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When do I need custom development?

On an eCommerce site, custom development can be used in a lot of situations to solve a lot of problems. If you need an integration with a 3rd party service provider, custom development can do that. If you need a feature that your platform doesn’t offer, custom development can do that. If you want to build a bespoke system to work alongside your store, custom development can do that. When you run into a problem that is unique to the way you do business online, custom development is the solution.

The 1Digital Approach

If you have a unique problem, 1Digital’s team of expert eCommerce developers can provide you with a custom solution. By way of requirements, just let us know what the site would be like if everything were working in a perfect world, and we’ll let you know what’s possible. When we’ve done our work, you’ll be a part of our QA process as we test your new tool across multiple browsers and operating systems, and you’ll have 30 days of free support once the project is complete.

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eCommerce SEO

If you work in eCommerce, you know that an eCommerce web store is not your typical website. The same goes for eCommerce SEO. eCommerce sites can have dozens, or hundreds or thousands of product and category specific content fields, which can raise or tank your search rankings, depending on how they’re handled.

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