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SEO is a vital part of success in the eCommerce world. You can have the most beautiful Shopify Plus site out there, but if it isn’t visible to customers it isn’t worth a dime. 1Digital Agency wants you to have the best of both worlds: an enterprise level Shopify Plus site that works well and the gets the attention that it deserves. Our Shopify Plus SEO experts, along with our hardworking team of developers, designers, will work their magic and turn your Shopify Plus store into a true success story.

Our designers, developers, and Shopify Plus SEO experts all work together to create enterprise-quality eCommerce websites that are SEO optimized. Our goal is to build customer’s trust while creating a consistent brand voice throughout your entire online store. From page titles and meta descriptions to category and product descriptions, we conduct all of the back-end SEO optimization needed for Google to crawl and read your web pages. The right Shopify Plus SEO optimization makes all the difference when Google is deciding who’s an authority in your industry and who isn’t. We target specific search terms and utilize backlinks to improve your organic keyword rankings and drive traffic to your website. Our Shopify Plus SEO experts know this platform like the back of our hands, and we love helping merchants make the most of this really powerful tool!

SEO for Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus has become one of the top all-in-one eCommerce hosting solutions. Perfect for companies looking to expand into the eCommerce market, Shopify offers a platform with intuitive tools to help users create a place for their products. Since our inception, 1Digital Agency has been conducting search engine optimization for Shopify Plus businesses all over the world. With over 90% of internet traffic starting from search engines, a comprehensive search engine optimization campaign is a necessity if you wish to increase organic traffic. Our SEO specialists at 1Digital® know just how to make Google see your Shopify Plus business as an authority in your field.

Shopify Plus SEO Experts by 1Digital®

Shopify Plus SEO

Organic search traffic is the number one resource for attracting new users to your eCommerce site. Not only is it a great way to get new customers, but it also engenders trust in your business. eCommerce customers report time and again that they are more likely to view an organic listing as a credible option, compared to a paid listing. And why shouldn’t they? Getting on Google’s first page is no easy task, but if one of the world’s most valuable companies recommends you to their users, that’s a pretty amazing endorsement.

Google Partner

We have the ability to maximize SEO rankings by taking full advantage of our expert digital marketing campaigns that have helped hundreds of other eCommerce stores. After helping hundreds of eCommerce stores climb Google’s rankings, we specialize in creating targeted SEO campaigns that get real results. We understand how Google works and we’re both a Google search partner and a Shopify Plus partner. We are here to offer you custom design, development, and marketing options that work flawlessly with your Shopify Plus site and have SEO baked in to every facet.

Shopify Development

Pesky items like load times, image optimization and third-party code can all affect how well your Shopify Plus store will rank. Fortunately, our enterprise development team has been working on Shopify Plus since its inception. If development mistakes are holding you back, we can fix them.

Shopify Design

The additional organic traffic that you get from Shopify Plus SEO won’t be worth very much if your site doesn’t convert new visitors when they arrive. That’s why we employ a team of skilled Shopify designers. A successful SEO campaign may lead a horse to water, but it takes a well thought out eCommerce design to make it drink.

SEO Content

Marketing your website through high quality, relevant, and engaging blog posts, video presentations, infographics and other types of media exposure is critical to getting recognized. We provide excellent content written by expert writers who have one thing in mind, SEO!

Shopify Plus Expertise

With a diverse range of features and fantastic tools that can be used to craft a winning online retail site, Shopify Plus is an obvious choice for many merchants seeking an enterprise eCommerce solution. We offer the expertise necessary to craft a sleek and modern site that you’ll absolutely love. We’re also an elite Shopify Plus partner that is certified in helping your enterprise needs.

Let’s Talk Shopify Plus SEO

Shopify Plus is a platform that 1Digital Agency understands, inside and out. When you hire us, you hire people who live and breathe eCommerce and can bring about great change for your business. Don’t settle for a subpar site and don’t settle for poor SERP rankings. For an SEO optimized Shopify Plus site that reels in customers, give us a call today. We’re known in the industry for our top-notch eCommerce SEO campaigns, and results yielded by them. Our team members have been optimizing SEO campaigns since 1999 and eCommerce has been the focal point. Once hired, we’ll put together a plan for your Shopify SEO campaign that will make the difference between the 1st page and the 10th page. Our eCommerce SEO results are real and create impact for our clients.

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Give Smoke and Mirrors the Slip with Shopify SEO

Client Requirements

Cyclone Pods has a very unique niche in its industry, and despite their relatively small product collection, they wanted to see big growth in keyword rankings, traffic and conversions.

1Digital® Solution

1Digital® Agency crafted an unusually large SEO campaign for Cyclone Pods targeted a wide range of highly competitive keywords. After only a few months, Cyclone Pods saw big increases in keyword rankings and organic traffic to their website.

