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Ready for Your Numbers to Take Off?

The web is a powerful tool for putting your site in front of new eyes, but there’s just no one size fits all solution when it comes to digital marketing. Bring us your marketing goals and we can help identify the strategies that fit you and we’ll become your extended eCommerce digital marketing team. If you want to start plotting your path to positive ROI.

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Build High Organic Rankings and Traffic with SEO Services

Ready for Growth?

Our SEO services can help propel your online store to the tops of the search engine results pages and get in front of the eyes of more customers. An experienced SEO company like 1Digital® will develop a comprehensive SEO strategy to help you get there.

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Reach the Right Audience with Your PPC Campaign

Reach your Audience.

A continuously monitored and optimized eCommerce PPC campaign will draw in new customers, and our experts are constantly refining the approach of each ad campaign to minimize cost-per-acquisition and maximize return on investment.

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Expand Your Audience with Social Media Marketing

Expand your Audience.

Social media marketing is a critical component of a sound eCommerce digital marketing strategy. In the modern digital marketing landscape, every business needs a strong social media presence to compete effectively.

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Real Clients. Real Results.


HB Sports

In 1 year

57% increase in organic traffic
85% increase in organic revenue
21% increase in organic conversion rate
87% increase in organic transactions
76% increase in new organic users
53% increase in organic sessions

H Potter

Duration of the campaign compared to the previous year

65% increase in organic traffic
153% increase in organic revenue
134% increase in organic transactions
59% increase in new organic users
19% increase in organic page views per session
69% increase in organic sessions



334% increase in organic traffic
329% increase in new organic users
384% increase in organic sessions
48% increase in organic pages viewed per session
85% increase in organic conversions rate
797% increase in organic transactions
687% increase in organic revenue



106% increase in organic traffic
112% increase in organic new users
60% increase in organic sessions



29% increase in organic traffic
78% increase in organic conversion rate
137% increase in organic transaction 139% increase in organic revenue



116% increase in organic traffic
221% increase in organic conversions



60% increase in organic traffic
124% increase in organic conversions



48% increase in organic traffic
53% increase in organic revenue year over year



206% increase in organic conversions
243% increase in organic revenue



202% increase in organic traffic
72% increase in organic revenue



292% increase in organic traffic
199% increase in organic revenue



41% increase in organic conversions
51% increase in organic revenue



256% increase in organic conversions
270% increase in organic revenue



134% increase in organic conversion rate
108% increase in organic revenue



163% increase in organic conversion rate
150% increase in organic revenue


1,900% increase in organic revenue
1,100% increase in organic sessions


1,350% increase in organic revenue
55% increase in organic users


370% increase in organic sessions
260% increase in organic revenue


547% increase in organic conversions
484% increase in organic revenue


730% increase in organic sessions
400% Increase in organic users


475% increase in organic revenue
40% increase in organic users


185% increase in organic revenue
16% decrease in bounce rate


100% increase in organic traffic
100% decrease in bounce rate


50% increase in organic traffic
30% increase in organic revenue


30% increase in organic revenue
20% increase in organic traffic


15% increase in organic traffic
4 keywords in top 30


25 keywords in top 5 on Google
15% increase in organic revenue


100% decrease in bounce rate
10% increase in organic traffic


95% decrease in bounce rate
20% increase in organic traffic


110% increase in organic conversions
25% increase in organic revenue


100% decrease in bounce rate
20% increase in organic conversions


40% increase in organic users
5% decrease in bounce rate


100% decrease in bounce rate
45% increase in organic users


20% increase in organic users
15% decrease in bounce rate


80% increase in organic users
4% decrease in bounce rate


OCT 2018 - JAN 2019

17,610 Conversion Value
10% decrease in Cost Per Acquisition


MAR 2019 VS. JUL 2018

43 keywords in top 10 on Google
20% decrease in bounce rate

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B2B SEO and Revenue: Connecting the Dots

Client Requirements

Our client in the commercial plumbing industry was interested in an SEO campaign to generate greater brand awareness and traffic, but also wanted to push the envelope by vying for higher conversions and sales.

1Digital® Solution

We built a custom B2B SEO campaign that focused on conversion-oriented keywords associated with high commercial and transactional search intent, not only attracting more traffic but driving up conversions, transactions, and revenue.

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Best Digital Marketing Agency

Here are some of the industries for which we’ve built and executed successful digital marketing campaigns. To learn more about industry-specific SEO, check out our comprehensive SEO by industry list.

