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A Custom Fit: Your Business and Our BigCommerce Developers

Your business is unique and deserves an online store that reflects this. With 1Digital® Agency, we help you achieve just that. Our team of professional BigCommerce developers can customize your template or theme, making it truly yours. We listen to your needs, understand your business, and then make those crucial enhancements that set you apart from the competition.

We believe that every online store should not only look good but also function well. That’s why we emphasize seamless integration with third-party tools and services that your business relies on. The result? An online store that does exactly what you need it to do.

Why Choose Us As Your BigCommerce Development Agency

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Your business is different and deserves a solution that’s tailored to your needs. At 1Digital® Agency, we take the time to understand your business and its unique needs. From there, we can customize your BigCommerce store, whether that means tweaking an existing template or theme, or building one from scratch.

We understand that the needs of your business extend beyond the design of your store. That’s why we also offer services that can help you manage and maintain your store, ensuring it always runs smoothly and meets the expectations of your customers.

Experienced BigCommerce Web Developers

Over the years, we’ve helped numerous businesses like yours get the most out of BigCommerce. We’ve worked on everything from small tweaks to complete overhauls. No project is too big or too small for us. We have the expertise to handle whatever you throw our way.

We don’t just do the work and leave you to it. We’re here for you every step of the way. From initial consultation through to ongoing support, we’re committed to helping you succeed.

Take the First Step with Our BigCommerce Development Services

Are you ready to enhance your eCommerce store? Our team of skilled BigCommerce developers is here to help. With us, you get a personalized, professional online store designed to serve your business needs. We have the experience and know-how to help your eCommerce journey be a successful one.

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1Digital® Agency: Your Partner for BigCommerce Development

Custom BigCommerce development is our specialty. Our team of dedicated BigCommerce web developers and designers have the tools and skills to create and integrate software specifically designed for the BigCommerce platform. We’re not just experts in coding, but also proud partners with BigCommerce, demonstrating our ability to deliver high-quality solutions. Our commitment to constant learning ensures we stay up-to-date with the platform and can provide our clients with the best solutions.

What makes us your ideal BigCommerce development company:

  • bigcommerce development agencyReliable BigCommerce Development Agency: Our team of over 50 professionals has been providing top-notch BigCommerce solutions for over a decade. When businesses require serious BigCommerce customization, they turn to us.
  • experienceExperience You Can Count On: We’ve completed more BigCommerce implementations than any other agency, including helping over 100 websites make a seamless transition to the BigCommerce platform.
  • portfolioProven Track Record: Our extensive portfolio and high number of positive reviews speak volumes about our expertise and success in BigCommerce development.
  • client focusDedicated to Our Clients: We work closely with all types of BigCommerce merchants, from startups to larger enterprises, helping them expand their online presence and reach a wider audience.

At 1Digital® Agency, we’re committed to providing excellent BigCommerce development services that help our clients’ businesses grow. Our team offers a range of customization options and comprehensive knowledge of the BigCommerce platform. Plus, with our ongoing support, you can be confident that your website will always be at its best. Get in touch with us today to see how we can enhance your BigCommerce store.

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Neil Patel: “1Digital® Agency Excels in BigCommerce Development”

At 1Digital® Agency, it’s always rewarding to know our clients and partners appreciate the hard work we put into our eCommerce SEO, website design, and BigCommerce development projects. We’ve earned recognition as a reliable partner from both Shopify and BigCommerce thanks to these efforts.

Apart from being part of an esteemed network of partners, we’ve also gained repute as a distinguished BigCommerce Elite partner. This recognition hasn’t escaped the notice of big names in the digital marketing world.

Neil Patel, a respected figure in the marketing industry, recently featured 1Digital® on his blog as his top choice for BigCommerce development.

“1Digital® collaborates with a broad spectrum of mainstream platforms, including Shopify, Magento, Volusion, WooCommerce, and more. Their stellar work on BigCommerce and Shopify has particularly distinguished them in the field.” – Neil Patel

1Digital - A BigCommerce Development Expert

Creating Engaging Online Stores: Your BigCommerce Development Agency

Ready to set up a successful online store on BigCommerce? As a seasoned BigCommerce development agency, we’re here to help. Our focus is on creating engaging and functional eCommerce stores that encourage purchases and create a memorable shopping experience for your customers.

Why Partner With Our BigCommerce Development Agency?

  • Skilled BigCommerce Developers: Our team is made up of accomplished and certified BigCommerce developers who are always in the know about the latest trends and techniques in the industry. They are dedicated to crafting your online store with the most modern techniques and functionalities.
  • Custom Solutions for Your Business: We know every business has its own unique needs. So, we offer personalized BigCommerce development services that are just right for you. Whether you need a custom theme design, API integrations, or advanced functionalities, our team will work with you to make your dream store a reality.
  • Mobile-Friendly and Easy-to-Use Design: Having a mobile-friendly website that is easy to navigate is key in today’s world. Our BigCommerce developers will ensure your online store is accessible and intuitive on all devices, providing a smooth shopping experience for everyone and increasing the chance of attracting mobile shoppers.
  • Focus on Increasing Sales: We design BigCommerce stores with a clear goal in mind: to increase sales. From easy-to-navigate menus to simplified checkout processes, we’ll set up your online store to encourage purchases and make shopping a pleasure.
  • Continuous Support and Maintenance: Our job doesn’t end once your BigCommerce store is live. We continue to offer support and maintenance services to ensure your website runs smoothly all the time. We’re here to resolve any issues, provide updates, and guide you as your business evolves.

