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Your business’s digital marketing strategies have the ability to put your products or services in front of potential customers from around the world, but local factors such as location-specific search terms and regional density of competition can frustrate the efforts of all but the most experienced SEO experts. Search terms, keywords, competition and search results all vary by location, requiring a truly custom SEO campaign to take into account these locality-based influences. That is, a strategy that yields results in one city might fall flat when the same techniques are applied across the country, or just over state lines.

Our custom SEO process accounts for all of the factors influencing our clients’ businesses, going far beyond the competitive landscape and prevailing consumer behavior, getting into the fine details of location, even city-specific conditions that can influence search rankings and thereby organic traffic. Some turn to a local SEO company. Others turn to a company like 1Digital® Agency with a nationwide presence that has devised and implemented successful SEO strategies for companies across the globe.

Can an SEO Company Near Me Give My Business A Competitive Edge?

Local searches will vary according to consumer preferences and available information, which will impact the way that search engines like Google index a business’s web pages. These affect local rankings and can make it harder to compete for the space at the tops of the search engine results pages in certain areas of the country.

However, an experienced marketing agency like 1Digital® redefines full-service SEO processes, performing region-specific keyword research and creating carefully tailored local-seo campaigns that account for the variability in regional search volume, keyword density and relevance. This enables our local SEO specialists to reduce standardization in our process to deliver more than standard results for our clients. The issues your business faces may be very different from similar businesses in other areas of the country. 1Digital® Agency will uncover these challenges and develop a plan to enable you to outperform your competitors.

SEO by Region

eCommerce SEO Activities

At 1Digital® we include essential SEO activities and services into every custom SEO campaign we plan for our clients. We customize the campaign depending on the metrics we uncover during our discovery phase. We’ll put together different search engine activities based on what we learn, and what will help you achieve the best rankings. We work with all the top eCommerce platforms like BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento, Volusion and more. We’ve been navigating around the eCommerce space since we started as a company, and our SEO experts have been working within eCommerce since the late ’90s.

Custom Reporting

We invest in the latest in analytics and reporting tools so that both our marketing team and our clients get accurate, up to date data. Our customized SEO dashboard helps us refine your campaign as we work so that we always understand which strategies are succeeding in your industry. It helps you keep up with your campaign, evaluate our success and see where your campaign is headed in the coming weeks and months.

Custom SEO Dashboard
Custom SEO Dashboard

At 1Digital® we think an SEO campaign should run like a marketing partnership. We want you to be invested in your marketing campaign, and we can’t expect that unless you have a way to stay plugged in at all times. Enter our proprietary 1Digital® eCommerce SEO dashboard powered by WebCEO. We have custom curated a dashboard with a set of the most relevant metrics and KPI’s for you. This analytics suite allows you to track the performance of your marketing campaign and engage in meaningful dialogue with your project manager about strategy and direction.

Custom SEO Dashboard
Custom SEO Dashboard

SEO by City

Local Business SEO Specialists’ FAQ

Can a local SEO agency near me boost customer acquisition?

Indeed, when executed by a specialized local SEO agency like us, local SEO strategies can significantly boost your online visibility, helping you attract and convert more customers. With long-term results and excellent ROI, local SEO can outperform many other marketing tools.

How can an SEO company near me optimize my Google My Business Listing?

Google My Business is vital in local SEO efforts. To ensure your listing is optimized effectively, our expert team ensures accurate business details, high-quality images, and compelling copy. Contact our local SEO professionals for comprehensive guidance on setting up your GMB profile.

How does a local SEO company build local citations?

Establishing your business on relevant local listings enhances your local authority. As an experienced local SEO company, we identify and utilize listings that best cater to your business goals and audience, helping you outshine your competitors.

Can an SEO professional near me help target the right keywords?

Keywords are integral to SEO campaigns. With a thorough local SEO audit and competitive analysis, our local SEO experts can help you identify and target high-value and medium-value keywords that yield maximum results.

How can I benefit from SEO services near me for monitoring ratings and reviews?

Our local SEO services include strategic online review management. Whether dealing with positive or negative comments, our well-thought-out responses can help turn potential challenges into opportunities for growth.

Can a local SEO company near me provide flexible campaigns?

Our local SEO campaigns are designed to scale with your business growth. As you see tangible results, you can expand your campaigns and target additional locations, leveraging our local SEO principles.

How does an SEO agency near me build effective links?

1Digital® Agency excels in creating engaging, optimized content that garners links and boosts your business’s digital legitimacy. We aim to help you get featured in authoritative media outlets, enhancing your online reputation.

Why should an SEO company near me focus on mobile responsive design?

Most local searches are conducted via smart devices. Google favors mobile-responsive websites, which also provide a better user experience and encourage conversions. Our team can assist in improving your website’s UX and boosting local search conversions.

When will I see results from local SEO services near me?

SEO results depend on various factors, including location, industry specifics, budget size, and competition. We offer a free local SEO audit to give you a better understanding of the expected timeline for seeing local SEO results.

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