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Custom Design: At first Yoga Direct was nervous. Their design was out of date, but how could they know for sure that the new design would do any better? We took a lot of cues from their old layout, but updated their look with modern design elements and eCommerce best practices. It’s hard to argue with the results. Alex Wilson, from Yoga Direct, is happy to report that sales are up ever since the new design launched.
Strategic Planning: The design that you see is an end product, created by a long, and sometimes arduous process. With Yoga Direct, we drilled deep on their customer profile, to make sure the design we delivered was one that would intuitively connect with Yoga Direct fans, both old and new.
Conversion Optimization: Yoga Direct’s old design buried their visitors in products as soon as they hit the site. There is such a thing as too many choices. By focusing the homepage design on their strongest products and categories, the new Yoga Direct site makes it ridiculously simple to buy the products that their customers buy most.


Custom Design: By focusing on cohesion between our expert design instincts and Before the I Do’s careful branding, we crafted them a bespoke website with a truly unique look.
Custom Development: A custom design is always going to require some custom features. Our developers were able to bring the look of Before the I Do’s to life and enhanced the user experience with custom development.
Migration: After we designed and developed a beautiful site for Before the I Do’s, we had to migrate it and help with the launch. We carefully migrated them onto BigCommerce without letting so much as a link slip through our fingers.


Consulting + Strategy: When we met the Atlantic Vapor team they had three different names and a few different directions. We helped them focus in on a workable branding direction for a new website relaunch.
Design: The new Atlantic Vapor site is as sleek as they come. “I love the look of the new site,” owner Nick Kruczaj told us. We were also able to custom design labels for some of Atlantic Vapor’s branded products.
Migration: When their site was Atlantic e Cigs it was sick with bad backlinks. We cured the disease by migrating them onto a fresh domain and working a new SEO strategy.
Digital Marketing: Starting over with a new domain is never easy, especially when you realize you're about to lose all your rankings. We’ve been optimizing every pixel of the Atlantic Vapor site for SEO since the day the project began.


Customization: DiBruno wants to be on the cutting edge, and do their own thing at the same time. We provide them with the latest design elements, as well as the custom features that are unique to their retail space. “Meeting you guys and seeing your capabilities was impressive,” Director of Marketing Janeane Tolomeo told us. “I think we can really count on you to keep us up to date.”
Maintenance: A website can only be future proofed so much. So when those annoying little bugs pop up, or a new feature needs to be implemented, we’re on retainer to help DiBruno Bros. get them fixed right away.


Custom Design: When Karen from Wing Tactical approached us about redesigning her BigCommerce site she was looking to take it to another level. She was upgrading her plan to Enterprise, and wanted an Enterprise look to go with it. We took the color palette and branding that Wing Tactical had already worked hard to establish, and composed into a beautiful, modern layout.
Custom Development: Karen from Wing Tactical was interested in upgrading her BigCommerce store because she wanted her customers to be able to sort through their hundreds of products with filtered search. We implemented and styled Wing Tactical’s filtered search, but we didn’t stop there. We wrote a custom script to automatically and dynamically load brand logos on her product pages. We designed and integrated a beautiful mega menu, and a whole lot more.
Performance Optimization: When explaining our design and development process, we made sure to mention to Karen at Wing Tactical that a custom site from 1Digital will always be better optimized for performance than an off-the-shelf template. Our sites always deliver code more optimized for page speed, SEO best practices, and more all-around streamlined functionality.

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