Enlist BigCommerce Developers: Tailor Your Online Store

Want to bring your BigCommerce store to new heights with custom developed features? Enlisting the help of seasoned BigCommerce developers can unlock your store’s full potential. Adding custom features and integrations can differentiate your store from others and break free from the built-in limitations of the platform. Our team of experts is committed to providing top-tier BigCommerce development services that align with your goals and deliver impressive results. So when you’re ready to think outside the box with limitless customizations, hire our BigCommerce development team.

Reach out to us today to discuss your project needs. Let our BigCommerce development team turn your online store into a thriving eCommerce hub.

Need Expert Help With BigCommerce v2 to v3 Migration?

BigCommerce v3 experience offers an easier way to manage and update products. As an experienced BigCommerce development company, we can help you navigate the process of migrating from v2 to v3 seamlessly. Contact us today for expert guidance and support or refer to our BigCommerce v2 to v3 Migration Guide to learn more about the differences and benefits of the new platform.

Category Page Customizations

BigCommerce category pages are an important part of your website and overall user experience. But often times, these pages get overlooked. If category pages are not presented or written properly, your on-page optimization can suffer. Customizing the right category page layouts for your business can also be a daunting task. Luckily, 1Digital® Agency is here to help! Our BigCommerce developers know all the ins and outs of BigCommerce and work with both our designers and SEO experts to create custom category page layouts that enhance your site’s overall SEO to increase conversions.

Custom Product Page Layout

Without good BigCommerce product pages, customers are much more likely to bounce and visit competing websites. Product pages are important to conversions. They need to be well-written and well-designed to display your products in an appealing and informative way. If you have a lot of products in your BigCommerce store, this can feel like an endless task. With 1Digital®, you can outsource this part of the job to experts who can bring quality product descriptions, add high-quality images and product reviews to boost your product pages.

Option Customization

Customers love having options, whether it is choosing their favorite color, a specific size or just adding custom features to a product. It’s important to give your customers options when working on your product pages within your BigCommerce store. Adding options adds variety to your products, which increases conversions. If you want to improve your BigCommerce store to include customization, contact 1Digital® Agency. Our BigCommerce development experts can help you create a customized web store that is also user-friendly and can increase your sales.

Wholesale Setup & Price Customization

If you offer wholesale options, BigCommerce gives you the options to create customer groups that require a login to access wholesale options and pricing. In offering wholesale options, you may have hundreds or thousands of customers to keep organized and that can take a lot of time. With 1Digital® Agency, shuffling between wholesale and retail options can be made easy so you can get back to focusing on what really matters to you: selling your products.

Open API Integration

BigCommerce offers an open API integration to custom develop hundreds of applications. BigCommerce offers high-performing API integrations including Login API, Catalog API, and Cart API. Each of these carefully organized, pre-built integrations gives you the option to seamlessly integrate multiple channels to connect to the systems and tools your web store needs for unparalleled customer experience. By connecting with 1Digital® Agency, you get a dedicated team that will provide you with all of the API integration solutions you may need and complete integrations in an easy and efficient manner, leaving you to focus more on managing your business.

3rd Party Plugins

In addition to the applications offered by BigCommerce, you can also customize your BigCommerce store with 3rd party plugins. At 1Digital® Agency, we have worked with hundreds of BigCommerce stores, know our way around the BigCommerce platform and can create a website that you and your customers will love and find easy to use.

Top 10 Pro-Tips from BigCommerce Developers for Advanced Store Development

As an accomplished BigCommerce development agency, we believe in sharing expert insights that reflect our in-depth understanding of BigCommerce development. Here are 10 advanced technical tips from our seasoned BigCommerce developers to help you enhance your online store’s performance.

1. Leverage Stencil CLI for Theme Development

BigCommerce’s Stencil CLI provides a powerful toolset for creating dynamic and personalized themes. Our BigCommerce theme development experts often use the Stencil CLI for crafting highly responsive and SEO-friendly themes.

2. Advanced CSS for Better UI/UX

CSS Flexbox and Grid provide advanced layout designs for a more interactive UI/UX. Leveraging these CSS features can significantly enhance the responsiveness and user experience of your BigCommerce store.

3. Use API for Custom Solutions

BigCommerce’s robust API allows our developers to create custom solutions that meet your unique needs. From custom product options to third-party integrations, the BigCommerce API offers a wealth of possibilities for store customization.

4. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

Transform your BigCommerce store into a Progressive Web App (PWA) for improved mobile performance. PWAs can work offline, load faster, and increase overall user engagement. The application of service workers and manifest files are part of this advanced conversion.

5. GraphQL for Efficient Data Fetching

Use for more efficient data fetching. GraphQL allows clients to request exactly what they need, which can significantly improve the performance of your BigCommerce store.

6. Serverless Functions with AWS Lambda

Leverage AWS Lambda for running your code without provisioning servers, especially for handling peak loads during sales or holiday seasons. This can significantly improve the scalability and performance of your BigCommerce store.

7. Use Webpack for JavaScript Bundling

Webpack is a static module bundler for JavaScript applications. It helps manage and bundle JavaScript resources for a faster and more optimized store performance.

8. Advanced SEO Techniques

Implementing advanced SEO techniques like structured data, XML sitemaps, and meta tags in your BigCommerce store can significantly enhance its visibility in search engine results.

9. AMP for Improved Mobile Performance

Implement Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for faster loading times on mobile devices. This not only improves user experience but also benefits SEO.

10. Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)

Introduce a CI/CD pipeline for rapid and reliable code changes. It allows developers to merge code changes more frequently, which leads to better collaboration and faster solutions to problems.

These top 10 pro-tips delve deep into the technical aspects of BigCommerce development, demonstrating the capabilities of our BigCommerce web developers. If you are looking to hire BigCommerce developers who can transform these advanced tips into a thriving online store, Contact us today.

All Your Questions Answered BigCommerce Developer FAQ

What is BigCommerce Development and why should I hire a BigCommerce Development Agency?

BigCommerce development refers to the creation, customization, and maintenance of an eCommerce store on the BigCommerce platform. This includes BigCommerce theme development, app development, custom coding, API integrations, site optimization, and more. A skilled BigCommerce development agency like ours has the expertise and experience to build a fully functional, visually appealing, and high-performing online store tailored to your unique needs and goals.

What services does a BigCommerce development company offer?

A BigCommerce development company provides various services including custom design and development, API integrations, data migration, performance optimization, and BigCommerce store migration. Our team of BigCommerce web developers and designers work together to provide solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of each client, including BigCommerce eCommerce development and BigCommerce custom development.

How can I hire BigCommerce developers or a BigCommerce development agency?

Hiring BigCommerce developers or a BigCommerce development agency involves defining your project requirements, researching potential partners, scheduling consultations, and assessing the experience and expertise of the developers. Once you’ve selected a BigCommerce development agency, you finalize the agreement and kick-off the project. We are a reputable BigCommerce development agency with experienced BigCommerce developers ready to bring your vision to life.

What sets 1Digital® Agency apart from other BigCommerce development companies?

As an Elite BigCommerce Partner, 1Digital® Agency brings over 10 years of experience in eCommerce development. We have a team of in-house BigCommerce web developers and designers and a proven track record of success. We provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that our clients’ eCommerce stores continue to perform at their best.

What is the process for working with 1Digital® Agency on a BigCommerce project?

Our BigCommerce custom development process involves a discovery phase to learn about your business and goals, a planning phase for creating a detailed project plan, custom development and design with regular updates, and providing ongoing support and maintenance once the project is completed.

How much does it cost to hire a BigCommerce development company?

The cost of hiring a BigCommerce development company varies depending on the scope and complexity of your project. Some agencies charge hourly rates, while others offer fixed prices for specific services or project milestones. An initial consultation with us can provide a clearer understanding of costs based on your specific needs.

How do your BigCommerce experts ensure my site is optimized for SEO?

Our team employs best practices for on-page optimization, keyword research, content creation, and technical SEO to ensure that your BigCommerce site ranks well and drives organic traffic. We understand the importance of SEO for eCommerce stores and work to optimize your BigCommerce SEO for maximum visibility.

What is the difference between a BigCommerce designer and a BigCommerce developer?

A BigCommerce designer focuses on the visual aspects of your online store, while a BigCommerce developer concentrates on the technical side, including coding, customizations, API integrations, and performance optimization. Both designers and developers collaborate to create a seamless, functional, and visually appealing online store on the BigCommerce platform.

Boost Your Online Store with Expert BigCommerce Development

Partner with a premier BigCommerce development company, 1Digital®, to transform your eCommerce performance. We excel in providing BigCommerce development services tailored to catalyze your online growth and visibility.

  • Our BigCommerce web developers craft custom designs that accentuate your brand identity and elevate the user experience, driving a higher conversion rate.
  • With our experienced BigCommerce developers’ deep platform understanding, we shape bespoke solutions to meet your specific business needs.
  • We offer seamless BigCommerce integrations with third-party applications, enhancing your online store’s functionality and business efficiency.
  • Our dedicated BigCommerce development agency offers continuous support and maintenance, ensuring your eCommerce store remains up-to-date and operates optimally.
  • We pride ourselves on a proven track record, with over a decade of experience and numerous successful BigCommerce projects under our belt.
  • We provide flexible pricing options designed to fit a range of budgets.

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