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seo audit
seo audit

On-Page SEO

Every page of your website has features that affect your SEO value, either for better or worse. An eCommerce SEO audit will give you real, analytical insight into some of those features, including the following:

Meta Titles

Also known as title tags, these are the tags that are used to name each page on your website. They are an important ranking signal that will tip off search engines to the content of the page in question.

Meta Descriptions

These appear as short snippets of text under each listing on a search engine results page. These are also ranking signals that affect your SEO and your user experience. When properly optimized, they can persuade users to enter your website and search engines to rank it more favorably.

H1, H2, and H3 Tags

H1, H2, and H3 tags are HTML heading tags. They are one of the first things web crawlers look for on your website when indexing and will affect your rankings.


Google is always on the lookout for keyword-optimized, informative, original content.

Internal Linking

This is a great way to assign authority to given pages on your website, and even to direct traffic to conversion-optimized pages.

on-page seo
technical seo

Technical SEO

Technical SEO works alongside on-page SEO to improve the overall SEO score of your website. An eCommerce SEO audit will give you direct insight into some of these technical aspects of your website.


A backlink to your website sends traffic from other websites to yours and is a big indicator to search engines that your website has expertise, authority and is trustworthy.

Broken Links

You might not be aware of broken links to or from your website, but Google is, and they adversely affect your SEO.

Page Load Speed

Load speed is a ranking signal that also affects user experience in a big way. An eCommerce SEO audit will show you how your site stacks up.

Crawl Errors

A crawl error occurs when a web crawler has an issue traversing the pages on your site. These errors will negatively affect your SEO and must be rectified.

Secure Site with HTTPS

Site security impacts SEO as well as user experience. It’s one of the ranking signals that can have several positive impacts on your website.

no commitment

An SEO campaign is a long term project of building Google’s trust in you brick by brick, but that doesn’t mean the terms of your contract have to be long. At 1Digital, we want to continually impress you, so that you see the value of your SEO campaign month in and month out.

That’s why we’ve made our original term of contract 3 months. We want to introduce you to our process and show you why it works. We have full confidence that once you’ve seen the method to our madness, you’ll want to partner with us for the long haul to see what strong Google rankings can really do for your bottom line.

traffic & competitors

Traffic & Competitors

Understanding where your traffic comes from, and does not come from, as well as how your key competitors are performing, is necessary to developing a plan for long-term SEO success.

Current Traffic Data

An SEO audit will show you your current analytics regarding where your users are coming from. Knowing and understanding your traffic channels is vital to developing a long-term digital marketing strategy.

Competitor Traffic Data

Providing us with your top competitors will enable a 1DigitalⓇ ecommerce seo specialist to take analysis a step further and provide you with some insight into the traffic of your competitors, so you can develop an effective positioning strategy.

Keywords & Opportunities

The success of an SEO campaign hinges largely on the quality of the keywords that underlay it. An SEO audit will give you a glimpse into how you are currently ranking for relevant keywords, as well as those for which you are not.

Current Ranking Keywords

You’ll get to see the keywords for which your website is currently ranking as well as their positions. Additionally, you’ll also be able to analyze the search volume and relevance of those keywords.

Keyword Opportunities

An SEO audit will also show you what high-volume, lucrative keywords for which you should be optimizing.

Differentiating and Writing for SEO Campaigns

Keyword research and optimized content constitute two of the cornerstones of success in an SEO campaign. Fresh, informative, optimized content alerts Google that your website is an authority on the subject at hand, resulting in higher keyword rankings and domain authority.

The Art of Writing for SEO

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Monitor Your SEO Progress

An SEO audit will provide you with a fresh look into the health and performance of your website, potentially addressing concerns involving:

  • Current keyword rankings
  • Best keywords for opportunistic growth
  • Competitors’ keyword rankings
  • Website crawler errors
  • Metadata and title analysis
  • Website image optimization and recommendations
  • Analysis to flag duplicate content
monitor progress

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