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Bluecorn Beeswax

Custom Design: Jon was interested in an upgrade to his look. His buzzing candle business had been outgrowing the template he was using, and needed a makeover that would connect with his audience. 1Digital redesigned his site with his consumer in mind. Jon provided us with some fantastic imagery of his products, so we made sure to make that the highlight of his new design. The new look of Beeswaxcandles.com creates a subtle mood that communicates the artistry and quality of the Bluecorn Beeswax brand. It’s the perfect fit with his brand!
Development: Miva was holding Bluecorn Beeswax back. Not only did 1Digital develop Jon’s new site on a more up-to-date platform, but we took our development past what Volusion typically offers. We made sure the site is responsive, and it looks great on tablets and mobile devices. We beefed up the navigation so that there’s never more than a few steps between customers and their favorite candles.
Cart Migration and Marketing: When Jon from Bluecorn Beeswax reached out to us, he was fed up with his old, outdated eCommerce cart, Miva. Jon felt that the features available on Miva were not keeping pace with his rapidly growing business. 1Digital was able to help him make a smooth transition to Volusion. We employed a 301 redirect to make sure that Jon didn’t lose any of the organic traffic he worked so hard to build. That’s an issue we continue to focus on today, as we help Jon increase sales and traffic through a 1Digital SEO marketing campaign.


Platform Migration: When Dan Zapatka from The Shoe Mart reached out to 1Digital, he was fed up with his Magento site. He was paying too much for hosting and plugins, not to mention putting valuable time into worrying about managing the site’s security day to day. We advised that he move to BigCommerce Enterprise, and helped him navigate a very tricky data migration through ChannelAdvisor.
Custom Design: The Shoe Mart communicated to us how important it was that their design promote their best selling brand. The Shoe Mart’s design is full of subtle nods to Alden Shoes. The stitching pattern in the menu is reminiscent of the stitching on wingtip, while the hover over effects employ the color of Alden’s distinctive leather sole. We also gave the brand more obvious placement through custom designed callouts and images.
Custom Development: We augmented The Shoe Mart’s elegant custom design, with sleek custom features, to create a website which works as beautifully as it looks. We coded custom search filters to allow The Shoes Mart’s customers to drill down to their perfect pair more quickly and easily. We also built a 360 degree product view functionally to give customers a real sense of the shoe they’re buying.


Platform Migration: There are a number of reasons for a business to consider migrating from one platform to another. When Dave from Blomdahl contacted us, he told us about his dissatisfaction with Yahoo/Aabaco. He was frustrated by the the high costs to make changes, and overall lagging behind of the Aabaco platform. The platform we thought would suit him the best was BigCommerce. We helped him migrate from Aabaco to BigCommerce, and set up a custom designed new store.
Custom Design: Blomdahl USA is a partner of Blomdahl AB. Blomdahl AB originally developed skin friendly jewelry in Sweden, and Blomdahl USA continues this mission in the United States. We were aware, that Blomdahl USA needed a specific design to communicate its mission to their customers. We gave the site a whole new look, while keeping its origin and the connection to its parent brand alive. It was important to us to communicate the central message of the business, and focus on making the website appealing to their specific hypoallergenic customer group. We made sure to make it customer friendly, and got rid of all the clutter from the previous site, for higher conversions and customer satisfaction.
Custom Development: Making sure to utilise the latest up-to-date technology for Blomdahl USA, we used swatch functionality on category and product pages to indicate various color options available for each product. Previously Blomdahl USA was manually transferring every order from their Aabaco site into Quickbooks. In order to save them valuable time, we integrated their new site with Quickbooks Enterprise.


Strategy: Duracable came to 1Digital looking for higher conversions, engagement, organic positions & sales. 1Digital analyzed the website and came up with a redesign & SEO approach.
Design: 1Digital worked with Duracable assets and put together a great looking website that tells a story, brings confidence and is perfect for it’s intended demographic. The site is professionally designed, the UX/UI is the perfect blend of professionalism to help bring it’s products onto the forefront for their BtoB customers.
Development: We developed the site on Bigcommerce stencil with all the latest framework and coding techniques. The site has tasteful effects, a great mega menu, a sticky header and is fine tuned to perform.
SEO: 1Digital put together a great strategic, custom tailored SEO plan by checking previous analysis, looking at the competitive landscape, and finding the best target keywords. We then honed in on putting together a great content marketing plan, with building channels that show Google that Duracable is the authority in their space. Since started we’ve moved countless keywords into the top 10 positions, and we’re now on our second campaign to drive even more SEO results to the Duracable website.


