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We’re a group of design innovators, development virtuosos, and digital marketing fanatics with a passion for eCommerce that runs deep. Headquartered in Philadelphia, 1Digital® is a digital marketing agency that has unparalleled experts devoted to every piece of the eCommerce puzzle. We invest in long-term partnerships with serious eCommerce merchants, for serious eCommerce success. At 1Digital, we see boundless opportunity in the eCommerce industry and the limitless potential in every store. We service clients in the mid-market and we’re partners with enterprise eCommerce solutions from platforms like BigCommerce Enterprise, Shopify Plus and Magento.

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When a great eCommerce design is working well, you won’t be aware that it’s working at all. We employ eCommerce best practices, along with true creativity, to deliver designs that will lead your customer’s eye, and incentivize action. We work collaboratively with our clients so that your design combines your deep knowledge of your industry, with our wide ranging eCommerce expertise.

If your platform is BigCommerce or Shopify Plus, it may be time to see what a difference a custom design created by eCommerce experts can make!

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Every business is different. A wholesale retailer of machine parts needs a very different website from a local bakery, and yet they might both be on the same eCommerce platform, with the same out-of-the-box functionality. That’s where 1Digital can help. From a page for ordering in bulk, to a calendar for scheduling in-store pickup, we build custom tools so that your customers and employees can interact with your site in a way that makes sense for them, not someone else.

We’re trusted partners of platforms like BigCommerce, Magento and Shopify Plus. If there’s something you wish your eCommerce platform could do, just ask us. With enterprise development help, maybe it can!

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As important as the way your site communicates its message, is who it’s communicating that message to. A brilliantly designed website can be inadequate if it’s not reaching the right audience. We have the industry’s best professionals building out your brand’s voice for SEO, PPC, social media, and email marketing campaigns. After we’ve designed and developed your site, we know it inside and out, and we can get you in front of the right customer, and positive ROI, faster than anybody else.

Enterprise platforms like BigCommerce and Shopify Plus offer a ton of SEO friendly tools, but even the best quality tool still needs a skilled craftsman. We can take your eCommerce platform site beyond the basics.

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We’re the kind of digital marketing agency that sees the end of our project as just the beginning of our relationship. We want to build long lasting, mutually beneficial business partnerships with our clients. When your project is over our lines of communication remain open so it’s easy to ask questions, make changes and request additional work.

eCommerce platforms like BigCommerce or Shopify Plus can offer some great guidance when you need it, but they can’t get into the code of your site, and they can’t fix your problem for you. For that, you need a reliable eCommerce digital agency at your side.

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Over the years, we’ve launched hundreds of custom eCommerce stores and done hundreds more eCommerce integrations, migrations, and optimizations. But every business owner who comes to 1Digital comes from a specific background, and with a unique set of challenges. That’s why we approach every site redesign, every custom tool, and every digital marketing campaign with a fresh set of eyes. Our digital marketing agency blends our eCommerce expertise and data-driven insights, with your deep passion for your work, to deliver outcomes that our clients rave about. The kind of success stories that have kept our clients coming back to 1Digital time and time again.

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eCommerce Experts

We’re no run of the mill digital marketing agency. We’re a professional digital agency that specializes in just one thing, eCommerce. By focusing on that one core competency, we’ve helped eCommerce merchants from all over the globe reach new heights of success online. Our clients have reaped the rewards by leaning on our years of expertise, our top quality tools and our passion to perfect the art of eCommerce. That’s why we’ve become one of the leading eCommerce agencies across the nation. But we’re not satisfied just yet. We’re going to keep tirelessly improving. If you want to do the same then you’re right the kind of partner for 1Digital Agency.

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Awesome team to work with! They know what they are doing and they are easy to work with / I was previously using one of their competitors that actually is not to far from them and it was the worst experience / After finding 1Digital and working with them on our initial project we have now worked together on several projects
Shams ||
1Digital was great to work with and I would highly recommend - I am even having them develop more for me because of how great a job they did! After hearing the unique checkout process needed for my company and the budget constraints, they developed a custom and creative solution that saved both time and money
Logan ||
Working with 1Digital Agency was a pleasure! Mason and his Team over-delivered on the look, feel and functionality of our new site / The communication throughout the process was excellent - with Mason and the Team troubleshooting any issues quickly and professionally
EMF Blues|
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Ecommerce SEO

eCommerce SEO

If you work in eCommerce, you know that a store is not your typical website. The same goes for eCommerce SEO. eCommerce websites need special campaigns that are specific to eCommerce SEO. When it comes to ranking your store categories & products, a specifically tailored SEO campaign is key to succeeding online.

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Ecommerce PPC

eCommerce PPC

Our PPC experts have the experience to craft a top performing eCommerce PPC strategy that will make your business stand out and outbid competitors while spending less money in the process. Then we actively test and track your metrics and data to score higher but bid lower with our eCommerce based PPC campaigns.

