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Why Now Is the Time to Get in on the Ground Floor [Sort of] with a Pinterest Management Agency

A Pinterest management agency can help you with your goals for eCommerce growth.

To most digital marketers, it seems like the two biggest social media platforms that are worth investing in are Facebook (Meta) and Instagram, which are really two halves of the same whole. Others might point towards Tik Tok, the up-and-comer that is now actually more popular than Google.

But those that do so are overlooking Pinterest and all that Pinterest marketing has to offer. The fact of the matter is that Pinterest offers many of the same advantages as Instagram, with potentially even more room for growth.

But how does an online business get started with Pinterest marketing, and is hiring a Pinterest management agency worth it? Let’s peel back some of the layers.

What Does a Pinterest Management Agency Do: Organic vs. Paid Strategies

In order to describe what a Pinterest agency does, you need to understand there are two ways to utilize Pinterest for eCommerce: there are paid Pinterest strategies, in the form of Pinterest Ads, and organic Pinterest strategies, which are similar to how private Pinterest accounts are run.

A Pinterest management agency can offer either organic or paid Pinterest management services, or a combination of both.

Organic marketing strategies entail content creation, the development of a content schedule, and interaction with the client company’s Pinterest users.

Organic Pinterest campaigns can be a highly effective way to reach new customers and engage current customers because online shoppers are increasingly desirous of more “credible” sources of advertising, as compared to traditional paid strategies.

During an organic Pinterest marketing campaign, the managing Pinterest agency will define the client’s target audience, create Pins to attract and engage that audience, monitor Pin performance, such as saves and clicks, and then refine the organic strategy to attract more attention, spread brand awareness, and attract more users to the client’s main eCommerce website.

A highly involved organic Pinterest management system might go further. For example, an eCommerce consultant might suggest the development of specialized landing pages or even blog posts for which Pins could be created that attract new users and encourage conversions or sales.

There is a lot in common between running an organic campaign and running a paid Pinterest ad campaign, but there are a few discrepancies between the two.

In contrast to organic Pinterest marketing, in which the client’s aim will be to attract and develop a group of loyal Pinterest followers through activity and engagement alone, the purpose of a paid Pinterest ads campaign is to promote Pins in order to attract followers and drive traffic to an online store.

In a paid Pinterest marketing campaign, the Pinterest management agency will:

  • Help the client define a budget

Setting a budget is essential to success and will help help the managing agency determine how aggressively or conservatively to pursue the client’s goals for growth. A qualified agency will work with its client consultatively in order to develop a budget that promises to deliver the greatest return on investment for every dollar spent.

  • Define a target audience

Pinterest agencies may be able to leverage years of experience in marketing, but no one knows an online business’s target marketing like the business itself.

Pinterest ads manager enables administrators to define target audiences and lookalike audiences and to carefully target based on age, location, demographics, interest, and more. Precise targeting ensures promoted Pins are served to the right consumers.

  • Produce content or pins

A Pinterest marketing agency will also create the pins that will be promoted in the form of ads. There are several different types of Pin ads, such as standard Pins, video Pins, and carousel Pins. Some businesses will even benefit from “App Install Pins,” the purpose of which is to encourage downloads.

The agency will be responsible for creating Pins that appeal to the client business’s target market and which will encourage interest and interaction.

  • Monitor impressions, clicks and saves

After promoting the actual Pins themselves, the agency will be responsible for monitoring impressions, or the number of people that actually saw the Pin, as well as how many people clicked on it or saved it.

It’s vital to ensure that an ad variant is promoted properly to get enough impressions before its target audience, but it’s equally important that the audience click on it, save it, or click-through it to the eventual landing page with which it is associated. Without metrics indicating strong interaction, the ad strategy will need to be shifted.

  • Monitor growth and conversions that result from the campaign

While an organic Pinterest campaign can be set around the objective of growth, reach and sales, if a Pinterest ad campaign does not generate conversions it will not pay for itself and will become financially tenuous.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of the Pinterest management agency to work closely with the client business to ensure that the right Pin ads are being promoted to the proper audience and that they are generating interest, conversions, and ultimately sales (unless the campaign is predicated on another metric as the goal.)

  • Make continuous improvements to the current strategy to improve return on investment

Finally, it is also the responsibility of the Pinterest agency to monitor the success of the Pinterest ads campaign on a granular basis. What ads generate interest, clicks-through, and ultimately conversions, and which audiences are the most lucrative to pursue.

Experienced Pinterest agencies have developed thorough processes for monitoring the performance of Pinterest ads campaigns. They will monitor your campaigns on a granular level for the performance of each ad group and campaign, suggesting helpful changes that might better the overall performance of the advertising campaign with respect to your goals.

Pinterest is a powerful marketing tool with lots of potential and a Pinterest marketing agency will help you leverage it.