Redesign: When Olivia contacted us originally, she was interested in SEO marketing, but we didn’t want to put the cart before the horse. We knew that if we were going to bring traffic to her site, we first needed to make sure it could convert that traffic. The new Olivia Ewing Jewelry communicates the uniqueness of her work, and entices customers to add to cart.
Strategy: Olivia has done fantastic business on her Etsy store, but was looking to diversify her sales channels. By combining a custom BigCommerce redesign, with an aggressive SEO marketing campaign, we’re helping Olivia make a serious play with her BigCommerce site. It’s rarely enough to have a beautiful site, or impressive Google rankings. You need to have both to close the deal.
Digital Marketing: As soon as the Olivia Ewing Jewelry site was completed, our marketing team was ready to begin Olivia’s SEO campaign. We started by targeting very specific keywords related to the materials Olivia uses in her handmade jewelry. As the campaign has moved forward we’ve transitioned to more general, higher search volume terms. We’ve also balanced Olivia’s SEO campaign with a PPC campaign. A PPC campaign is a great way to make quick return on investment, and to test keywords to determine if they’re worth the long term investment in SEO.


Strategy: Anping Hu comes from a background in fashion, not in eCommerce. Her original concept for We Buy 4 U was ambitious. Thanks to long, in-depth conversations with our digital marketing strategists, we were able to help Anping boil her idea down to it’s most essential value proposition: buyers who find great deals on luxury fashion in Europe, and provide them to American customers at deep discounts.
Custom Design: The challenge of the We Buy 4 U design was to marry a clean, upscale look with the very real need for an informational site to help educate why the products on We Buy 4 U are different. Our eCommerce designers were able to communicate the essential features of the business with a few simple steps outlined on the homepage. The product page allows the customer to go deeper, and learn more about We Buy 4 U’s unique process.
Custom Development: Because of their unique business model, We Buy 4 U needed plenty of custom functionality. We customized the Shopify store to allow Anping to use extra metafields in the admin area. This way she can keep track of the price of all the products, both in Euros and USD. We also enhanced the product page experience with a ton of custom features, which go along way toward explaining why We Buy 4 U can offer the best deal. One custom built tool allows the customer to see the same products where they are listed on other US based stores for a lot more.
Digital Marketing: We have been discussing digital marketing with Anping since our initial strategy meeting, as a result we were ready to hit the ground running with our campaigns as soon as her site was launched. Our strategists have woven together an effective combination of paid marketing to attract new customers, and email marketing to keep existing customers updated on new additions to the constantly changing inventory.


Branding: When Brendan from ProKitesUSA came to 1Digital he was planning to expand his inventory into new areas, and hopefully, expand his customer base along with it. We had long conversations with Brendan about which elements of his brand were working ,and which weren’t. 1Digital re-imagined his logo, and the design of his site has been recreated to bring out the lighthearted fun of ProKitesUSA.
Design: The new ProKitesUSA design is tailored to be instantly navigable by anyone, of any level of experience with these products. Because Brendan’s inventory was expanding, we made easy browsing chief among our concerns. We built our layouts so that the customer was never far from the main navigation tools.
Development: We developed the website on BigCommerce using the Stencil framework, and employed the latest tools that BigCommerce has to offer. We also took this site beyond the newest platform features with hover effects, color changes, and powerful upgrades to navigation, which help the customer have a much more engaging experience with the site.


Strategy: Meater came to 1Digital after a wildly successful Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. Meater has a unique product, and they needed to communicate a simple, but effective, story about their brainchild. The website is simple to navigate, but the information it provides is deceptively deep. 1Digital worked with the Apption Labs team to create an engaging website that would help customers understand the Meater product, and convert them.
Design: The Meater website is a custom 1Digital design for Bigcommerce. Because Meater only promotes one product, a standard BigCommerce layout was not an option. This design flows simply, and offers up a ton of information. In concert with fantastic graphic work done by Apption Labs, we designed a site that communicates a clear story, and delivers a wonderful user experience.
Custom Coding: The Meater site is skillfully simple. These pages are full of custom effects, outside of standard BigCommerce functionality. We went page by page, and considered functionality for each discrete design element. We used parallax effects, bookmarking, visual icons with tabbing customization, as well as other custom elements too many to list. The final effect is both subtle and arresting.


