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Here at 1Digital® Agency, we know everything there is to know about eCommerce and BigCommerce is a platform that we work on most. If you’re looking to build or update your eCommerce site with a more modern template that connects with your audience, we can help! Our elite BigCommerce developers, designers, and content creation team all work together to create a consistent flow that both optimizes your site for SEO and engages users. We’re a BigCommerce developer you can trust.

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BigCommerce Developer

BigCommerce is a complex hosted platform that continues to evolve constantly to provide a better user experience. Even with these constant improvements, developing your BigCommerce store to function with the most efficient speed and responsiveness can get difficult without the help of an expert BigCommerce developer on your side who knows the ins and outs of BigCommerce. Having a BigCommerce developer can make all the difference. A BigCommerce developer will know the limits and workarounds within BigCommerce. At 1Digital Agency, we have BigCommerce developers that use these skills to build everything you need for your online store from internal product and category pages to custom design and development, API integration and more. We’re elite BigCommerce partners that are certified and capable of all BigCommerce customizations.

A BigCommerce Development Agency

At 1Digital®, we focus specifically on eCommerce stores and merchants. We’ve been designing and developing beautiful BigCommerce stores for many years now, working with many verticals, including B2C to B2B. Our clients are serious merchants with successful BigCommerce stores.1Digital® plays a crucial part in the formula for success, providing our experience as a BigCommerce development agency. We employ professional BigCommerce developers and our team knows what it takes to develop a great BigCommerce store, from handling integrations and customize API applications to taking full advantage of the BigCommerce platform and all of its features. Our BigCommerce designers are a vital part of our development process and work hand-in-hand with our team of BigCommerce developers on design and development projects.

Elite BigCommerce Developers

BigCommerce maintains a catalog of Preferred, Certified and Elite partners, which have different designations. Certified partners are agency partners whose specialists have undergone BigCommerce specific training in order to verify their proficiency with the unique features of the platform. Preferred technology partners are selected by BigCommerce for their credentials, including their superior technological proficiency and commitment to customer service. The best of the best BigCommerce developers, as recognized by BigCommerce itself, are the Elite partners. Elite Partners offer the greatest expertise and experience with the BigCommerce platform, and often offer the widest range of services. They are also selected on the grounds of excellent technological acumen, superior customer service, proficiency with BigCommerce, and history – many Elite BigCommerce Partners have managed a wide range of different eCommerce development projects throughout their history. They are the most highly recommended BigCommerce developers of all. 1Digital Agency is an Elite BigCommerce partner that has executed countless custom development projects for customers based on BigCommerce, in a wide range of industries. Our client projects have ranged from simple web redesign and support projects to complex integrations and even complex, custom coding and app development projects. Our experience with BigCommerce is unrivaled. We’ve even been selected by industry-great Neil Patel as one of the best eCommerce agencies for BigCommerce design and development.  

Neil Patel: “1Digital® is the Best Agency for
BigCommerce Development”

Nothing is more important to 1Digital® Agency than the gratitude expressed by our clients and partners after every successful eCommerce SEO, website design, and BigCommerce development campaign we execute together. It is thanks to their success that we have been recognized among the best in the industry by both Shopify and BigCommerce as trusted partners.
However, it is great to see that our reputation as an expert BigCommerce Elite partner keeps growing beyond our circle of trusted partners and is now drawing the attention of true heavyweights in the digital marketing industry. 1Digital® was recently featured on marketing guru Neil Patel’s blog as the “Best for BigCommerce Development.”

“While other agencies focus on a specific e-commerce platform, 1Digital® works with a variety of mainstream platforms, including Shopify, Magento, Volusion, Woo Commerce, and others. They’re known for their work with BigCommerce and Shopify.” Neil Patel

1Digital® BigCommerce Development
Success Stories

We are happy to get recognition from big names and experts but, in the end, it is our clients who make all of this possible. Let’s take a look at our top client success stories.