Pinterest for eCommerce: What Pinterest Offers Online Businesses

Pinterest is a social platform the true potential of which we may not yet have realized, collectively. While Facebook and Instagram are maturing, Pinterest has nearly 500 million active users (it was at 478 million by 2021) up from 160 million in 2016 – that’s rapid growth.

It is a platform that is clearly growing and has started proliferating into paid avenues as well, offering Pinterest ads as well as business accounts for organic growth.

Pinterest also offers an avenue to reach a global market. It is estimated that more than 50% of Pinterest users are based outside of the United States and, even more promisingly, over 90% of Pinterest users make active purchase decisions through the platform.

All the same, whether you decide to embark on an organic or a paid Pinterest marketing plan (or both) there are some distinct advantages that come with using the platform for eCommerce.

  • Capitalize on visual interest

One of the great things about Pinterest is that it is inherently visual. Sure, you can enrich Pinterest posts with alternative text and text overlays, but the bulk of the impression you will make is visual.

To put it plainly, the vast majority of online shoppers are visual shoppers. Articles with visuals get almost twice the views of those without them. It’s estimated that social posts with visuals receive five times the engagement of posts without them.

The data paints a compelling picture (pun intended). Products sell themselves better when accompanied by equally compelling imagery or visuals, like pictures. Sometimes a picture sells itself.

Pinterest (like Instagram) is uniquely positioned to let a product “sell” itself through the visual nature of the platform.

  • Engage with customers

Just like on other social media platforms, Pinterest allows you to engage with customers by interacting with them through the comments section.

Increasingly, customers want to feel like they are involved with the organizations they patronize and support. The age of non-interactive, broadcast ads is closing in favor of platforms like social media that allow for two-way communication.

  • Capture new leads

Not every user that visits your website the first time will become a paying customer – at least not on that first go. However, social media platforms like Pinterest have utterly revolutionized marketing methods simply by how they allow businesses to capture leads.

There are two really effective ways to capture leads using Pinterest as a tool, both organically and through Pinterest ads. One is by amassing a group of loyal followers and delivering them new, engaging content on a consistent basis. The more followers you have, the greater your brand reach and the greater interest in your brand will become.

Pinterest ads also allow you to run retargeting campaigns that show promoted Pins to users that have either previously seen your ads or been on your site since they are more likely to convert due to higher interest in your products or services.

  • Spot new trends

Both organic and paid Pinterest efforts will enable you to pick up on changing consumer preferences and trends in your industry that you might not otherwise have noticed. Buzz from customers can also give you an indication of changing tastes, as will changes in impressions in clicks and shares. This data can be used to help your Pinterest management agency refine your targeting and your branding if need be.

  • Improve brand consistency and reach

Engaging in a Pinterest marketing strategy can help you improve your brand consistency and voice, giving the grounds to form a framework if your brand is new or solidifying it in its current position if it is well-established.

Pinning actively on Pinterest can also significantly improve your brand reach, getting your Pins and therefore your brand in front of potential new customers every day.

A Pinterest marketing agency will help more interested users in your target market find you.

  • Add a human element to your brand

This is not entirely unique to Pinterest, as being active on any social media platform can improve your brand positioning and make your company seem more relatable. Nonetheless, being active on Pinterest will give you the ability to reach a portion of the market that you otherwise wouldn’t reach.

Additionally, the more relatable a brand seems, the more credibility most users will assign to it, and brand credibility goes a long way in modern marketing. Credibility is one of the most important assets a brand can possibly own – and it cannot be bought, only earned.

  • Promote your content

Pinterest marketing strategies – both paid and organic – can be an excellent way to promote your content, which serves several different benefits. It further spreads brand awareness, can result in additional buzz, and can serve as an engaging link with your customers.

Content is king, and Pinterest can be used as an additional link in your content marketing efforts. You can even enhance lead capturing efforts by building a book of interested readers or viewers. If they enjoy what you have to share, they’ll be back time and time again – and one of those times may result in a conversion.

  • Drive traffic to your eCommerce website

Most obviously, Pinterest can be used as a channel to funnel leads to your eCommerce website where you’ll have additional chances to attract and engage users while encouraging conversions.

If your Pins – promoted or organic – are carefully crafted in such a manner that they captivate your viewers, you have a better chance of generating outbound clicks to your eCommerce store – which is a prime opportunity for your business.

  • Get Started with Pinterest for eCommerce

Getting started with Pinterest marketing can be daunting, as can be said for diving into any social platform for the same purposes. It doesn’t need to be.

Work with a Pinterest agency that has experience with social media management and can create a custom strategy unique to your industry and the specific needs of your business.

We’ll work by your side to define and determine goals and then develop a strategic framework to use Pinterest to help you achieve them.

To learn more about our process or how we can help you get started, give us a call at 888-982-8269 or get in touch with us at Info@1DigitalAgency.com.