  • Automotive Industry

    We’ve increased conversions by 42%
  • Home Goods

    We’ve increased organic conversions by over 500%
  • Personal Care Industry

    We’ve increased revenue by 228%
  • Sporting Goods

    We’ve increased conversions by 220%
  • Jewelry, Boutique Fashion, and Designer Clothing

    We’ve increased organic traffic by over 200%
  • Culinary, Baking, Specialty Foods, and Supplements

    We’ve increased conversions by 124%

The foundation of our world-class eCommerce digital marketing agency is our constantly evolving strategies for our clientele. Our team of eCommerce experts stays on top of the latest developments and algorithms from Google to ensure that our SEO and PPC strategies yield the highest conversions possible for every campaign. If you are looking to increase your traffic with the best ROI possible, our agency is the best choice for your business. We’re one of the best digital marketing agencies known for our unique digital marketing campaigns.

We’ve run successful eCommerce digital marketing campaigns for a vast number of industries, including SEO and PPC campaigns for clients on a variety of different platforms. In each case, we take advantage of the native functionality of the platform with which the client is working in order to deliver the best results. So whether your organization requires BigCommerce SEO or Shopify SEO, we will stop at nothing to get the job done.

Multi-Channel eCommerce Marketing

Boosting Every Kind of Metrics

A good digital marketing plan needs a combination of optimization for search engines, creation of content that converts for social media platforms, efforts to bring back returning customers through engaging email marketing, and execution of thoughtfully strategized PPC and SEO campaigns to draw in new customers. 1Digital® knows online marketing. We’ve been in the industry since 2012 and have worked on a variety of platforms across a multitude of industries. In order for your business to succeed online, you need to increase your marketing efforts to boost brand awareness so that people don’t just stumble across your site, but head directly to it.

eCommerce SEO

Analytics show that customers trust organic rankings more than paid ads by a considerable margin. Our SEO marketers put in the long-term work that can get you to the top of the first page organically. More »

PPC Management

The world of paid advertising is an intricate one, and it’s very easy to throw good money into bad keywords. Our PPC experts keep your feed producing positive ROI. More »

Social Media Marketing

Building a relationship with your customers can be hard when you don’t have a brick and mortar presence. Our social media experts can help you speak with a unified voice on all your social media channels. More »

Email Marketing

Despite all the fancy new apps, the vast majority of customers still appreciate being contacted through a simple email. Our custom email designs and copywriting show immediate spikes in completed orders. More »

Content Marketing

Spreading your content around the web spreads your message and your brand. Our content marketing team puts your business in front of new eyes. More »

Lead Generation SEO

Lead generation is critical to any successful organization. Funneling leads into your sales channel is what 1Digital® is best known for. We create effective SEO campaigns that target lead generation. More »

eCommerce Marketing in a Digital World

1Digital®: We’re a eCommerce digital marketing agency that employs a talented national marketing team with a laser focus on eCommerce. We see the solutions that others fail to recognize. Since 2012, our best creative minds and analysts have been creating custom-tailored eCommerce digital marketing campaigns for national and global clients. We make problems like low traffic and conversions a thing of the past. 1Digital® Agency has lifted eCommerce clients around the world to success, increasing their traffic, branding, and conversions with proprietary, custom-built digital marketing strategies. Our long-standing history and experience have given our expert digital marketing team the unique ability to develop digital strategies on every major eCommerce platform. From BigCommerce to Shopify Plus to Magento, we’ve been the go-to eCommerce agency for enterprise-level support, development, and digital marketing. If you’re ready for creative solutions to eCommerce problems both common and uncommon from one of the best digital marketing agencies, we’re your team.

Collaborating with the Best

  • shopify plus
  • magento
  • bigcommerce
  • volusion
  • woocommerce

Digital marketing is a precise science. 1Digital® works as a digital marketing agency that builds custom digital marketing campaigns that drive traffic to your website. We balance the dedicated, carefully strategized work of an eCommerce SEO campaign, with the fast, laser targeted results of eCommerce PPC . Sometimes we sprinkle in email marketing campaigns, while never forgetting about the voice of your brand. We laser focus on your target audience to help drive the best traffic for the highest conversion rate possible. If you’re determined to get better rankings and more traffic, 1Digital® Agency can put our digital marketing expertise to work for your eCommerce website. We’re partners with top eCommerce platforms like Shopify Plus, BigCommerce, Magento and Volusion. Our team of web designers, developers, and digital marketers are leading experts in these platforms, which helps our digital marketing efforts.

digital marketing for shopify

eCommerce Digital Marketing for Shopify Stores

Benefits of Shopify

Shopify isn’t just built for eCommerce, it is built to be compatible with the tools you need to run a successful eCommerce business, and part of success in business is a targeted and effective digital marketing strategy.

Your Shopify marketing strategy should include blogging to attract and inform your target audience and improve the optimization of your Shopify website. Shopify also offers robust SEO tools that provide insight into the optimization of your website and how you can improve your marketing efforts.

