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  • Manual Citation Building On-going ManagementManual Citation Building On-going Management
  • Google Analytics account setup, audits, and analysesGoogle Analytics account setup, audits, and analyses

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Since 2012, 1Digital® Agency has been refining and perfecting SEO services that generate impressive results for clients in diverse industries. Our success spans both industries and countries. Our team is composed of project managers, analysts, and other professionals from around the country whose combined expertise has enabled us to serve clients in diverse industries around the world. We’ve created substantial organic ranking increases that result in traffic growth for everything from mid-sized businesses to top-tier enterprise-level clients.

If you’re looking for an SEO company that has seen it all and delivered, we’re the agency for you. Whatever your industry, whatever your clientele, we’ve worked with it before, and our history of success is a testament to this. Our case studies, reviews and testimonials provide a strong foundation of credibility.

Much of our success is attributable to our thoroughly defined process that remains flexible enough to accommodate the needs of all of our different clients. Our SEO consultants understand that no two clients are identical allowing us to selectively apply and adapt the following SEO services to their needs.

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eCommerce SEO

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eCommerce SEO Audit

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SEO Services Tailored to Your Business

The SEO services that we offer are varied and complex, accounting for a diverse and comprehensive range of ranking signals that collectively result in how Google crawls and indexes your eCommerce website, resulting in organic rankings.

By pairing our experience with SEO best practices with a flexible, customer specific approach, our SEO consultants are able to generate SEO strategies that build your organic rankings over time, allowing your eCommerce website to climb to the top of the search engine results pages, making them much more visible to your target audience.

Industry and Competitive Analysis

For most SEO projects, the first step is a deep dive into the industry in which the client operates, one that accounts for their competitive positioning and the strategic position of their biggest rivals in that sector.

During this phase of research, our project managers and technical team familiarize themselves with industry trends, consumer behavior and preferences, and any other details specific to that niche of the industry. We want to know what makes your business, as well as the competition in your sphere, successful. Our goal is to develop a thorough understanding of and familiarity with your target market, so we can identify what does and does not appeal to them. By analyzing the preferences of your target market as well as the strengths of your competitors, we can pursue better opportunities and proceed more effectively.

After analyzing the fine details of the conditions surrounding your industry, our SEO consultants and specialists begin an intense period of keyword research.

Keyword Research

Our project managers spend a significant amount of time in the preliminary stages of a new SEO project exploring opportunities for keywords before they compile a list of target keywords to send to their clients for review.

This process is resource intensive and utilizes multiple tools with the intent of developing a keyword strategy that will generate the biggest success over time, given a client’s unique standing in their industry.

While searching, for the ideal balance of keywords, our project managers consider search volume and the level of competition associated with each keyword or search term with the aim of determining which words or phrases will be most lucrative to target pursuant to the client’s strategy. They also analyze search intent in order to weed out which search terms clients are actually looking for – and why they are looking for them.

The result of this keyword research and analysis invariably yields a mixture of keywords, both long and short tail, ranging from highly competitive to less competitive keywords that are intended to produce the quickest gains in organic rankings due to their opportunistic nature.

This list of lucrative keywords is the foundation for the success of our SEO process. Once our project managers and clients agree on a compilation of strategic target keywords, our technical specialists work very closely with them to begin onsite optimization of our client’s websites.

URL Audit and Optimization

URL structure is a ranking signal and one that should be adjusted to be SEO-friendly in order to increase organic rankings. When a platform assigns a URL to a newly generated page, it might create a scrambled URL address that has no meaning. If you’ve ever seen one of these auto-generated URLs, stuffed with symbols, letters and numbers, you can be certain that they have little to no SEO value.

Our technical team will comb your eCommerce website to systematically analyze your URL structure to ensure that it is optimized, and if not, we will make the requisite changes. Our team restructures URLs to optimize them, enabling Google to crawl and make sense of them before indexing your pages. Our specialists will optimize and infuse them with the keywords for which you want that target page to rank.

Metadata Optimization

Metadata, such as meta titles and meta descriptions, affect both SEO and user experience. The meta title gives a search engine a quick impression as to what the page in question is supposed to be about. The meta description gives prospective users a sneak peek at the contents of the page. A keyword-optimized, informative meta description will educate users and encourage customer engagement with your website. A thoughtfully crafted meta description will also enhance user experience and promote conversions.

