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seo audit
seo audit

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There are many factors that must be expertly optimized in order for your business to reach peak performance. A local SEO audit will give you real, analytical insights into some of these factors:

Google My Business

Discover how your Google My Business profile can be optimized to drastically increase your chances of climbing up in search results, and take immediate action with a GMB audit.

On-Page SEO

Every element of your website must work in perfect synergy with every other SEO strategy you have in place if you want to see objective results.

Content Strategy

Local SEO services require carefully crafted and tuned content in order to rank. Our local SEO audit tool will pinpoint exactly where your content lacks proper keywords or needs more “localized” verbiage.

Backlinking Strategy

Backlinks are essential for any local SEO campaign. However, not every link is worth the same. Some backlinks can be toxic and might be hindering your growth, whereas there are others that will definitely help your local business’s rankings increase.

Local Listings

Local listings provide authority, so it is vital to keep your information uniform across all listings and make sure your business is on all relevant local directories.

on-page seo
GMB audit

Google My Business (GMB) Audit

You want to know why your business is not performing well in local listings and searches. This is often because of a poorly planned Google My Business strategy and inconsistent information across the relevant platforms. A Google My Business Audit will immediately reveal determining factors that affect your rankings and provide a clear roadmap for long-term growth.

Unclaimed or Incomplete GMB Profile

This is often the main reason it is difficult for a business to rank locally. A well-thought-out Google My Business profile is the first factor to be addressed during a local SEO campaign. Our local SEO experts will help you uncover how your Google listings are performing and how to create, claim and optimize your profile for maximum results.

Google My Business Verification

Many aspects of a profile can affect your likelihood of having your Google My Business verified. Only a thorough local SEO audit can reveal if there are obstacles to verification, and our local SEO experts will help you explore your options.

Optimizing Descriptions

Your potential customers need precise information about your products and services. Your descriptions must spark curiosity and compel users to visit your website and convert. There is always room for continued optimization and our experienced team can help you make the improvements.

Customer Interaction

Maintaining a constant and positive relationship with your customers and visitors is an extremely important signal to Google. A thorough local SEO audit will provide detailed insights on how your customers perceive your business, and how to establish a solid strategy for review and customer relationship management.

Updated Practices

It is not easy to keep track of every Google update or new feature. What worked a few months ago might result in a penalty today. The best way to find out if your Google My Business profile and listings are all compliant with Google’s best practices is by performing a comprehensive local SEO audit.

Optimized and Relevant Images

The best performing Google My Business listings contain high-quality images that showcase location, products and services, which typically lead to increased click-through rates and engagement. Our local SEO audit services scan through all your images and provide detailed information about their performance.

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A 1Digital® Local SEO audit is a great way to obtain the information you need to craft a well-thought-out roadmap for incremental growth and success. Local visibility is essential for businesses to increase both their online presence and foot traffic.

1Digital® Agency provides the tools and the expertise to help your business compete and succeed in the current digital-first environment. Our processes have been thoroughly tested and substantiated, providing a fast and thorough assessment of your business and your performance against your top competitors.

traffic & competitors

Traffic & Competitors

Understanding where your current traffic originates, and the channels that do not contribute to your current growth is extremely necessary if you want to increase your digital marketing budget ROI. Thorough keyword research that accounts for local discrepancies will help uncover these details.

Current Traffic Data

A local SEO audit will show you what the most effective channels are for your website. This is important whether you want to craft a laser-focused SEO campaign or you need to implement a multi-channel strategy to bring in more traffic via other sources.

Competitor Traffic Data

A complete competitive analysis allows you to assess the performance of your competitors, and discover ways to outpace them intelligently with an expertly designed local SEO strategy to help your locations list more competitively in local search rankings.

Keywords & Opportunities

Our local SEO Experts know that keywords play a vital role in every digital marketing strategy. Our proprietary local SEO audit tool will instantly reveal your standing in Google search results for specific keywords and will discover more valuable search terms that may result in a drastic increase in traffic.

Current Ranking Keywords

Learn more about your current rankings for your target keywords and uncover additional information regarding their true potential. This is an extremely important set of metrics as it allows you to better understand how to make effective use of your marketing budget.

Keyword Opportunities

Never overlook the potential of additional lucrative keywords. Participating in a head-on battle for expensive terms can drain your marketing budget without making a dent in your rankings and performance. The only way to outsmart your competitors is to go for more efficient keywords that present more attainable opportunities and still attract huge amounts of traffic. 1Digital® Agency helps you find these hidden gems and implement them into your local SEO strategy.

Local SEO Content Audit

Every location has a unique audience, and your content must reflect that. Our focused local SEO audit tool will locate instances where your content needs to be optimized to increase your chances of appearing in local searches.

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Monitor Your Local SEO Progress

A local SEO audit by 1Digital® is a prime way to gain accurate insight into the health and performance of your website. Search engines are in a constant state of flux, making it imperative to monitor the following factors:

  • Current keyword rankings
  • New local keyword opportunities
  • Competitors’ keyword rankings
  • Website crawler errors
  • Metadata optimization
  • Website image optimization and recommendations
  • Duplicate content
monitor progress

Frequently Asked Questions About Local SEO Audits

What is a local SEO audit?

A local SEO audit is an evaluation of your website’s performance and visibility in local search results. It involves analyzing various factors such as on-page SEO, backlink profile, Google My Business optimization, and local citation consistency to identify areas for improvement.

Why do I need a local SEO audit?

A local SEO audit helps you understand how well your website is optimized for local search and identifies opportunities for improvement. It allows you to uncover issues that may be affecting your local rankings and provides recommendations to enhance your online visibility and attract more local customers.

How long does a local SEO audit take?

The duration of a local SEO audit can vary depending on the size and complexity of your website. It typically takes a few weeks to conduct a comprehensive audit that covers all the crucial aspects of local SEO, including technical optimization, content analysis, and competitor research.

What are the benefits of a professional local SEO audit?

A professional local SEO audit provides you with expert insights and recommendations tailored to your specific business. It helps you uncover hidden opportunities, identify areas of improvement, and develop a customized roadmap to enhance your local SEO strategy. This can result in higher visibility, increased website traffic, and more qualified leads for your local business.

How much does a local SEO audit cost?

The cost of a local SEO audit can vary depending on the scope of the audit and the agency you choose. It’s best to contact reputable SEO agencies and request a quote based on your specific needs. Keep in mind that a professional local SEO audit is an investment in the long-term success of your local business.

What is included in a local SEO audit?

A comprehensive local SEO audit typically includes a thorough analysis of your website’s on-page optimization, technical SEO factors, local citation consistency, Google My Business profile, backlink profile, keyword analysis, and competitor research. It provides you with a holistic view of your local search performance.

Can I perform a local SEO audit myself?

While it’s possible to perform a basic local SEO audit yourself, conducting a comprehensive and accurate audit requires in-depth knowledge and expertise. Hiring a professional SEO agency with experience in local SEO audits ensures that all crucial aspects are thoroughly analyzed, and you receive expert recommendations for improvement.

How often should I conduct a local SEO audit?

It’s recommended to conduct a local SEO audit at least once a year or whenever significant changes occur in your business, website, or the local search landscape. Regular audits help you stay updated with the latest SEO best practices, monitor your local search performance, and make necessary adjustments to maintain and improve your rankings.

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