They also make it easy to promote your products and services via email marketing and social channels like Facebook. This platform is excellent for big and small businesses alike and integrates with many popular marketing apps, like Kit, to build awareness and track your website successes.

However, your main concern should be running your business, and that leaves a lot of room for you to get help from a professional digital marketing agency. At 1Digital®, we’ve built many Shopify stores for clients, integrated their brand into the design, and run successful Shopify SEO and PPC campaigns. To learn more about our eCommerce marketing services and how we can help you build your Shopify store, contact a member of our team today.

digital marketing for bigcommerce

eCommerce Digital Marketing for BigCommerce Stores

Benefits of BigCommerce

Like Shopify, BigCommerce is custom-built for eCommerce operations. It is a robust SaaS platform that offers users limitless ability to customize the look and function of their online store, offers nearly unlimited uptime, excellent security, and ease of collecting payments and managing inventory.

BigCommerce integrates seamlessly with several apps that can enhance your digital marketing operations. For example, they have tools built right into the platform that make it easier for users to improve their website’s SEO value. BigCommerce offers search-friendly themes and facilitates the process by which users can optimize granular elements of their website, such as title tags, URLs, and header tags.

BigCommerce also enables its customers to sell via popular social channels such as Facebook and Instagram and integrates with these channels to promote products and drive sales. You can also scale up your marketing efforts via Google Ads or through your onsite blog, which is effectively built into every BigCommerce website.

However, BigCommerce is a complex and robust platform. That means that while it offers so many tools – perhaps even because it offers so many tools – expertise and experience are often required to use these tools effectively. Whether you need BigCommerce marketing or BigCommerce SEO services, we’re here to help. All you have to do is pick up the phone and tell us what you need.

digital marketing for magento

eCommerce Digital Marketing for Magento Stores

Benefits of Magento

Magento is one of the most powerful eCommerce platforms available to online entrepreneurs today. Because it is open-source, clients with development and coding experience can make quite literally any changes they wish to their own Magento store to get the looks and functionality they desire from it. Because of this, Magento can offer you a large number of features for digital marketing, and where it doesn’t, a developer can help you create them.

With the help of the right Magento developer, you can integrate your eCommerce website to your preferred social channels, optimize your website for SEO value, and build a keyword strategy that will enable you to capitalize on PPC marketing opportunities. With a little bit of help from a developer, you can also integrate your Magento store with your favorite marketing apps, or even develop your own.

Whatever your dreams are for the growth and success of your Magento website are, we can and have made them happen for other clients. Think about what you need from the standpoint of Magento marketing – be it Magento SEO or another initiative – and give us a call. In fact, we’ll even listen to your goals and help you come up with a plan ourselves.

Other Platforms

Magento Volusion WooCommerce

Our Technology Partners

  • Bold Commerce
  • Brightpearl
  • Nosto
  • Rewind
  • Bolt
  • SearchSpring
  • Square
  • Klaviyo
  • Doogma
  • eBridge
  • Yotpo
  • Google
  • accessiBe
  • Shopper Approved
  • NDMS
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eCommerce Digital Marketing FAQs

What digital marketing services does 1Digital® Agency offer?

1Digital® Agency offers a comprehensive suite of eCommerce digital marketing services, including eCommerce SEO and PPC, along with social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, and more. 1Digital® Agency can also assist your business with lead generation using SEO best practices. To learn more about the specifics of these types of marketing projects, or how they can work together, contact a member of our team.

Which industries does 1Digital® Agency serve?

1Digital® Agency has created custom eCommerce digital marketing strategies for businesses in an impressively wide range of industries. We have created successful digital marketing campaigns generating higher traffic and sales for companies in industries as diverse as the jewelry and fashion industries to the automotive industry and everything in between. There is a good chance we’ve built a successful SEO or PPC campaign, or both, for a client in your industry. To see the full list of industries we’ve served, please see our collection of pages on SEO by industry. Remember, just because you don’t see your industry listed doesn’t mean we don’t serve it, so get in touch with a representative on our team if you want to learn more.

What is the difference between eCommerce SEO and PPC?

eCommerce SEO and PPC often work together to generate great results for eCommerce businesses, but they are not the same. eCommerce PPC, perhaps more recognizable by its full name – pay-per-click – is a form of advertising in which you post ads to online spaces such as Google, by targeting keywords, in order to generate clicks to your website. eCommerce SEO also relies on keyword strategy, but instead of paying for ad space, it involves a series of processes for optimizing the structure of your website and its on-page content as well as building backlinks in order to increase the website’s authority and search engine ranking to get better visibility. Oftentimes, eCommerce SEO and PPC work together to generate the best results for online business.