Sagebrook Home is a retailer of home design accessories that deals primarily in B2B markets. Their store was based on a platform that was proprietary to its industry but limited their growth. 1Digital® seamlessly switched their business to BigCommerce and provided a completely customizable array of features and tools to enhance their visibility and sales. Our BigCommerce migration services offered Sagebrook unprecedented control to customize customer service and price management while drastically reducing micromanagement. We also optimized their conversion funnel by making it easier for customers to find what they needed in fewer steps. We leveraged BigCommerce’s open API and out-of-the-box functionalities to create a more enjoyable yet practical experience for Sagebrook’s customers. One example is the creation of a “complete the collection” feature that allows customers to discover complementary products, thus increasing shopping cart size averages. Sagebrook reported a traffic increase of 63% after five months with 1Digital®.

case studies

Mac Me an Offer specializes in buying used Apple products and allowing its customers to maximize the value they can get from them. The company was in need of more powerful and customizable features that were not available on their platform. The 1Digital® BigCommerce development team helped them seamlessly switch to BigCommerce and leverage its raw power to provide a unique experience to users who wanted to easily sell their used Apple products. Now users are in total control of the information they input and can get a fast and accurate representation of what Mac Me an Offer would pay for their devices and peripherals. This is all done through an automated tool specifically made for Mac Me an Offer which allows them to manage the app without the need to hire additional developers. Our BigCommerce developers also created an API that integrates Mac Me an Offer to its sister site, drastically increasing their potential to convert.

case studies

Westlake Dermatology is a provider of dermatological services as well as resources for education and hair and skin care products. The company boasts a very content-heavy web presence in the health industry. They provide educational resources about hair and skincare products, and only a portion of their website is dedicated to sales. Our BigCommerce developers specifically designed a custom API to integrate the content and SEO-focused features of WordPress, with the advantages of eCommerce-centric capabilities of BigCommerce. The result was a seamless combination of the best of both worlds, and the impact it had on their success is undeniable. Our BigCommerce agency created effective headless eCommerce solutions that allowed Westlake Dermatology to expand their sales capabilities and conversions without sacrificing their content-rich and SEO-optimized blog.

Divinity Clergy Wear is a retailer of clerical vestments, clergy shirts, and accessories for the devout. The store had a practical-yet-limited aging site design that was not optimized for user experience. Factors like bounce rates and internal CTRs were not stellar, and it had a lot to do with how the page was presented and the lack of a clear customer journey. Our BigCommerce website design experts completely re-designed their store, taking full advantage of the features that make BigCommerce one of the most powerful online sales tools. Our focus on BigCommerce SEO had an extremely positive effect on keyword positioning, propelling many target keywords to the top positions on the search engine results. Factors like bounce rates, session duration, and conversions also saw a visible increase after just a few months

case studies

Why choose us as your BigCommerce Development Partner?

70% of 1Digital® projects involve custom BigCommerce development. We have a staff that includes more than 10 BigCommerce developers with the ability to custom develop and integrate software within the BigCommerce platform. We’re hands-on code experts and have Elite BigCommerce partner badges to prove our capabilities. Our team is constantly training with BigCommerce and honing their development skills. Our BigCommerce development Agency evolves with the platform. Our developers never stop learning and keep improving our clients websites with expert development skills. What should you look for when you hire a BigCommerce developer? Is your developer qualified? Check out their portfolio and read their reviews. Have they developed plenty of BigCommerce stores? Do they work with BigCommerce designers and other BigCommerce team members? There are many questions you can ask when it comes to choosing the right developer, but you have to be sure that they stand out among the rest. Let the reviews and portfolio do the talking. At 1Digital Agency, our portfolio displays our expertise in BigCommerce development and the reviews speak for themselves.

is a Top BigCommerce Development Agency

Benefits of Working with a Qualified BigCommerce Developer

Hiring a team of BigCommerce developers – especially Elite BigCommerce developers like our team here at 1Digital – can offer far-reaching benefits for your online business, ranging from an improved UX to the creation of custom functionality to a website interface that features a modern aesthetic and superior brand integration. Here are some things you should consider before you hire your next team of eCommerce customer website developers. Experience with the platform pays dividends for your BigCommerce store.