Both of these features of metadata can be optimized, and there is an optimal length and keyword density for both. Our technical team will meticulously comb your website, optimizing your metadata for length, keyword density and relevance to the target page, and even user experience.

Eliminate Duplicate Content

At the start of an SEO project, our SEO specialists will conduct a thorough scan of your website for duplicate content. Though it is a fairly common practice for eCommerce merchants to include manufacturer produced content on their web pages, this is actually fairly counterproductive from an SEO standpoint.

Duplicate content can result in a penalty from Google in a worst-case scenario. Even if it doesn’t, Google will pick up on it and assign more authority to the original source, robbing your website of potential. If our specialists find duplicate content, we’ll advise that it be removed and replaced with fresh, original, keyword optimized content that is unique to your website.

Backlink Sanitation

One of the best ways to increase your chances of ranking and always staying on the good side of Google is to follow best practices regarding link building. Spammy links tend to reduce your site’s authoritativeness and cause drops in ranking and potentially, drastically reduce your chances of ranking. In certain instances, having a toxic link profile with hundreds or thousands of links from spam sites can cause Google to hit your website with a penalty that can drive away all of your traffic, and the cleanup process might take weeks or even months.

Properly managing your link profile, building high-quality links, and regularly disavowing unhealthy links, are the most effective ways to heighten your domain authority and prevent costly Google penalties. Our SEO experts will monitor and manage your link profile to make sure you keep a healthy link ratio that potentiates your domain authority and boosts your rankings.

Real Clients. Real Results.


HB Sports

In 1 year

57% increase in organic traffic
85% increase in organic revenue
21% increase in organic conversion rate
87% increase in organic transactions
76% increase in new organic users
53% increase in organic sessions

H Potter

Duration of the campaign compared to the previous year

65% increase in organic traffic
153% increase in organic revenue
134% increase in organic transactions
59% increase in new organic users
19% increase in organic page views per session
69% increase in organic sessions



334% increase in organic traffic
329% increase in new organic users
384% increase in organic sessions
48% increase in organic pages viewed per session
85% increase in organic conversions rate
797% increase in organic transactions
687% increase in organic revenue



106% increase in organic traffic
112% increase in organic new users
60% increase in organic sessions



29% increase in organic traffic
78% increase in organic conversion rate
137% increase in organic transaction 139% increase in organic revenue



116% increase in organic traffic
221% increase in organic conversions



60% increase in organic traffic
124% increase in organic conversions



48% increase in organic traffic
53% increase in organic revenue year over year



206% increase in organic conversions
243% increase in organic revenue



202% increase in organic traffic
72% increase in organic revenue



292% increase in organic traffic
199% increase in organic revenue



41% increase in organic conversions
51% increase in organic revenue



256% increase in organic conversions
270% increase in organic revenue



134% increase in organic conversion rate
108% increase in organic revenue



163% increase in organic conversion rate
150% increase in organic revenue


1,900% increase in organic revenue
1,100% increase in organic sessions


1,350% increase in organic revenue
55% increase in organic users


370% increase in organic sessions
260% increase in organic revenue


547% increase in organic conversions
484% increase in organic revenue


730% increase in organic sessions
400% Increase in organic users


475% increase in organic revenue
40% increase in organic users


185% increase in organic revenue
16% decrease in bounce rate


100% increase in organic traffic
100% decrease in bounce rate


50% increase in organic traffic
30% increase in organic revenue


30% increase in organic revenue
20% increase in organic traffic


15% increase in organic traffic
4 keywords in top 30


25 keywords in top 5 on Google
15% increase in organic revenue


100% decrease in bounce rate
10% increase in organic traffic


95% decrease in bounce rate
20% increase in organic traffic


110% increase in organic conversions
25% increase in organic revenue


100% decrease in bounce rate
20% increase in organic conversions


40% increase in organic users
5% decrease in bounce rate


100% decrease in bounce rate
45% increase in organic users


20% increase in organic users
15% decrease in bounce rate


80% increase in organic users
4% decrease in bounce rate


OCT 2018 - JAN 2019

17,610 Conversion Value
10% decrease in Cost Per Acquisition


MAR 2019 VS. JUL 2018

43 keywords in top 10 on Google
20% decrease in bounce rate

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B2B SEO and Revenue: Connecting the Dots

Client Requirements

Our client in the commercial plumbing industry was interested in an SEO campaign to generate greater brand awareness and traffic, but also wanted to push the envelope by vying for higher conversions and sales.

