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eCommerce Data Migration Services

Have you outgrown your eCommerce platform? Are you learning that the limitations of your current system don’t exist with other platforms? Perhaps you’re working with a proprietary system whose constraints have fenced you in for too long and you want the flexibility that comes with a more modern platform. Whatever the reason, you’re going to want someone to help you migrate all of your files, products, customer data and more to your new destination. We can assist in helping you pick the best platform and put together a game plan to move all your important data. We offer many types of eCommerce Data Migration Services, specifically for Bigcommerce, Shopify Plus, Magento, and others.

Our Migration Process

Parallel Services

When you consider data migration, it’s worthwhile to think about other aspects of your eCommerce website to update as well. Transitioning to a new environment requires all-hands-on-deck attention and coordination. Here at 1Digital®, we have specialized teams that work together to update your website to an optimized, well-designed, and more reliable solution.

Custom Design

Ready to migrate your eCommerce store but find the design could use some work? 1Digital Agency experts at eCommerce custom design, theme integration, and creating an overall website that converts users. Our designers are known for creating powerful, but simple aesthetics that help users enjoy and convert.

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SEO Services

1Digital® is a top rated eCommerce SEO service company that engages with medium to large eCommerce stores. We’ve built our reputation on promoting and building successful eCommerce campaigns that perform. We’ll craft a competitive eCommerce SEO plan for your business with our leading SEO experts.

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We Specialize in the Top eCommerce Platforms

BigCommerce Shopify Plus

Our focus at 1Digital® is 100% eCommerce, and when it comes to meeting our clients’ unique web development needs, we’re always first class in our approach. We have experts in some of the top eCommerce platforms like BigCommerce and Shopify. Because of our expertise in and knowledge of each platform, we know how to work around platform limitations to deliver customized eCommerce solutions. In addition to this, we’ve maintained personal relationships with each platform to ensure we are offering our clients the best services possible.

Since our inception, the development experts at 1Digital® have worked on countless data migration projects to ensure a smooth and seamless transition from one platform to another. We know how important your business is and we work hard to deliver top-notch migration services. Our data migration process includes combing through your website data to ensure our work has been thoroughly completed and to avoid any future issues with 301-redirects, storage, and more. Whatever type of migration you need, 1Digital® is the team to handle it.

From brainstorming custom solutions to complex eCommerce integrations, 1Digital® is known for creative approaches. We know eCommerce so well that we’re constantly coming up with best in class custom development solutions. When it comes to eCommerce custom development you’ve reached the right team. So whether you need data storage migration, database migration, application migration, data integration, or something else, our team will work with you to create a data migration plan that meets your needs.

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1Digital® has migrated hundreds of stores from old outdated platforms to new, modern eCommerce platforms. The difference in these eCommerce platforms can be night and day. We’ve helped migrate clients from outdated Yahoo carts to BigCommerce or Magento, and we’ve seen 10x improvements! From usability to SEO, client engagement, and more. You can’t afford not to move! Let 1Digital® help migrate your precious data from your old shopping cart to a new one we’ll pick together!

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