Custom Design: When we first talked, Vapaura was a brand new business, but their design made them look old. By taking direction from Ben Winterburn, Vaparua’s owner, and cues from the vape industry at large, we were able to hone in on a fluid and sleek design that matches the aesthetic conscious products that Vapaura carries. Vapaura is starting out on the right foot by projecting professionalism to every new visitor.
Branding: When you’re in a market like vape, your options for getting your brand out in front of potential customers are limited. That’s why, when a customer does interact with your business, you have to make a strong impression. We sat down with Vapaura to discuss exactly the kind of impression the business needed to make, what kind of customers it need to impress, and how to best achieve that vision with eCommerce design.
SEO: When Ben began his design and development process with us, he knew the road to strong organic rankings was going to be a long one. Vape is one of the most competitive industries for SEO marketing, because so many other advertising channels are closed off. We started to plan his SEO strategy as the Vapaura site was being completed. Now, thanks to constant work over several months, Vapaura is a new store that’s starting to rank on the first page for highly competitive vape terms.


Customization: DiBruno wants to be on the cutting edge, and do their own thing at the same time. We provide them with the latest design elements, as well as the custom features that are unique to their retail space. “Meeting you guys and seeing your capabilities was impressive,” Director of Marketing Janeane Tolomeo told us. “I think we can really count on you to keep us up to date.”
Maintenance: A website can only be future proofed so much. So when those annoying little bugs pop up, or a new feature needs to be implemented, we’re on retainer to help DiBruno Bros. get them fixed right away.


Custom Design: When Karen from Wing Tactical approached us about redesigning her BigCommerce site she was looking to take it to another level. She was upgrading her plan to Enterprise, and wanted an Enterprise look to go with it. We took the color palette and branding that Wing Tactical had already worked hard to establish, and composed into a beautiful, modern layout.
Custom Development: Karen from Wing Tactical was interested in upgrading her BigCommerce store because she wanted her customers to be able to sort through their hundreds of products with filtered search. We implemented and styled Wing Tactical’s filtered search, but we didn’t stop there. We wrote a custom script to automatically and dynamically load brand logos on her product pages. We designed and integrated a beautiful mega menu, and a whole lot more.
Performance Optimization: When explaining our design and development process, we made sure to mention to Karen at Wing Tactical that a custom site from 1Digital will always be better optimized for performance than an off-the-shelf template. Our sites always deliver code more optimized for page speed, SEO best practices, and more all-around streamlined functionality.


Strategy: When Jerome from TikiMaster came to 1Digital, he had an interesting challenge for us. He needed to move his site from Zoovy to BigCommerce. The site had been on Zoovy, an ancient and clunky eCommerce platform, for the past 10 years. 1Digital mapped out Jerome’s move onto a much better platform, to insure that TikiMaster continues to evolve, without losing the customer base it had already built up.
Design: 1Digital designers took the best ideas from our client’s palette, and combined them with a newer, more modern, textured approach. We wanted the tropical mood to be palpable for every visitor. During our branding and design phase, we focused on TikiMaster’s ideal customer, and that’s reflected in the new design.
Development: We enhanced the BigCommerce Stencil framework by coding a beautiful mega menu, along with a custom category page that enhances user experience and customer engagement. Other hover over effects and carefully placed coding elements are sprinkled through the site. Each development improvement to the Stencil framework flows harmoniously to deliver a more immersive experience to TikiMaster’s customers, without distracting from the products.


Custom Design: StockPKG was a fairly new entrant into a market controlled by a single, billion-dollar company. They knew that in order to compete, they would have to box above their weight class for a while. So Stock PKG came to us for a full site redesign. They worked closely with our design team so that we could provide them with a professional design that would allow them to outshine larger competitors.
Custom Development: As we moved deeper into planning and analysis of the new site, both our our team and the team at Stock PKG found areas where the functionality of the site could be augmented and improved. As we moved through the project we added a number of custom features to the website: including a dynamic megamenu, an easy way for customers to bulk order products from the category page, custom informational badges on the product page, etc.

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