1Digital® Solution

We built a custom B2B SEO campaign that focused on conversion-oriented keywords associated with high commercial and transactional search intent, not only attracting more traffic but driving up conversions, transactions, and revenue.

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Content is King

Our SEO process also includes a comprehensive content strategy for our clients’ eCommerce websites. As experts say, content is king, and no successful SEO strategy should be lacking in it.

Content is valuable for quite a variety of reasons. For one, it represents an avenue for you to feature content on your website that is keyword and search term rich, material that indicates to search engine spiders that your website is an authority on the subject and should be ranked accordingly.

Fresh, original, optimized content also gives visitors to your website helpful information about useful ways to get the most value from your products; it can include valuable product or industry specific information and offer advice on use, maintenance or related products. In this manner, SEO copy can satisfy both visitors to your website and search engines. In addition, optimized content will provide opportunities to increase the authority of key pages on your website for target keywords.

Optimized Website Content

Many eCommerce websites lack original, relevant content on key pages of their website, such as category and product pages. Unfortunately, this low hanging fruit is often left unharvested by many online businesses – but an experienced SEO company can help to fix that issue.

Our copywriters will create relevant content for various pages on your website in accordance with your overall keyword strategy. These pieces of optimized content will make the associated pages of your website much more appealing to search engines and will also give your users context and direction. The content on category and product pages is highly valuable to users and can encourage conversions.

These optimized pieces of content work together with the rest of our content strategy as devised by our SEO specialists to support our greater SEO process and boost your organic rankings.

Optimized Blog Publication and Internal Linking

An eCommerce website’s blog space represents an ideal opportunity to infuse a website with optimized, relevant content that can be used to enhance its internal linking structure, satiate readers and attract a search engine’s attention, but too few eCommerce merchants use them.

Our content management team, including our professional writers, will work closely with your project manager and with you to develop a variety of different blog posts that will create space for keyword-optimized content on your website. Addressing a variety of topics regarding your business and its products and services, our content team will produce content for your blog that will push your organic rankings for competitive keywords higher and higher.

Optimized blog posts don’t simply attract search engines and users; they also present our team with the ability to develop a coherent facet of your linking strategy to assign authority on your website for specific target keywords, helping certain pages to rank more aggressively for them, further boosting your positions in search results.

Offsite Content Publication to Support Backlinking

Onsite content publication only represents one aspect of our content strategy. Link strategy is also central to the overall efficacy of a complete SEO campaign. Many eCommerce businesses find it difficult to develop an effective backlink profile, but our SEO services account for the generation of a network of backlinks to your website that will increase your domain authority.

1Digital Agency works with a network of third party websites that allow us to publish guest posts and other content. Our content strategists develop original, optimized content as a part of your project’s scope of work, and then publish to these websites. Our technical team then implements links to direct back to key pages on your website in order to improve your rankings for target keywords.

This highly effective, proven process circumvents the traditional method of trading or asking for backlinks from other relevant websites. Backlinks to your website are a major ranking signal, and a carefully developed network of backlinks will significantly improve your domain authority. Whenever Google detects a quality backlink to your website for a relevant keyword or search term, it will assign more authority to your website, indexing accordingly. This serves as a major benefit to the overall success of your comprehensive SEO campaign.

Press Release Publication

Your scope of work will also include the publication of a series of press releases that will function similarly to our other offsite posts. Their primary purpose is to provide backlinks for your website to increase your ranking for a few competitive keywords. This facet of our SEO strategy enables us to deliver additional results through backlinking.

However, it also represents an avenue for your organization to promote relevant news or developments regarding your business, products or services, or your industry in general. Press release submissions allow you the opportunity to work with your project manager to showcase news about recent or relevant happenings for your business while also bolstering our search engine optimization strategy in the process.

Technical Search Engine Optimization

Our technical team works endlessly to ensure that your website is structurally sound and holistically optimized. Though keyword strategy constitutes much of the foundation of a successful search engine optimization campaign, it does not represent the entire scope of the project. Technical SEO represents a component of SEO that is nearly entirely separate and will impact the way Google and other search engines interact with your website and index its pages.

For example, elements of your website like alt tags may represent opportunities for optimization to attract the attention of search engines. Oftentimes, eCommerce businesses are cluttered with imagery that lacks optimized alternative text tags. When our technical team detects this as an issue for your website, we’ll suggest the most relevant fixes.

