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Here’s what you need to know:

Even though the Americans With Disabilities Act is one of the most comprehensive and complex pieces of civil rights legislation ever signed into law by the United States Government, it can be most easily summed up using one word: accessibility. The ADA requires that the benefits of public life are accessible to all Americans, no matter their physical capability. That means wheelchair ramps on government buildings and businesses with a public location. It means automatic door openers and braille options on signage. It also means that businesses with a public website should have options for differently abled Americans.

Here at 1Digital, we’re experts in ADA compliance for eCommerce websites. We’ve seen eCommerce businesses around the country hit with lawsuits for failure to meet ADA compliance guidelines, and we’re committed to protecting our clients from that legal risk. Our developers and project managers are well-versed in the most up to date WCAG 2.0 guidelines that will keep your site compliant with the law, protected from legal risk, and better designed for all kinds of potential customers.

What Are The ADA Compliance Guidelines?

Every website following WCAG 2.0 Guidelines should be…

eCommerce ADA Compliance


Making sure all the elements of the site can be appreciated by all visitors. This includes providing text alternatives for non-text content for the visually impaired.

eCommerce ADA Compliance


Making sure all elements of the site can be used by all visitors. This includes making sure every element of the design can be interacted with by using a keyboard.

eCommerce ADA Compliance


Making sure all elements of the site are clear to all visitors. This includes developing your site so it’s easy for users to avoid and correct mistakes.


Finally, the site must make an effort to maximize its compatibility by using the most current assistive technologies.

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We can help with eCommerce ADA Compliance

Though the ADA is not new, the guidelines for an ADA compliant website are. Very few web development firms and agencies are able to implement these guidelines correctly and confidently right now. Fortunately, you’re in the right place. These improvements not only help protect you from legal trouble, they also increase the reach of your eCommerce site and allow you to convert more kinds of customers. If you’re considering updating your eCommerce site for ADA compliance, talk to the trusted professionals.

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