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Dominate the Digital Landscape with Expert Amazon PPC Services

With Amazon’s advertising revenue projected to surpass $30 billion by 2025, standing out in the digital marketplace is crucial. Your brand’s visibility on Amazon can make all the difference.

Choose 1Digital® Agency for expert Amazon PPC services. Our bespoke strategies ensure your brand’s unique presence is highlighted, driving visibility and impactful results.

1Digital®’s Comprehensive Approach to Amazon PPC Management:

  • In-Depth Keyword Research:
    Understand the keywords your target audience uses to optimize Amazon PPC campaigns effectively.
  • Advanced Campaign Optimization:
    Fine-tune your Amazon PPC campaigns for maximum visibility and return on investment.
  • Strategic Bid Management:
    Optimize your bids to get the most out of your advertising budget.
  • Comprehensive Reporting and Analysis:
    Track performance metrics to continuously improve your Amazon ad campaigns.
  • Proactive Campaign Management:
    Stay ahead in the competitive market with agile, expert-led Amazon PPC strategies.
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Showcasing Success with Our Amazon PPC Agency

Our tailored Amazon PPC services have consistently delivered outstanding results across diverse industries. Explore some of our success stories highlighting significant improvements in PPC campaign performance and ROI:

PPC Success in Automotive Parts
Automotive Parts
  • B2C
  • PPC
  • SEO
  • In 2023, an automotive parts retailer with annual revenue of $2 million sought to improve their Amazon sales.
  • We developed a customized Amazon PPC strategy focused on high-intent keywords and strategic bidding.
  • Within six months, their ROAS improved by 50%, leading to a 70% increase in sales on Amazon and boosting their annual revenue to $3.4 million.
  • Our ongoing PPC optimization continues to enhance their market presence, with a 40% increase in customer engagement.
PPC Success in B2B Building Supplies
B2B Building Supplies
  • B2B
  • PPC
  • SEO
  • In early 2023, a B2B building supplies company with annual revenue of $5 million partnered with us to enhance their Amazon advertising efforts.
  • We implemented targeted Amazon PPC campaigns focusing on niche keywords relevant to the construction industry.
  • By the end of the year, their ROAS increased by 60%, resulting in a 50% rise in Amazon sales and an overall revenue growth to $7.5 million.
  • Our continuous optimization of their PPC strategy has maintained their competitive edge in the market.
PPC Success in Soap Industry
Soap Industry
  • B2C
  • PPC
  • Social Media
  • A soap manufacturer with annual revenue of $1 million approached us in 2022 to improve their Amazon sales.
  • We crafted a precise Amazon PPC strategy that included engaging ad creatives and keyword optimization.
  • In the first year, their ROAS increased by 75%, which translated to a 90% increase in sales, elevating their annual revenue to $1.9 million.
  • Our strategic approach continues to drive growth, with a 35% boost in customer retention and repeat purchases.

Why Choose 1Digital® Agency As Your Amazon PPC Agency?

If you’re looking for an Amazon PPC agency, it’s essential to partner with one that brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record. Here’s why 1Digital® Agency should be your go-to choice for specialized Amazon PPC services:

Specialized in Amazon PPC

Specialized in Amazon PPC

As a leading Amazon PPC company, 1Digital® Agency crafts custom strategies for your Amazon listings, driving significant traffic and sales.

Our Expert Team

Our Expert Team

Our in-house Amazon PPC experts stay on the cutting edge, constantly refining strategies for maximum effectiveness.

Global and Local Insights

Global and Local Insights

With our roots in the USA and a global reach, we bring unique perspectives to your Amazon PPC strategy.

Success Stories

Success Stories

Our portfolio showcases our success as an Amazon PPC agency, underlining our expertise in diverse industries.

Trusted By Many

Trusted By Many

We’re proud of our reputation for delivering top-tier Amazon PPC services, evidenced by our client testimonials.

Results-Focused Approach

Results-Focused Approach

Our commitment is to your success, not long-term contracts, making us a flexible and result-driven Amazon PPC partner.

Content That Engages

Content That Engages

Our skilled content team enhances your PPC strategy with high-quality, brand-aligned content.

Conversion-Driven Strategy

Conversion-Driven Strategy

We focus on strategies that not only increase traffic but also boost your revenue and conversions.

Strategic Partnership

Strategic Partnership

More than just a service provider, we are your strategic ally, aligning our tactics with your business goals.

