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At 1Digital®, we focus on eCommerce and we know that many eCommerce clients choose Magento for its powerful, robust capabilities that it can provide when it is meticulously developed and supported. Whether you’re looking for a strategic partner to help you effectively meet the changes in your industry with poise or a partner to develop a custom app, our Magento agency has the skills your business needs. Our designers and developers work hand in hand to create custom solutions that provide amazing user experience and serve our customers well, and we’re ready to put our skills to the test. Additionally, our full-service digital agency offers services for Magento web design and Magento SEO. Give us a call today and we’ll show you what we can do for your Magento store.

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Despite their convenience and scalability, hosted Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms do not meet the needs of all eCommerce clients. For eCommerce businesses with unique, proprietary needs, the endless customizability of an open-source platform is often necessary. This is often the case for enterprise level clients that need to create and manage unique processes or systems in order to deliver the ideal user experience for their customers.

Magento allows for all this, and is not limited in options for customization, integration or growth, provided your organization has the resources to host, develop and support the platform. Many eCommerce clients partner with expert Magento developers in order to fine tune their online goals and support the needs of this robust, yet resource-intensive platform.

Why Work with Magento Developers?

While Magento is endlessly scalable and can allow for the development of any custom tool, app or solution, the platform requires businesses that use it to provide their own hosting services. This means that uptime, security, speed and many other platform critical features are the sole responsibility of the user. The functionality and power of the platform comes at a cost, and Magento development services and support are crucial not only to the operability of Magento stores, but to the user experience.

A Magento development company can streamline the management and maintenance of the platform, providing for everything from truly custom apps and tools to managing updates, correcting bugs, integrating existing third-party applications, social media, and much more. If your organization needs a robust, custom online store that is like no other, a strategic partnership with an experienced Magento development agency like 1Digital® can make it possible.

Why Choose Us as Your Magento Development Company?

Many online businesses are built on Magento and the platform requires extensive development and maintenance in order to function smoothly and effectively. Our Magento agency has years of experience with the platform, including coding, fixing bugs, creating custom solutions, assisting with software updates, providing migration services and much more. Whatever problem you’re experiencing with the Magento platform, you can rest assured our developers have seen it and handled it before.

Our Magento agency is highly rated and reviewed and our customer testimonials speak volumes to that, as does our client portfolio and our before and after collection. A Magento development provider should also be accessible and ready to answer your questions and concerns, and our team is always standing by. Partner with us to meet your online goals by giving us a call at 888-982-8269. We’ll put your concerns to rest.

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Custom App Development

Custom app development is an excellent way to make your online store stand out from the competition. For online merchants that want to give their customers a truly one of a kind or personalized online shopping experience, sometimes existing functionality just won’t suffice. Whether you need a custom tool developed to make personalized suggestions or create a unique interface to allow customers to leave reviews and trade information, a custom app may be the answer.

Responsive Development

Shoppers have been turning to the convenience and ease of online shoppers for years, and now the trend is skewing toward M-commerce, or mobile commerce. Soon, mobile shoppers on phones and tablets are expected to constitute the majority of online shoppers, and this means that a responsive design for your online store is imperative and not suggestive. Our developers will create a responsive website that scales perfectly to smaller screens and provides a seamless, enjoyable experience.

Magento API Integration

A platform’s API, or application programming interface, is responsible for the communication of data between applications and devices. The API must be integrated properly with all of your business critical applications or else the website won’t function holistically or as intended. However, API integrations require extensive experience with a platform to know what to look for so that potential issues can be prevented. Our team of Magento developers has years of experience not only creating custom tools but also integrating those as well as existing third-party apps seamlessly into eCommerce platforms like Magento.

Category & Product Page Customization

By the time your users reach your category or product pages, they’re probably already moving along the sales funnel and interested in your products or services. However, poorly oriented, uninteresting category and product pages can adversely affect conversions and result in higher bounce rates from your site. Our designers and developers are in tune with consumer behavior and have years of experience developing both category and product page templates that are customizable and conversion oriented, to provide an amazing user experience.

Software Development & Updates

Running a store that provides seamless, uninterrupted functionality, optimized loading speeds and uptimes, and is cope-optimized means keeping on top of updates. Allowing your website to fall behind on updates can also incur issues associated with site security. However, updates can be time consuming and difficult to implement, unless you partner with an experienced Magento agency like 1Digital® to help upgrade your site and fix issues along the way.

Bug Issues & Ongoing Support

With an open-source platform like Magento, issues and bugs can arise unexpectedly. Especially for large or particularly complex websites with a large number of integrations and many accounts and products to manage, website administration can be a full time job. The help of an expert Magento development company can assist with fixing bugs and providing ongoing support, so you can get back to providing for your customers and get away from website management.

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