Site speed and code errors also represent a separate entity that can pose a threat to your site’s overall SEO value. Slow websites and display errors are not just bad for user experience – search engines don’t like to see them either, and they can result in a penalty. If your website has display issues, code errors or other similar issues with your website’s schema, our technical team will identify them and suggest opportunities for improvement.

Another issue with your website might revolve around the current link structure. Sometimes websites have broken links and toxic links that go undetected. Our technical team will routinely sweep your website to remove broken links and disavow toxic links directing to your website that could result in a penalty and adversely impact your domain authority.

In addition, if any 301 redirects need to be implemented due to changes in your URL structure or the removal or shifting of pages on your website, our technical team will meticulously implement them so as to prevent any changes in traffic. Our technical team utilizes a variety of resources to monitor crawler errors on an ongoing basis in order to correct them as they arise.

Platform Specific SEO Services

1Digital® Agency is an SEO company that also performs platform specific SEO services for BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento, Volusion and more. Our SEO consultants have garnered extensive experience optimizing each of these platforms in addition to many others. We approach each project with the intent to build our SEO strategy around its unique needs, some of which are impacted by the chosen eCommerce platform.

Every platform has its own nuances that can impact the way a search engine will crawl and index its pages. BigCommerce, for example, has several features that make BigCommerce SEO initiatives straightforward to implement. For instance, URLs and metadata are easy to locate and update. However, while BigCommerce may be user-friendly, a successful campaign still requires the insight of an expert to make strategic updates and optimizations.

Shopify also has some native features that are intended to promote best-practices for Shopify SEO. For example, Shopify auto-generates canonical tags that prevent any duplicate content on your website from incurring a penalty. Shopify also automatically creates robots.txt and sitemap.xml files that will facilitate the process by which search engines crawl and index your website’s pages.

As helpful as these native features are, they do not comprise a holistic SEO strategy for your eCommerce business. For that, the prowess of an experienced SEO consultant is invaluable. Your platform provides the foundation, but by partnering with a skilled SEO company with a history of success you can create a website that is optimized not only to bring in new customers but to encourage them along the sales funnel.

Detailed Analysis and Reporting

Transparent, thorough reporting is also one of the differentiating factors in our SEO process. Every SEO campaign is accompanied by an extensive SEO project report that details the specifics of the work our team completes.

In your project report, clients can monitor target keywords for the current project, along with what onsite optimizations have been performed and when. The report details edits made to site structure, URLs, metadata, page content, and more.

Our project managers host monthly meetings with their clients, during which they walk clients through the progress of the campaign. They utilize various metrics in Google Analytics, Google Search Console, the SEO Dashboard and more in order to fully represent developments in keyword movement, organic traffic and user behavior.

We provide adaptable, ever-evolving SEO services. Our SEO consultants proactively monitor the progress of your SEO campaign in order to outperform your competition. Whenever we need to remove or adjust keywords or alter your website’s technical data, we’ll be the first to let you know.

Through this entire process, your point of contact will be your dedicated project manager who will present you with opportunities for improvements and keep you well-informed on any relevant developments in your SEO project. We’ve always placed a very high priority on the values of trust and communication, which is another reason we’ve been so successful and highly reviewed and rated by clients. If at any time you feel that you need more clarification on what or why any work is being done, your dedicated project manager is here to help.

Uncover Opportunities with a Free eCommerce SEO Audit

SEO is the sum collective of practices that will help your website rank more competitively with the end goal of bringing in more organic traffic and fostering higher conversion rates. However, the complexity and scope of an SEO project can be overwhelming, making the prospect of starting out daunting, especially if you are hesitant about making that initial investment.

That’s one of the reasons that many of our SEO clients begin with a comprehensive, free eCommerce SEO audit. An SEO audit by 1Digital® Agency will provide you with an in-depth look at the current performance of your eCommerce website – how it ranks for certain keywords and search terms, how well your site structure is optimized, where there are opportunities for growth, and much more. It will even give you insight into how your key competitors are currently ranking and can serve as an instrumental tool in identifying the most valuable search terms for strategic growth.

Higher organic rankings and increased traffic begin with a call to 1Digital® Agency at 888-982-8269. Our SEO consultants are ready to partner with your business and get started helping you reach your digital marketing goals.

Take Back Your Rankings

Committing to an SEO strategy is intimidating if you don’t know where to start. A strategic SEO consultant from 1Digital® will be by your side throughout the process, uncovering and suggesting opportunities for growth. The future of your eCommerce business depends on it.

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