How do I determine which eCommerce marketing services will be most effective for my business?

In order to determine which eCommerce marketing services would be the best fit for your business, it can be helpful to take into account the insight and observation of professionals. For example, some businesses are considered restricted by Google and other advertising channels, and that makes them better candidates for SEO than for PPC. At the same time, depending on the competition surrounding your industry, PPC may be a better fit for driving traffic to your website in the short term. Many clients sign up for SEO and PPC projects to work in tandem. The long and short of it is that it will vary based on the climate of your industry as well as by the individual goals of your business – contact a team member to learn more.

Will 1Digital® help me create a content strategy for my marketing channels?

Does your business need assistance with deciding on which marketing channels to target and what kind of content to produce for them? 1Digital® can help put everything in perspective by helping craft a coherent and data-driven content strategy that cuts out all the fluff. Instead of wasting time on marketing channels that don’t suit your brand or putting your audience to sleep with thin and uninspiring content, our digital marketing team will formulate a plan that you can implement in order to focus your efforts. Alternatively, you can let our experts take the wheel and execute your marketing strategy for you.

Is brand development a part of your digital marketing services?

If you need a sophisticated eCommerce brand solution for your business, 1Digital® is here to help. Our digital marketing and design team can help give a voice to your brand through carefully cultivated messaging, compelling graphic design, engaging emails, and on-site SEO improvements that better the user experience and bring value to your brand. If you feel as though your brand is not connecting well with your target audience, we can focus our digital marketing efforts to bridge the gap and create active and loyal customers and fans.

Is it possible to run an SEO and PPC campaign simultaneously?

Sometimes the best results are produced by tackling an issue from different angles. In that regard, 1Digital® can undoubtedly help you manage your SEO and PPC efforts at once and help them complement one another in one cohesive marketing strategy. Our experts will work with you to determine which keywords to target, which products to promote, and how to generate the most traffic and revenue for your eCommerce business on all key fronts.

Which digital marketing strategy will yield the fastest results for my business?

Every eCommerce business is different and requires a different strategy in terms of which marketing channels are most effective both for connecting with users and for generating traffic and conversions. PPC, for example, might get you quicker results in a shorter period of time, but these results won’t last once you stop making payments to those ads. SEO, however, takes longer for results to be seen but offers overall long-term growth with more trustworthy search engine results. If you’re unsure which strategy to go after, our team will be able to pinpoint your strengths and the channels which are most effective for amplifying your message to reach more potential customers.

Do I need to create content to yield better SEO results?

You may have heard this saying, and it’s true: Content is King. Content might as well be considered the be-all and end-all; without it, you’re missing out on a massive portion of SEO. The first step to creating content is keyword research. After you’ve determined the best long-tail keywords to target, you’ll then need to update meta titles and meta descriptions and create engaging onsite blogs that are readable and provide value to your users. As a digital marketing agency, we do all this and more. To help you focus on running your business, we’ll craft strategic SEO campaigns where we’ll find keywords, optimize on-page content, manage technical SEO, and craft onsite and offsite blogs that draw in users and increase your rankings and conversion rate.

How is email marketing effective for my eCommerce business?

Email marketing is effective as it allows you to sustain relationships with the customers your business has already brought in. By crafting the perfect email marketing campaigns, you can increase the percentage of return users to your website and build a loyal brand following that will not only continue to shop at your store but will also spread your business information by word of mouth. With a strategic email marketing campaign, you can increase sales while continuing to interact with your customers and building brand loyalty.

What are some metrics to pay attention to when it comes to eCommerce digital marketing?

There are many important metrics to pay attention to, and it can be hard to pinpoint just a few to look at. By running a digital marketing campaign with an eCommerce marketing agency, you’ll have experts by your side every day to help you figure out what to focus on and when. Each month, our SEO analysts craft bi-weekly reports that now only show you the progress of the campaign, but also pinpoint where extra work might need to be done. Aside from our bi-weekly reports, we also give you access to an SEO Project Report that details all of the technical work done on a weekly basis. Whether it’s paying attention to bounce rate and figuring out that the issue is a 404 error, or adding content to a page that allows for higher traffic and conversion rate, our team can help you build the framework you need to scale your online business.

Can you help me market products if Google doesn’t allow paid search?

Some industries sell perfectly legal products, yet Google has chosen to exclude them from it’s paid advertising service. As a result, many businesses run into issues with growing and sustaining traffic. Luckily, SEO marketing is one of our specialties. An SEO campaign can be applied to any industry, making it an excellent option for businesses that cannot use paid marketing services. Whether you need SEO for your knife business or need it for your vape business, we offer well-structured SEO campaigns that provide a superior ROI to other forms of marketing.