPress site.

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BigCommerce SEO

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Shopify SEO

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Volusion SEO

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Magento SEO

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WooCommerce SEO

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Shift4Shop SEO

Shift4Shop SEO

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WordPress SEO

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The Art of Writing for SEO

Any good SEO campaign relies on well-written content. After all, if you want Google to rank you well one of the best ways to catch their attention is to provide their users answers to their search queries. Google appreciates fresh content, unique content, and informative content, and they’re willing to give your site higher rankings in exchange for it. Our in-house SEO writers are trained to write the type of blogs, guest posts and item descriptions that attract Google’s attention. Check out some of our samples to see what kind of content you can expect our writers to produce during the course of an SEO campaign.

Differentiating And Writing For SEO Campaigns

TYPE: Augmented Blog Content

Understanding the Ocean Plastic Crisis

When most people hear about the ocean plastic crisis, they think about hot button topics like the great pacific garbage patch which has received a great deal of publicity over the last ...

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TYPE: Blog Content

Why Your Business Needs An Interior Plant Service

Plants are a perfect way to add a touch of life to your workspace. Not only does the addition of plants make your space look better, but they also will help employees focus and assist in...

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TYPE: Offsite Content

Use the Best Dry Rub for Ribs and See the Results

There are many different food items we think of when we think barbecue, but one of the toughest to do the right way is barbecued ribs. There is nothing like perfectly cooked pork ribs...

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TYPE: On-page Content

Gabriel and Company Earrings

Following in their father’s footsteps, Jack and Dominick Gabriel founded Gabriel and Co. in 1989 and have been designing classic and timeless jewelry ever since. With a passion for...

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TYPE: Third-Party Blog Content

Euphoria’s Most Stylish Characters and How to Get Their Looks

One of TV’s biggest breakout shows in 2019 was none other than HBO’s Euphoria. The incredibly popular series, which credits Drake as an executive producer, centers around a group...

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As you can see, each of our SEO content pieces focuses on a particular keyword. These articles are written to demonstrate to Google that your site is a reliable publisher of information about the topics that you want to rank well for. When Google considers you to be a trusted authority on these topics, they feel more comfortable sending their users your way for answers to their search queries. The more unique SEO content you can publish during an SEO campaign, the more trust you’ll build with Google.

eCommerce SEO Activities

At 1Digital® we include essential SEO activities and services into every custom SEO campaign we plan for our clients. We customize the campaign depending on the metrics we uncover during our discovery phase. We’ll put together different search engine activities based on what we learn, and what will help you achieve the best rankings. We work with all the top eCommerce platforms like BigCommerce, Shopify Plus, Magento, Volusion and more. We’ve been navigating around the eCommerce space since we started as a company, and our SEO experts have been working within eCommerce since the late ’90s.

Custom Reporting

We invest in the latest in analytics and reporting tools so that both our marketing team and our clients get accurate, up to date data. Our customized SEO dashboard helps us refine your campaign as we work so that we always understand which strategies are succeeding in your industry. It helps you keep up with your campaign, evaluate our success and see where your campaign is headed in the coming weeks and months.

Custom SEO Dashboard
Custom SEO Dashboard

At 1Digital® we think an SEO campaign should run like a marketing partnership. We want you to be invested in your marketing campaign, and we can’t expect that unless you have a way to stay plugged in at all times. Enter our proprietary 1Digital® eCommerce SEO dashboard powered by WebCEO. We have custom curated a dashboard with a set of the most relevant metrics and KPI’s for you. This analytics suite allows you to track the performance of your marketing campaign and engage in meaningful dialogue with your project manager about strategy and direction.

Custom SEO Dashboard
Custom SEO Dashboard

eCommerce SEO FAQ

Why Should I Have an eCommerce SEO Campaign?

SEO is very important to eCommerce success. Building traffic through organic search results can lead to a lot of new business and conversions. For businesses to grow and succeed, you need a steady increase in new users. SEO is the driving force behind increasing visitors.

How Long Does It Take to Rank on Google?

There is no specific timeline for ranking on Google, but being consistent with content creation and selecting keywords that give you a better opportunity to increase your eCommerce rankings can help. By using Google Search Console, you can see which searches provide the most exposure and which terms you are already ranking for can be improved.

What Kind of ROI Can I Expect?

The main goal of an eCommerce SEO campaign is to increase the number of organic traffic heading to your website. By increasing traffic, you should also start to see boosts in conversions. Remember that the value of a campaign is not just in how much it produces with conversions, but about how much authority you build with search engines and how much traffic and recognition you get as a result.

What Is 1Digital® Agency’s SEO Process?

1Digital® Agency starts eCommerce SEO campaigns by conducting extensive research on keywords that can produce results and increase rankings and organic traffic. As an SEO campaign begins, 1Digital® implements a content marketing strategy that is designed to build authority with search engines, backlinks, and on-page content that is trusted by search engines and visitors.

What Is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is the first step of 1Digital®’s eCommerce SEO process. We look at keywords for search volume and competition and determine the best strategy for your business so that you can start to build rankings quickly.

How Do I Start An SEO Campaign?

If you want to rank higher than your competitors, you need to have an SEO campaign in place. How do you start one? Give us a call. Aside from providing us with basic information about your business, we’ll do most of the work for you. 1Digital® Agency puts extensive research into your eCommerce website, your competition, and your industry to find keywords specific to your business that will draw in relevant traffic, boost your eCommerce site visits, and have the potential to turn into conversions.

What Makes 1Digital®’s Process Unique?

What makes 1Digital® unique is that we are always learning from our clients. We take the experiences and research we have encountered with other clients and apply that to new clients, personalizing each individual campaign based on your keywords, competition, and industry.

Why Should I Hire 1Digital® Agency?

1Digital® Agency has a team of SEO experts skilled in all areas of eCommerce SEO. We have the insight and knowledge of what makes a campaign successful and the tools to help you achieve that success. With our experience, we can lead you down the path to success.

What Kind of Content Will Be Produced?

Our strategy includes producing onsite content, offsite content, and category or product page content. Offsite content is designed to build backlinks and authority with Google while onsite and category page content is designed to improve on-page SEO and provide value to your customers by directing them to relative content when they search for one of your keywords.

When Should I Start SEO?

Clients start eCommerce SEO campaigns at different times. While it is advised to start an SEO campaign while your website is being created, it is never too early or too late to get started with SEO in an effort to boost your rankings and organic traffic.

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