How To Configure Payment Options In Your Bigcommerce Store

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How To Configure Payment Options In Your Bigcommerce Store

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How To Configure Payment Options In Your Bigcommerce Store

Bigcommerce payment setup
Looking to sell physical products online? Well, you could start your own eCommerce website store easily by using the services from some BigCommerce experts. It does not take a longer period to get the website up and running. You could also hire shipping agents to fulfill all the orders placed from your website. On the other hand you can continue with online marketing of your site so that it pulls enough visitors that will result in real time sales. There are many essentials an eCommerce website should carry so that it attracts more customers.

The main reason why people start an eCommerce store is either they already have a business which they want to bring online or just setup an online business and make money. Coming to the point, you cannot earn money from your website until and unless there is a concrete method for the customers to make online payments. More visitors are using mobile devices to surf internet and even shop online. Ecommerce website owners are shifting their focus on responsive web designs and payment methods for mobile users.

Easily setup eCommerce website owners use is PayPal for payments, however there are many people who do not like to buy through PayPal. It is obvious to say that a real payment processor on any eCommerce website could be huge conversion factor for the business. The good news is that BigCommerce supports a wide range of payment methods which includes Credit Cards, PayPal, Google Checkout, checks, purchase orders and more. This ultimately makes BigCommerce a profitable CMS for online stores.

BigCommerce platform readily works with multiple of gateways, so it does not matter which credit card processing agency you choose, expect the payment module to be already configured with BigCommerce.

Steps :

1) Sign in to your store control panel.
2) Select settings tab and select the payments menu.
3) Here you will find setup for Stripe(more suitable for stores with annual revenue less than 100k) and PayPal Express Checkout.
4) To alter the checkout method, either turn on the switch, or click its respective checkbox and Save it.
5) A list of tabs will appear along with tabs for each checkout method you have chosen.
6) Choose the payment methods you would like to use from the tabs. Here you will get detailed instructions to create an account and checkout provider integration.
7) Enter the appropriate details for for your payment gateway(s).
8) Once the configuration for all your checkout modules is done save and close this section.

Support for most of the payment vendors and robust security, these are some of the reasons an Ecommerce website should use BigCommerce for their websites. That is why our team always recommends BigCommerce for developing eCommerce websites.

Please share your experiences about configuration of payment gateways, if you have used BigCommerce or any other platform for your own website.

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