Proficiency and Experience with the Platform

When it comes time to hire a developer, it pays to hire a developer that is thoroughly experienced with your eCommerce platform. There are several good reasons for this. Experience with your platform means that your developer should be able to execute your project in a timely manner and with fewer resources than another developer or development team that wasn’t experienced with it. The more experience a developer has with BigCommerce themes and Bigcommerce customizations, the more efficiently they’ll be able to make adjustments to your theme, integrations, or site hierarchy. Fewer time and resources may account to cost savings for you, and also as a safeguard of quality assurance. The more experienced a team is, the less likely they will be to need to troubleshoot an excess of bugs during the support period after handing over the deliverables.

Developing a More Professional, More Capable Looking BigCommerce Website

The more experience a BigCommerce developer has with the BigCommerce platform, the more capable that team will be to produce a finished website design and interface that looks and feels professional. It’s important to remember that the user experience provided with a website is not purely visual and that all of those other features are affected by the proficiency of the development team handling the project. For example, load speeds, bugs associated with integrated tools, the arrangement of elements and the layout of the website itself will all deeply affect the user experience, in addition to its visual hierarchy. BigCommerce developer experts with a long history of success and a long list of credentials are more capable of delivering polished finished products.

Assist with Brand Integration

Physical packaging is brand integrated; shouldn’t your website be? In lieu of a physical storefront, customers will be shopping online at your website. The website itself – how it looks and feels – is all customers will have to work with in order to form an emotional association with your brand. Unless, of course, they convert into paying customers and actually buy your goods or services. But they have to get there, and a website that is unprofessionally designed, lacking proper brand integration, does not make a strong play for customer attention. If it can’t sell itself, how can it sell your products? We are BigCommerce Elite Certified and have many combined years of experience working magic with the BigCommerce platform, designing and developing online stores that are the envy of their brick and mortar counterparts. We balance text and imagery, create logos, integrate apps and proprietary tools, and give your website the sleek lines that you’d expect from a professionally designed floorplan. Our BigCommerce web developers and designers put the same care and effort into each and every eCommerce store we develop as architects put into the design of upscale retail establishments – and it shows.

Fixing Bugs and Preventing Downtime

Do bugs annoy you? That’s rhetorical. They annoy your customers, too. Bugs on an eCommerce website are a roadblock to good business and they are disastrous to credibility. Bugs on a BigCommerce store are like a load of flyers for your competitor plastered all over the windows of your brick-and-mortar joint. You may not run a brick-and-mortar establishment but the point is made. Not only do bugs destroy credibility and whitewash the professional aura you may have spent months and finances cultivating, but downtime also destroys business. Time is money, remember? Both of these issues can be remedied with the help of a qualified eCommerce development agency partner, specifically one that is proficient with the management of your eCommerce platform. Nip problems in the “bug” and prevent them from sapping your business. Make your goal 0% downtime and a seamless, bug-free shopping experience. That’s ours.

Implementing Complex Integrations

Let’s conduct a short thought experiment. Let’s say you use a plugin like Bolt to help provide a unified, personalized checkout experience for your customers. Let’s also say your website is built on BigCommerce. The people that developed Bolt did so with the intention of creating the aforementioned unified, personalized checkout experience – across platforms.
The people that developed BigCommerce did so with the intention of creating a sensible eCommerce platform that streamlined the management of order history, inventory, and customer and admin accounts. Try to mix them, and you could have trouble. True, BigCommerce has a relatively open API and some subscriptions allow for unlimited API calls, but that does not mean that anyone who knows how to perform a search on Google can execute an integration – even of a widely used plugin like Bolt. That requires experience – the experience of Elite BigCommerce developers. The moral: eCommerce platforms like BigCommerce rely on compatibility with a wide range of plugins to provide a high-level, semi-personalized experience for users. A huge advantage of working with a dedicated developer is managing and executing those integrations seamlessly and efficiently.

Creating Custom Apps and Tools to Support Critical Functionality

Sometimes, the precise functionality, or the experience, you want to offer your customers can’t simply be leased from another software development company in the form of a third-party plugin or license. Sometimes what you need to offer on your eCommerce website is as unique as your brand itself. A tool to personalize the shopping experience. A custom app to estimate or formulate quotes for services or goods. Industry greats didn’t become great by mimicking or leasing, but by making their own way. When you can’t buy the functionality you need because it doesn’t exist yet, there’s only one answer: you have to write the code yourself and implement it into your BigCommerce website. Well, you don’t. Our team of BigCommerce developers does.