When you choose 1Digital® Agency for your Amazon PPC services, you’re investing in a comprehensive approach to pay-per-click management tailored to your business. Let’s chat about how we can help take your online store to the next level. Call 888-982-8269.

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Increase Sales

Many shoppers come to Amazon ready to buy. Advertising helps you reach customers who are searching for products like yours to purchase.

Get Discovered

Advertising provides an instant visibility boost to your brand and products. Ads appear in highly visible placements, like page one of search results or on product detail pages.

Control Costs

Pay only for the clicks your ads receive. Campaign reports track ad spend and performance, so you can learn what’s working and fine-tune your campaigns.

How Our Amazon PPC Process Works

Select your products and enter keywords

Your ads may appear alongside search results

Shoppers who click are taken to the detail page where your offer is listed

You only pay when your ad is clicked

end-to-end PPC services

End-to-End PPC Services

1Digital® Agency offers a comprehensive suite of PPC services tailored to meet your specific needs. From initial keyword research and campaign setup to ongoing monitoring and optimization, we handle every aspect.

Our team of PPC experts utilizes a combination of advanced automated tools and human expertise to continually refine your campaigns. This ensures your budget is spent effectively, delivering the best possible return on investment.

Explore Our PPC Services

Boost Your Sales with Our Comprehensive Amazon PPC Services

Our expertise spans Amazon PPC strategy, PPC, SEO, and web development—ensuring a holistic approach to enhancing your Amazon store’s performance.

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Expertise in Amazon PPC

Expand the World of Amazon PPC Possibilities

With Amazon PPC advertising, the possibilities are virtually endless. 1Digital® Agency has the skills and experience to help you explore a variety of ad strategies, ensuring your ads reach the right people at the right time.

Amazon PPC

Google Feed Management Services

Maximize your product visibility and sales on Google with our expert Google Shopping Feed Management services. We create tailored campaigns that target high-intent keywords and optimize your ad spend for the best ROI. Learn more about our Google Feed Management services.

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eCommerce Social Media PPC

eCommerce Social Media PPC

Engage your audience and drive sales through strategic social media PPC campaigns. Our services cover major platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, ensuring your ads reach the right people at the right time. Discover our eCommerce Social Media PPC services.

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eCommerce PPC Management Experts

eCommerce PPC Management Experts: Driving Results for Online Stores

Our leading eCommerce PPC management experts will keep your online store ahead in the ever-changing digital advertising landscape, so you can focus on selling and shipping great products to your customers!

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Mastering PPC for All eCommerce Platforms

Specializing in PPC for eCommerce websites, 1Digital® Agency delivers superior services across various platforms. We understand that each eCommerce platform has unique advertising needs, and our strategies are designed to maximize your online store’s performance, whether you’re on Amazon, BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento, or any other platform.

Our team of over 50 eCommerce PPC specialists is adept at navigating the intricacies of different platforms, ensuring your business stands out in a crowded digital marketplace.

  • Amazon
  • BigCommerce
  • Shopify
  • Magento
  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce
  • NopCommerce
  • Oracle
  • Umbraco
  • Unilog
  • NetSuite
  • Volusion
  • Drupal
  • Celerant
  • PrestaShop
  • OpenCart
  • Squarespace
  • Wix
  • & More
eCommerce PPC Support

Choose 1Digital® Agency for unparalleled expertise in Amazon PPC management and PPC for other eCommerce platforms. We’re here to ensure your online store thrives, no matter the platform.

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Common Deliverables from the Best Amazon PPC Management Agency

website audit

Initial Website Audit

An in-depth website audit is the starting point of our comprehensive Amazon PPC strategy, ensuring every aspect of your site is primed for success.

keyword research

Keyword Strategy

Targeting the right keywords is crucial for success, and our expert keyword research sets the foundation for a robust Amazon PPC campaign.

market research

Market and Competition Research

Understanding the competitive landscape is key. Our thorough market research ensures your Amazon PPC strategy is ahead of the curve.

technical seo

Campaign Optimization

Optimizing each element of your Amazon PPC campaigns, from ad copy to bid management, to maximize its performance and ROI.

ad copy creation

Ad Copy Creation

We focus on producing compelling and unique ad copy that engages visitors while improving your Amazon PPC performance.

website architecture

Landing Page Optimization

Sound landing page structure is crucial for both user experience and PPC success. We ensure your landing pages are optimized for conversions.


