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IT & eCommerce Support can become costly, bad IT support can cost you more! When selecting a team to support your running business, the lifeline of your operation can be the number one critical element you can’t afford to be without!

When you need support and maintenance, from small bugs, to complex fixes, 1Digital can be your extended IT team. Not only do we offer support as you need it, we’re also available to provide ongoing maintenance to help with regular updates, installing new features and keeping you up to date with the latest website enhancements.

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Our Capabilities

We have a staff of professional designers, developers, and tech geeks. Our team can be engaged for consulting, updates, maintenance or to plan your roadmap to success. Our retainer & support plan allows you to have a team for all your eCommerce needs, on demand and at your service.

Support includes:

  • Website Updates & Enhancements
  • Plugin & 3rd Party Issues/Updates
  • Graphics & Design Work
  • Website Bugs & Issues
  • Custom Integrations
  • Custom Coding
  • Website & Feature Enhancements
  • Consulting
  • Auto Pilot or Manual

    Our support plans and options can be calibrated to your needs. You can keep our experts engaged to automatically update and monitor your site, or we can be your on-demand team that gets assignments and executes on command. With a 24 to 48 hour turn-around time for most issues, we’re always available to handle tickets efficiently and effectively. Some tasks are handled within a few hours, depending on our staff availability. Emergency support is also available.

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    The Agreement

    When other companies require minimums and complex agreements, 1Digital keeps things simple. Pay for what you use as you go. We’ll sign a straight forward support agreement that allows your team access to all of our resources. We’ll invite you to our internal CRM system. From there you can assign support tickets, and create estimates for more ambitious website changes. We’ll then bill you at the end of the month for any used time. We just ask that you keep us engaged during our support period. Larger projects that may require more resources will need a minimum amount of hours for us to have additional staff ready for your project and support needs.

    Why 1Digital?

    We are a group of creatives, strategists, designers and developers that have a broad and deep expertise in the area of eCommerce, headquartered out of Philadelphia and Quebec, with genius 1Digital employees working around the globe. We are an agile agency that is a one-stop shop for every piece of the eCommerce puzzle, from the conception of an idea, to the delivery of the final product, and the nurturing of that creation until it reaches its full power. We see boundless opportunity in the eCommerce industry and the limitless potential in every store.


    Ready to Get the IT Support you need?

    Moving your eCommerce site to the next level requires a next level team. 1Digital has years of experience helping eCommerce merchants of all stripes engage their customers and convert more visitors. If you’re thinking about bringing in a team of professionals for serious eCommerce assistance, trust the experts at 1Digital.

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