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Top 9 Best Volusion Templates For Your ECommerce Agency

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Top 9 Best Volusion Templates For Your ECommerce Agency

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Discover the Best Volusion Templates That Could Turn Your Store into Success

For eCommerce companies in search of the best Volusion templates to use in their United States based business, we have your answer! Volusion has named 1Digital Agency one of its Elite Experts so we’re proud and excited to share the amazing templates that Volusion has to offer! We’ve been helping entrepreneurs create beautiful and functional custom Volusion stores in the US and around the world since day 1. We’re committed to delivering the finest Volusion store design or Volusion custom template you’ll find anywhere! So whether you’re a beginner, need something unique, or just want something totally free to start, we’ve found a template to serve everyone’s needs!


best volusion template united states best volusion template united states


Best Volusion Templates for Beginners

Two themes that are perfect for new eCommerce companies are Empire and Modern. Both use large easy to read fonts with a clean design that you can get your hands on right away. If you’re not yet working with a digital agency in the US that can help you develop and design your Volusion template, then it’s important that you pick one you can manage. These Volusion templates are the best for beginners who need the content builder to create their site versus the use of HTML or coding. Plus, these themes will still show your customers that your brand cares about having a professional appearance. Have the benefit of a mobile friendly website that loads quickly on desktops, tablets, and all mobile devices alike. Empire is particularly appropriate for those eCommerce stores that have a plethora of categories to account for with a large left navigation area. Think you’re ready to dive in? Nap one of these beautiful yet simple templates and get started crafting your dream website now. If you do need some extra help you can call us any time to ask us questions or have us assist with the design of your site.


Perfect Volusion Templates for Stores that Stand out

If you’re in the market for a fully responsive theme that keeps your customers engaged, we’ve found the perfect Volusion templates for you! Neon really knows how to keep shoppers excited with bright colors and bold category images. With a balance of fun and function, this easy to use and easy to access store runs smoothly. So, if big, bold, and bright align with your branding and company mission then we suggest investigation Neon. If your eCommerce store craves a chic, elegant Volusion theme then we think Clive is best for you. Especially true for United States companies, customers are seeking stylish, timeless looks with expert functionality. Put your best face forward with this minimalist template yet highlight your products and outshine the competition! What if your eCommerce store is looking for a more zen, uplifting design? Check out the Lotus theme. This Volusion template is best suited for companies in the United States in the health, wellness, beauty, positive thinking, etc, type of business. If your store is expressed through images and your customers are drawn to a calming look and feel then Lotus may be the right option for you.

Here’s a little FAQ right from the Volusion team themselves:

Here’s what responsive design means for you:


◦  Seamless customer experience across devices

◦  A helpful boost in SEO

◦  Simplified management of your site design

◦  Increased sales and conversions


» What’s the difference between a site with responsive design and a mobile-optimized site?

A site with responsive design is configured to adjust to a user’s screen or window size, whereas a mobile-optimized site has a layout that is specific to mobile devices. Both include a user-friendly display of products, categories and the checkout page.

» How do I apply a responsive theme to my Volusion store?

To apply a responsive theme to your store, simply select the design of your choice within the template gallery of the Volusion admin and click the “Get It” or “Buy It” button to install. Then, go to the Saved Templates tab and click Activate to begin using your new responsive theme.


The Best Free Volusion Templates

Sometimes using the best Volusion templates mean using the free ones! With Volusion, you definitely don’t get what you pay for – you get A LOT more! With templates like Credo and Boost you get a beautiful, easy-to-use store that shows off your products in a visually interesting way. Keep the attention of your shoppers with a fraction of the work! Nearly any company or industry can utilize one of these free tools to leverage simple responsive sites.


1 Digital Agency’s Partnership with Volusion

Our team is made up of Volusion experts who design and develop all day and cultivate nurturing relationships with our clients. Our team is based in the United States and is committed to crafting custom sites from the best Volusion templates. We know how to take the functionality you expect and push it to the limits of what you think is possible. We value each of our client’s input and value your industry specific expertise when developing your Volusion website. But see for yourself what our Volusion portfolio looks like and the many Volusion blogs we share with our readers every week. If you have some questions about how we can work together, give us a call: 888.982.8269.

best volusion templates united states

best volusion template united states




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