Data-Driven Insights

Through rigorous analysis, we identify growth areas and challenges. Did you know that 53% of mobile website visits are abandoned if a mobile site takes longer than three seconds to load?

content marketing

Content-Driven Inbound Marketing

Well-curated content not only elevates your Amazon PPC campaigns but also helps in attracting valuable traffic and engagement.

partnership development

Link and Partnership Development

Our expansive network of publishing partners can significantly augment your site’s backlink profile, helping you rank better and faster.


Transparent Reporting

At 1Digital®, our reporting and analytics keep you in the loop, allowing you to make informed decisions about your Amazon PPC strategy.

multi-channel marketing

Multi-Platform PPC Marketing

We offer a variety of digital marketing services, from search engine ads to social media, to complement our comprehensive Amazon PPC packages.

user experience and conversion optimization

User Experience and Conversion Optimization

We offer advice and strategy on user experience that can contribute to higher customer satisfaction and may help in boosting conversion rates.

Unleashing the Power of Amazon PPC Deep-Dive Audit Results by 1Digital®

PPC audit by Amazon PPC Experts
Site audit by top Amazon PPC company

As Amazon PPC experts, we offer premium Amazon PPC services to help your online store achieve higher visibility and improved ad performance. Trust us to be your go-to Amazon advertising agency, providing in-depth audits and comprehensive PPC strategies tailored to your needs.

Amazon PPC solutions

Refining Your Path to Success with Our Amazon PPC for Online Stores

At the forefront of providing Amazon PPC services, our agency specializes in PPC for online stores. We tailor strategies that cater to the unique demands of digital retail, enhancing your store’s visibility on Amazon and across major search engines like Google and Bing.

Did you know that a significant portion of clicks are concentrated on the top search results? This fact highlights the need for expertly crafted Amazon PPC strategies, ensuring your online store ranks prominently and attracts substantial traffic.

With our expertise in Amazon PPC, we help you achieve top rankings, driving more traffic, leads, and sales for your online business. Contact us to discover how we can elevate your online store’s PPC performance.

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Advanced Bid Management

We utilize sophisticated bid management techniques to ensure your Amazon ads receive the best placement at the lowest possible cost. Our strategies include real-time bid adjustments and predictive modeling to stay ahead of market trends.

Dynamic Retargeting

Our dynamic retargeting campaigns help re-engage visitors who have previously shown interest in your products. By displaying personalized ads, we significantly increase the likelihood of conversions and repeat business.

Comprehensive Keyword Strategy

We prioritize high-converting keywords that are relevant to your products and industry. By focusing on long-tail keywords and search intent, we enhance your site’s visibility on Amazon and drive more qualified traffic.

Landing Page Optimization

Optimizing your Amazon product pages for better user experience and conversion rates is crucial. We ensure that your pages are fast, user-friendly, and designed to convert visitors into customers.

A/B Testing and Multivariate Testing

Through rigorous A/B and multivariate testing, we determine the most effective ad copies, images, and landing page elements. This data-driven approach helps maximize your campaign’s ROI.

Detailed Analytics and Reporting

We provide in-depth analytics and reporting to keep you informed about your campaign’s performance. Our transparent reports help you understand the impact of your Amazon PPC efforts and make data-driven decisions.

Discover Our Expertise Amazon PPC FAQs

How Can Amazon PPC Management Improve My Store’s Performance?

Amazon PPC management from 1Digital® Agency can enhance your store’s performance by conducting thorough PPC audits, optimizing ad copy, implementing advanced bid strategies, and continuously refining campaigns. Our experts use a data-driven approach to ensure your store achieves optimal results, leveraging advanced tools and techniques for maximum ROI.

What Advanced Strategies are Involved in Amazon PPC Campaigns?

At 1Digital® Agency, advanced strategies include leveraging AI for bid adjustments, implementing dynamic retargeting, using predictive analytics, and optimizing for various ad platforms. We combine these techniques with our deep understanding of Amazon to deliver exceptional results, ensuring your campaigns are always ahead of the competition.

How Do Amazon PPC Services Improve Conversion Rates?

Amazon PPC services from 1Digital® Agency improve conversion rates by targeting high-intent keywords, optimizing product pages, improving ad relevance, and using precise audience targeting. Our tailored strategies focus on driving qualified traffic that is more likely to convert into sales, with continuous monitoring and adjustments to keep performance at its peak.

What Makes the Best Amazon PPC Management Agency?

The best Amazon PPC management agencies, like 1Digital® Agency, have a proven track record, offer tailored PPC strategies, stay updated with the latest advertising trends, and provide transparent reporting on performance metrics. We stand out by delivering measurable results, maintaining long-term partnerships, and providing dedicated account management for each client.

