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Have you outgrown your eCommerce platform? Are you learning that the limitations of your current system don’t exist with other platforms? Perhaps you’re working with a proprietary system whose constraints have fenced you in for too long, and you want the flexibility that comes with a more modern platform. Whatever the reason, you’re going to want someone to help you migrate all of your files, products, customer data and more to your new destination. We can assist in helping you pick the best platform and then put together a game plan to move all your important data. We offer many types of eCommerce Data Migration Services, specifically for Bigcommerce, Shopify Plus, Magento, and others.

Don’t Trust Your Data to “Just Anyone”


A Proven Track Record With Migration

No matter how many times you’ve done a data migration (trust us we’ve done quite a few), unexpected twists and turns are bound to arise. Everybody has little idiosyncrasies with their data. A unique naming scheme here, or a set of duplicate products there. Then advantage to working with an agency, like 1Digital, that’s experienced in data migrations, is that we see those issues coming from a mile away. An automatic migration program will just dump your data into the new platform, and if something doesn’t fit quite right, that’s a shame. You get what you get, and you’ll need to fix it later. Our migration scripts, however, are set up manually by our developers after taking the time to investigate your data. We’ll let you know if there’s an issue with the way your data is set up, so we can fix it before you end up on your new platform with half the information you thought you had.








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The Most Accurate Data Migration

Every platform is a little different. It’s rare that anyone’s data will fit perfectly when going from one system to another, but you can mitigate those changes if you’re smart about it. That’s were a professional data migration agency, like 1Digital, comes in. We can create custom fields, or rename certain values to make sure that all your data finds a new home in your new system. Your new platform won’t be exactly like your old one, but with a little effort, your data can stay familiar.


Initial Data Transfer

The majority of your data will go into your new platform while we’re working on the design and development of your new site. This saves everyone a lot of time because our migration scripts can run in the background while we focus on other things. Once the data has fully migrated you’ll be able to check it out and see how it fits into the backend of your new eCommerce platform. You’ll be able to take a second look at how your data fits into the frontend after the new site design has been migrated as well. At each stage, we’ll be able to do a thorough double-check to make certain that all the data has found a new place to live on both the backend and frontend of your new eCommerce site.


A new site redesign, on a new platform, can take weeks or months. We would never ask you to stop running your business, or run it with one hand tied behind your back, while we work. Instead, we include a complimentary data re-sync as part of every data migration we do. You can continue to update products, prices, and categories after we’ve taken your data. You will most certainly take more orders and get more customers during that time. Just before launch, we’ll simply resync the changes that have been made on to the data in the live store during development. That way your data remains as current as possible when you launch your new eCommerce store.


When you change platforms your URLs will change ever so slightly, even when you keep the same domain. As part of our platform migrations, we include a 301 redirect. 301 Redirects are kind of like giving Google your website’s forwarding address. We’ll let them know that, even though your URLs may look different, they should still confer all the domain authority and positive rankings onto your new site that they did on your old one. 301 Redirects are an essential part of any platform to platform migration.

In addition to 301 redirects, we also offer extended Google Search Console Support. Even when your 301 redirects are done perfectly, it’s possible Google will get confused when crawling your brand new site. They may slap errors or even organic ranking punishments on you for things you’re not even aware of. As part of our Google Search Console Support, we’ll keep an eye on your Google Search Console for a few weeks after the new site launches. If we do see Google has raised any flags, we’ll investigate them and recommend fixes if they’re something you need to be worried about.


Your data isn’t the only thing that might have to change to fit in nicely with your new eCommerce platform. If you’ve had custom elements designed for your current store, chances are good they won’t interact the exact same way when integrated into the new eCommerce system. When a client comes to us with a lot of custom functionality and they want to change platforms, we roll up our sleeves and get to work. We identify each piece of non-standard functionality on your store and figure out how best to rebuild it to work with your new eCommerce platform. With the help of a professional data migration agency, you can have your new eCommerce platform and keep your current customizations too.

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Sagebrook Home is a B2B retailer of interior design and decorative accessories. They sell directly to designers and decorators and so their relationship with their customers is not only crucial but also intricate. The details of each designer’s discounts, access, and order history were all wrapped up with their customer data. So when Sagebrook decided to move platforms, they knew it would be imperative to find a way to make this customer data work in the new system.

Platform to Platform

Sagebrook home had been on a custom platform that also controlled their hosting. They wanted to move to BigCommerce for easier use, and greater freedom to control their own site. However, since the platform they were coming from was not a standardized eCommerce platform, there wasn’t much information on how exactly their data looked or how it would fit into BigCommerce. We asked Sagebrook the give us a sample of their customer data so that we could inspect it and make a game plan for moving it into BigCommerce.

Customer Groups

One of the main reasons Sagebrook was interested in BigCommerce was the platform’s robust customer group functionality. They could separate their dealers into groups with different prices and levels of access to the site. We set these customer groups up in the BigCommerce site and made sure that their customers each landed in the right group based on the data they provided.


The Sagebrook site is segmented by customer groups and therefore we needed to develop their customizations to be segmented as well. Certain customizations block access for some users. For example, you need to be signed into the site to see any pricing at all. While others show customized information, like the bulk pricing charts that show different prices based on who is signed in.


Parallel Services

When you consider data migration, it’s worthwhile to think about other aspects of your eCommerce website to update as well. Transitioning to a new environment requires all-hands-on-deck attention and coordination. Here at 1Digital®, we have specialized teams that work together seamlessly to update your website to an optimized, well-designed, and more reliable solution.

Custom Design

Ready to migrate your eCommerce store but the design can use some work? We’re experts at eCommerce custom design, theme integration and creating an overall website that converts users. Our desigeners are known for creating powerful, but simple aesthetics that help users enjoy and convert.

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SEO Services

1Digital® is a top rated eCommerce SEO service company that engages with medium to large eCommerce stores. We’ve built our reputation one promoting and building successful eCommerce campaigns that perform. We’ll craft a competitive eCommerce SEO plan for your business with our leading SEO experts.

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Advanced Development: Make Your Own Rules

1DBox Dev Tool Kit

If you think you’re out of options, that the customization you want just can’t be done, you owe it to your business to give us a call. Our eCommerce developers built this tool, and they can shape it in almost any way they need to. We created 1DBox to provide eCommerce merchants on SAAS platforms with an option to stay in the platform they love and still do the work they need to. Tell us about what you need to accomplish and 1DBox will take care of the rest.

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