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The Art of Writing for SEO

Any good SEO campaign relies on well-written content. After all, if you want Google to rank you well one of the best ways to catch their attention is to provide their users answers to their search queries. Google appreciates fresh content, unique content, and informative content, and they’re willing to give your site higher rankings in exchange for it. Our in-house SEO writers are trained to write the type of blogs, guest posts and item descriptions that attract Google’s attention. Check out some of our samples to see what kind of content you can expect our writers to produce during the course of an SEO campaign.

Differentiating And Writing For SEO Campaigns

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Understanding the Ocean Plastic Crisis

When most people hear about the ocean plastic crisis, they think about hot button topics like the great pacific garbage patch which has received a great deal of publicity over the last ...

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Why Your Business Needs An Interior Plant Service

Plants are a perfect way to add a touch of life to your workspace. Not only does the addition of plants make your space look better, but they also will help employees focus and assist in...

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Use the Best Dry Rub for Ribs and See the Results

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Gabriel and Company Earrings

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As you can see, each of our SEO content pieces focuses on a particular keyword. These articles are written to demonstrate to Google that your site is a reliable publisher of information about the topics that you want to rank well for. When Google considers you to be a trusted authority on these topics, they feel more comfortable sending their users your way for answers to their search queries. The more unique SEO content you can publish during an SEO campaign, the more trust you’ll build with Google.

Shopify Plus SEO Services

Shopify Plus

As proud Shopify Plus Partners, we know how to navigate the platform to bring your vision to life! We work closely with the Shopify team so our work is always up to date with the platform’s latest and greatest improvements.

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Shopify Plus

Our team of expert designers is well versed in both the advantages and limitations of Shopify Plus and brings that knowledge to bear when creating inspired eCommerce layouts.

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Shopify Plus

As a Shopify Plus partner, we can help develop features that will enhance your store. From custom development to unique user design, our Shopify Plus developers can stretch your store beyond platform limitations.

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Shopify Plus

With hundreds of Shopify Plus clients under our belt and a close relationship with the Shopify team, we have the experience and knowledge you need to stay ahead.

Shopify Plus SEO FAQ

How important is SEO to my Shopify Plus store?

A Shopify Plus SEO campaign can help move your business up search engine result pages. Without having your website rank high enough on search engines to make it easy for consumers to find, it can be extremely difficult to thrive in the eCommerce market.

How does SEO increase traffic to my site?

The purpose of a successful Shopify Plus SEO campaign is to gain trust with search engines.1Digital® has expert writers that can generate high-quality content to build backlinks and bring users to your site. The more trusted backlinks you have pointing to your site, the higher you will rank, and the more traffic you will get.

What’s the first step in a new SEO campaign?

When starting a Shopify Plus SEO campaign, it’s essential to know what it is about the business that you think will engage consumers and draw them in. Once a list of target keywords are established, our team can generate content to further increase traffic to your business.

Will SEO increase my traffic?

Once your Shopify business is associated with enough reliable content, search engines will move it further up result pages. Making your business easier for customers to find can increase your Shopify Plus store’s organic traffic dramatically. SEO content can also draw in customers outside of your intended market through diverse keyword usage.

How long does it take to see results?

How quickly search engine optimization works depends on your business. Moving far up on Google in a competitive market can take months or even years. Our Shopify Plus SEO team knows the strategies to minimize this period, but it can sometimes take time to build a network of informed content search engines value.

Can SEO keep my Shopify Plus store on the first page?

SEO campaigns can help bring your Shopify Plus website to the top of search engine result pages for targeted keywords and phrases. Google’s algorithm is constantly changing to produce the best search results for its users. As these changes occur, our strategies evolve to meet and beat them. Even if your eCommerce page falls off the first page of results, adjusting your campaign can bring you back up the queue.

How much work does an SEO campaign involve?

Starting a Shopify Plus SEO campaign involves developing a strategy tailored to your business. Our experts look at your business and develop a list of target keywords that will attract customers in your market. Once we finalize these keywords, we generate a campaign of informed content to make sure search engines see your Shopify Plus business as a credible source of information.

Can negative SEO hurt my Shopify Plus store?

Sometimes competitors will use negative SEO to create toxic backlinks to your page. We can help inform you on how to disavow these negative links with Google. When facing a competitive market, it’s important to make sure you can stay ahead of these unethical tactics.

Will SEO help my business increase in revenue?

When customers want to find something online, a search engine is almost always their first stop. To draw in these curious customers you need your web page to be supported by enough SEO content for Google to see you as an authority in your field. The more visible your website becomes, the easier it will be to sell your products or services to the right target market.

Why is 1Digital® my best choice for Shopify Plus SEO?

Our SEO team has spent years creating content for Shopify Plus store owners. We have specialists who understand every facet of creating a successful eCommerce page using Shopify Plus. Through years of analyzing data on how our SEO content interacts with search engine algorithms, we have developed proprietary strategies to assure your campaign will help your business succeed.

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