Enhance Customer Navigation

Some sources indicate upwards of 90% of customers place a high emphasis on website navigation, signifying that a website must be “easy to navigate.” Just what “easy” is will depend on your type of customer, but let’s just say that slow load speeds aren’t the only thing that can cause high bounce rates. The thing about developing an intuitive navigational hierarchy is just that – it takes development. BigCommerce and other eCommerce platforms might have a variety of themes that are relatively easy to use, with drag-and-drop interfaces for the creation of basic menus, but what happens when you need to integrate search functionality, implement faceted search, create a lazy loading feature, or develop a mega menu with several nested subcategories to organize a product portfolio with thousands of entries? It takes work, but that work is a lot less daunting for a dedicated BigCommerce developer than it is for the average eCommerce entrepreneur.

Support Your Digital Marketing Initiatives

There’s one more really huge advantage of working with a BigCommerce developer that no one talks about, especially if that BigCommerce developer offers digital marketing services. A developer can help support your digital marketing efforts, be they eCommerce SEO, PPC, email marketing, social media management, or some combination of all of them. How users interact with your site, whether they bounce or eventually consume content or convert into paying customers, aren’t just signals of the success of your marketing efforts. They are big cues to Google and other search engines. Ideally, your website will have high time on page figures, high conversion rates, and low bounce rate and exit statistics. The more pleasant the UX of your eCommerce website, the more likely your marketing efforts are to come to fruition with sales and conversions. It’s as simple as that. An eCommerce SEO strategy might send droves of users to your website for highly competitive keywords, and an eCommerce PPC management campaign might generate a huge amount of paid traffic to your website. If none of it converts, what’s the point? Get with our BigCommerce development team to start devising a strategy to unify your design and development work with your digital marketing initiatives.

Category Page Customizations

BigCommerce category pages are an important part of your website and overall user experience. But often times, these pages get overlooked. If category pages are not presented or written properly, your on-page optimization can suffer. Customizing the right category page layouts for your business can also be a daunting task. Luckily, 1Digital Agency is here to help! Our BigCommerce developers know all the ins and outs of BigCommerce and work with both our designers and SEO experts to create custom category page layouts that enhance your site’s overall SEO to increase conversions.

Custom Product Page Layout

Without good BigCommerce product pages, customers are much more likely to bounce and visit competing websites. Product pages are important to conversions. They need to be well-written and well-designed to display your products in an appealing and informative way. If you have a lot of products in your BigCommerce store, this can feel like an endless task. With 1Digital®, you can outsource this part of the job to experts who can bring quality product descriptions, add high-quality images and product reviews to boost your product pages.

Option Customization

Customers love having options, whether it is choosing their favorite color, a specific size or just adding custom features to a product. It’s important to give your customers options when working on your product pages within your BigCommerce store. Adding options adds variety to your products, which increases conversions. If you want to improve your BigCommerce store to include customization, contact 1Digital Agency. Our BigCommerce development experts can help you create a customized web store that is also user-friendly and can increase your sales.

Wholesale Setup & Price Customization

If you offer wholesale options, BigCommerce gives you the options to create customer groups that require a login to access wholesale options and pricing. In offering wholesale options, you may have hundreds or thousands of customers to keep organized and that can take a lot of time. With 1Digital Agency, shuffling between wholesale and retail options can be made easy so you can get back to focusing on what really matters to you: selling your products.

Open API Integration

BigCommerce offers an open API integration to custom develop hundreds of applications. BigCommerce offers high-performing API integrations including Login API, Catalog API, and Cart API. Each of these carefully organized, pre-built integrations gives you the option to seamlessly integrate multiple channels to connect to the systems and tools your web store needs for unparalleled customer experience. By connecting with 1Digital Agency, you get a dedicated team that will provide you with all of the API integration solutions you may need and complete integrations in an easy and efficient manner, leaving you to focus more on managing your business.

3rd Party Plugins

In addition to the applications offered by BigCommerce, you can also customize your BigCommerce store with 3rd party plugins. At 1Digital Agency, we have worked with hundreds of BigCommerce stores, know our way around the BigCommerce platform and can create a website that you and your customers will love and find easy to use.

BigCommerce Development Services

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