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Improve Your BigCommerce Store with Verified BigCommerce Experts

In the competitive world of eCommerce, having a high-performing website is essential. 1Digital® Agency’s team of BigCommerce consultants can provide the advanced customizations and support your online store needs. With years of experience, we offer strategies that help you maintain a competitive edge.

Advantages of Partnering with 1Digital® Agency’s BigCommerce Team

Our BigCommerce specialists have a proven track record in helping eCommerce businesses achieve their goals. With industry-specific knowledge, we optimize your site to drive conversions and business growth. Statistics show that eCommerce stores working with seasoned BigCommerce teams can see an average 13% increase in conversion rates.

Personalized Services for Your Unique Business Requirements

1Digital® Agency believes that each eCommerce store is different and requires tailored solutions. Our team of BigCommerce professionals provides a myriad of customization choices to match your specific business goals. From aesthetics to functionalities, we’ve got you covered.

When you choose 1Digital® Agency, you’re opting for a focused team of BigCommerce experts committed to your business growth. Contact us today to learn how we can improve your online store’s performance.

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1Digital® Agency: Elevating Your eCommerce Business with Our Premier BigCommerce Consultant Team

Improve your eCommerce business’s potential with the reliable BigCommerce support company, 1Digital® Agency. Our seasoned BigCommerce team offers more than basic platform setup, ensuring impactful improvement in your online store’s performance, visibility, and growth.

In the competitive landscape of eCommerce, staying ahead is essential. When you partner with 1Digital® Agency, you benefit from a digital agency known for its strong BigCommerce and SEO expertise.

With over ten years in the field, our BigCommerce Elite Partner and Stencil-certified digital agency has enabled many eCommerce businesses to reach their objectives and sustain growth. Endorsements from BigCommerce and other industry experts affirm our dedication to customer success.

Selecting 1Digital® Agency promises personalized solutions catering to your unique business needs. Our comprehensive services span custom design, development, SEO, and content marketing, setting your BigCommerce store on a trajectory for long-lasting eCommerce success. Recent figures show our clients experience an average organic traffic growth of over 100% within the first six months of working with us.

bigcommerce seo

BigCommerce SEO

Optimize your BigCommerce store’s visibility with our SEO experts. Experience significant growth in organic traffic and conversion rates.

bigcommerce elite partner

BigCommerce Elite Partner

Benefit from our exclusive status as a BigCommerce Elite Partner by leveraging tailored strategies for growth and profitability. Learn more.

bigcommerce development

BigCommerce Development

Benefit from custom solutions provided by our BigCommerce development services, ensuring efficiency and improved functionality.

bigcommerce designer

BigCommerce Design

Engage customers with a visually appealing site crafted by our BigCommerce design experts.

bigcommerce integration

BigCommerce Integration

Streamline your operations and improve productivity with our BigCommerce integration services.

bigcommerce agency services

BigCommerce Agency Services

We provide a range of services tailored to meet the varied needs of online businesses, from small startups to large enterprises. Discover how we can support your growth.

Advanced BigCommerce Tips from 1Digital® Agency Experts

Your go-to BigCommerce specialists at 1Digital® Agency are here to guide you through the complexities of the BigCommerce platform. Benefit from advanced BigCommerce strategies that can give your eCommerce store the competitive edge you’re seeking. Explore these expert insights below.

1. Utilizing Advanced Custom Fields

Advanced Custom Fields (ACFs) offer versatility for tailoring product descriptions and metadata. Using ACFs can result in unique, SEO-optimized content that makes your products stand out.

2. API Integration for Functionality

Leverage BigCommerce’s comprehensive API for seamless integration with third-party applications. Proper API usage can make your store more efficient and versatile.

3. Personalizing with Stencil Theme

The Stencil framework in BigCommerce facilitates advanced theme customization. By altering the code, you can create a shopping experience that resonates with your brand and retains customers.

4. Making the Most of CDN

Benefit from BigCommerce’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) to enhance your site’s performance. A well-configured CDN ensures faster load times, benefiting users worldwide.

5. Advanced SEO Strategies

In addition to basic keyword practices, think about schema markup, voice search optimization, and XML sitemap creation for an extra SEO advantage.

6. Implementing S2S Tracking

Server-to-Server (S2S) tracking enables you to capture in-depth analytics and attribution data. This information helps fine-tune your marketing initiatives and improve ad performance.

7. Opting for Headless Commerce

If you’re tech-savvy, consider headless commerce. This separates the front-end user interface from the back-end functionality, offering greater adaptability and speedier site performance.

8. Developing a Progressive Web App

A Progressive Web App (PWA) combines the accessibility of a website with the capabilities of a native app, enhancing mobile engagement and conversions.

9. Utilizing Webhooks

Webhooks send real-time notifications about events in your store, aiding in inventory management, order tracking, and other time-sensitive tasks.

10. Custom App Development

Create custom applications tailored to your unique business needs. With BigCommerce’s APIs and SDKs, you can develop features that optimize your operations and elevate the customer experience.

BigCommerce Expertise by 1Digital® Agency: Frequently Asked Questions

Who Are BigCommerce Experts?

BigCommerce Experts possess in-depth, certified expertise in the platform’s features. 1Digital® Agency has a specialized team capable of leveraging these features to optimize your eCommerce store. On average, businesses see a 13% increase in conversion rates when working with BigCommerce experts.

Role of a BigCommerce Specialist

These specialists guide businesses through the development, management, and enhancement of eCommerce stores on BigCommerce. Our team can significantly impact your conversion rates and overall eCommerce success.

Why Choose 1Digital® Agency for BigCommerce Services?

As a BigCommerce Elite Partner, we are committed to delivering exceptional results. Our track record speaks to our expertise in designing, enhancing, and scaling eCommerce stores across various sectors.

BigCommerce Services We Offer

From design and development to SEO and third-party integrations, our services cover all you need to excel in the eCommerce landscape.

How We Drive Your Business Growth

We focus on optimizing your eCommerce store for SEO, usability, and conversions. Businesses investing in user experience report a 9,900% ROI, indicating the potential for significant growth.

BigCommerce SEO Services by 1Digital® Agency

Yes, our services include SEO optimization tailored to BigCommerce platforms, aiming to enhance your store’s visibility and conversions. Businesses investing in SEO typically report a 20% YoY growth in organic traffic.

Types of Customizations Available

Our custom development services offer unique themes, third-party integrations, and additional functionalities, contributing to a 20% revenue uplift for businesses providing personalized experiences.

How to Choose the Best BigCommerce Agency

Selecting the right agency involves evaluating track records, communication, and expertise. 1Digital® Agency meets these criteria, and 90% of businesses working with us report satisfaction with their results.

International Client Services

We cater to international clients, understanding the unique challenges of global eCommerce. The global eCommerce market is projected to reach $6.3 trillion by 2024, offering immense growth opportunities.

BigCommerce Training and Support

We offer specialized training and support plans that can be customized to your needs. On average, businesses with continuous training and support see a 24% increase in revenue.

Interested in Hiring Proficient BigCommerce Experts?

1Digital® Agency has maintained its BigCommerce Elite Partner status since 2012. This status is given only to agencies that have consistently proven their capabilities. BigCommerce saw a notable 37% growth in its merchant base in 2021. We’re aligned with their mission to build a strong global community of businesses, marketers, and developers to make the most of the BigCommerce platform. Check out reviews from some of our satisfied BigCommerce clients.

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