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Digital Marketing Agency

One of our superpowers as a digital marketing agency is to be able to come to the rescue at every single stage of the eCommerce process. From beautiful branding and custom design services, to complex development and integrations, to carefully planned and expertly executed digital marketing campaigns. We’ve perfected the art of eCommerce over years, while honing our skills and becoming trusted partners of the most popular eCommerce platforms like BigCommerce, Shopify Plus, Magento and other top tier systems in the industry.

eCommerce SEO Tidbits

Why is eCommerce SEO Important?

In order for a business to grow it needs new customers. Direct typing (someone navigating directly to a site in the URL bar) is the number one source of visitors across all eCommerce sites, but the number one way eCommerce sites get new visitors is through organic search. The only way an eCommerce business can grow quarter over quarter, and year over year is to capture new visitors on a regular basis. Furthermore, relevant traffic that a business does not capture from Google or other search engines will necessarily go to a competitor with a higher ranking.

Can People Find My Site On Google Right Now?

Paid tools and services are available which will tell you if your site shows for any search terms and if so which ones. Keep in mind, simply searching Google on your own computer may deliver skewed results because Google is taking into account your location and previous visits to your own site. The best free way to see what terms you rank for is by using your Google Search Console to see which searches provide your site with the most exposure.

What is the ROI on an SEO Campaign?

There are many ways to track how an eCommerce SEO campaign has affected your revenue. You can track how many conversions on your site have come in from organic search traffic, and from there calculate the return based on what you spend on your campaign. But this doesn’t make a full accounting of the value your SEO campaign is creating. SEO campaigns grow exponentially. The more terms that Google ranks you for, the more terms they’re willing to rank you for in the future. Not only are you capturing more visitors and increasing conversion, but you’re also investing in making your domain a more valuable asset for your business.

How much time do I need to invest in eCommerce SEO?

Building one’s authority and trust level with Google and other search engines takes time. Depending on the competitiveness of the industry you’re in, the demand for the keywords you’re targeting, and the effectiveness of the SEO activities you’re employing it could take anywhere from a few months to a few years to reach the first page. And once you get there continuing work will be needed to make sure a competitor doesn’t overtake your position.

Will my website always stay on the first page once it has reached it?

Unfortunately, no. There are 10 spots on Google’s first page and every competitor in any given industry is jockeying for those 10 spots. If you get to the first page, Google has chosen to trust you, but they update their algorithm constantly. What worked 6 months ago won’t necessarily be the same thing as what Google is looking for today. Add to that, that every other eCommerce site in your space is trying to build more trust in order to capture a top ten spot. Once your site gets to Google’s first page you’ll need to keep working in order to maintain your position.

What Does an SEO Strategy Consist Of?

An SEO strategy is made up of many activities designed to gain Google’s trust. These include optimizing your site to make sure that the data is easy for Google’s algorithm to read and interpret, creating content to show you’re a reliable publisher of informational resources, increasing your backlink count to demonstrate that you are an authority on a particular subject, and a whole lot more. There is no one change or fix that can make your site more attractive to Google’s algorithm. It requires a constant stream of proof that you are willing to work to be included in their search results.

What will the process be like to begin an eCommerce SEO campaign?

Even within the umbrella of eCommerce, our clients come from a multitude of different industries, with different domain strengths and different resources to put towards improving their organic ranking. An SEO campaign should begin with research into your site, your competitors, and your industry. It should follow up with a keyword strategy meant to bring in relevant traffic while also setting realistic goals that build your authority with Google. You can expect the first few weeks of a new SEO campaign to be spent getting to know the SEO process, and for your team to be getting to know you so they can promote your site intelligently. Once you have a plan in place you’re off to the races. SEO takes time, but the sooner you start the sooner it can pay off!

Is negative SEO a real threat?

Unfortunately, yes. Competitors can employ unethical tactics to outrank you. The more competitive your niche is, the more commonly negative SEO is practiced. The best way to protect yourself is to monitor your site regularly for toxic backlinks and disavow them with Google whenever you find them.

Why hire us for eCommerce SEO?

Our team handles eCommerce website design, development, and digital marketing for mid-market companies worldwide. Our core strength has been SEO since we’ve started and our team has the insight to what’s successful, and the best path forward since we have so much eCommerce experience, data to back up successes, e.g. Simply put, eCommerce SEO is our element and our strength.

Proprietary Strategy

It is exciting to keep in mind that 1Digital also constructs, implements, and maintains SEO campaigns using a plethora of proprietary techniques. Proprietary techniques, strategy, and optimization work, in many cases, is based on unique experience that only 1Digital has access to and/or has encountered. 1Digital has a myriad of SEO clients within the eCommerce sector, within a wide variety of industries and the continual improvement of our process allows for ongoing work to be frequently refined. Additionally, as the algorithms controlling search engines’ rankings continuously evolve, 1Digital is able to use data from an extensive sample size in order to effectively modify or adjust a campaign to allow for the maximization of results. The competitive advantage that comes with a larger sample size of data is a profound asset when competing for coveted rankings within an aggressive industry. This leverage, among other things, is one way 1Digital’s proprietary techniques come into play throughout the duration of a professional SEO campaign.

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