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Ecommerce Migration Services

Ecommerce Data Migration Services



Have you outgrown your eCommerce platform? Are you learning that the limitations of your current system don’t exist with other platforms? Perhaps you’re working with a proprietary system whose constraints have fenced you in for too long, and you want the flexibility that comes with an open source eCommerce framework. Whatever the reason, you’re going to want someone to help you migrate all of your files, products, customer data and more to your new destination. We offer many types of Ecommerce Data Migration Services, specifically for Bigcommerce, Volusion, 3dCart, Shopify, Magento and a few others.

Our eCommerce Data
Migration Services

Migrating to a new platform is a substantial undertaking. There are hundreds of platforms out there, and they all organize data differently. We’ve even seen custom sites that have have no data export function! Between the front and backend of an eCommerce site, there are many types of data that can be migrated. Migration begins with identifying what is to be transferred. Then, using sample CSVs or administrative access, we find out what needs to be done to extract and reformat the data in a way that the new platform understands. Not all data can be migrated. Anything that is encrypted, like customer passwords or credit card information, can not be accessed or transferred to a new system. Merchants moving to a new cart typically send out an email blast to their customers, requesting they create new passwords on the new system.

Ecommerce data Migration


The 1DA team was great. They got the job done in a short timeframe, and when the inevitable little headaches popped up, they handled them quickly and without hassle.

- Tyler Thompson |

Kudos to Dan and his team for helping us move our ecommerce site from Volusion to Bigcommerce. The move was well worth it! And the design we customized is just perfect for our industry.

- BeforeThe IDos

In approximately 4 weeks they had my new site ready for me to review in sandbox mode and one week later I was launched

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