How Does Local Amazon PPC Help Online Stores?

Local Amazon PPC helps by optimizing your campaigns for location-based searches, improving visibility in local search results, and attracting local customers through targeted ads. 1Digital® Agency specializes in creating localized PPC strategies that enhance your regional presence and drive local traffic to your store.

Why is Mobile Amazon PPC Crucial for Online Stores?

Mobile Amazon PPC is crucial because it ensures your ads are optimized for mobile devices, providing a seamless shopping experience, improving mobile search rankings, and capturing the growing mobile shopper market. 1Digital® Agency ensures your campaigns are fully optimized for mobile users, boosting both traffic and sales through specialized mobile strategies.

What Should an Effective Amazon PPC Strategy Include?

An effective Amazon PPC strategy includes comprehensive keyword research, precise audience targeting, engaging ad copy, mobile optimization, and continuous performance monitoring and adjustments. At 1Digital® Agency, our strategies are customized to meet the unique needs of each client, ensuring your campaigns are always effective and aligned with your business goals.

How Can Amazon PPC Services for Online Stores Boost Sales?

Amazon PPC services for online stores boost sales by increasing targeted traffic, improving ad visibility, enhancing user experience, and targeting high-intent keywords that attract potential buyers. 1Digital® Agency’s PPC services are designed to drive relevant traffic that converts into sales, maximizing your ROI with strategic planning and execution.

What Are the Benefits of Amazon PPC Packages?

Amazon PPC packages from 1Digital® Agency offer a bundled approach to PPC services, providing a comprehensive solution that includes keyword research, ad copy creation, bid management, and ongoing campaign optimization, all tailored to your specific needs. Our customizable packages fit your business goals and budget, ensuring maximum efficiency and results.

How Do Advanced Amazon PPC Techniques Affect Search Engine Rankings?

Advanced PPC techniques such as using structured data, optimizing for voice search, and implementing AI-driven strategies can significantly improve your store’s ad performance by making your ads more accessible and relevant to search engines. 1Digital® Agency employs cutting-edge techniques to ensure your campaigns stay ahead of the competition and achieve top placements.

What Role Does Content Play in Amazon PPC?

Content is critical in Amazon PPC as it helps to attract and engage visitors, improve ad relevance, and drive qualified traffic. High-quality, relevant ad copy and product page content that addresses customer needs and includes targeted keywords are essential. 1Digital® Agency’s content strategies are designed to enhance your campaign’s performance and user engagement.

How Do You Track the Success of Amazon PPC Campaigns?

Success is tracked through various metrics such as click-through rates (CTR), conversion rates, cost per acquisition (CPA), return on ad spend (ROAS), and overall ROI. Tools like Amazon Advertising Console and Google Analytics are used to monitor these metrics. 1Digital® Agency provides detailed reports to keep you informed about your PPC performance and help you make data-driven decisions.

Can Amazon PPC Services Help with Product Launches?

Yes, Amazon PPC services can help with product launches by optimizing product ads for search engines, creating targeted ad campaigns, and leveraging social media and other channels to increase visibility and drive traffic to new products. 1Digital® Agency’s launch strategies ensure your new products reach the right audience effectively and generate interest quickly.

What is the Importance of Technical PPC in Amazon Advertising?

Technical PPC is vital for Amazon advertising as it ensures your campaigns run smoothly and efficiently. It involves optimizing ad settings, ensuring accurate tracking, implementing structured data, and fixing any technical issues that may affect performance. 1Digital® Agency’s technical PPC services ensure your campaigns meet all platform requirements and achieve optimal results.

Why Should You Hire an Amazon PPC Expert?

Hiring an Amazon PPC expert brings specialized knowledge and experience to optimize your store’s ad campaigns, driving targeted traffic and increasing sales. 1Digital® Agency’s team of experts understands the intricacies of Amazon PPC and delivers strategies that yield tangible results, ensuring your campaigns are always effective and aligned with your business goals.

Grow Your Business with 1Digital® Agency’s Amazon PPC Services

Did you know that effective Amazon PPC campaigns can result in a significant ROI? Moreover, businesses make an average of $4 in revenue for every $1 they spend on Amazon Ads. If your online store isn’t leveraging Amazon PPC advertising, you’re missing a significant portion of potential traffic and sales.

These figures underline the critical role of Amazon PPC in driving traffic and sales. If Amazon PPC isn’t part of your marketing strategy yet, it’s high time to start. A well-executed Amazon PPC plan can deliver tangible improvements for your business.

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