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Pinterest, with half a million users and growing, is one of the most popular social media platforms. It specifically caters to users on mobile devices looking for attractive, easily digestible visual content in the form of pictures and videos.

This makes Pinterest unique with respect to other platforms, and it also means that Pinterest is an effective tool for leveraging the “selling power” of imagery. A well-crafted Pinterest ad services campaign, designed, implemented and optimized by an experienced Pinterest advertising agency like 1Digital® Agency can help your eCommerce business reach new heights.

Why Pinterest Advertising Services?

Pinterest advertising campaigns…

Reach New Customers

Pinterest is growing, and if you’re not using it to full effect, it’s time to get on board. Pinterest has nearly 450 million active users—precisely 440 million active users by the end of 2021. Leveraging a target Pinterest campaign will help you get in front of more customers, more efficiently.

Generating New Leads, Building Your Brand

Even customers that click on your ads and don’t convert directly are not lost. A skilled Pinterest ad services provider can use that feedback to target the ad campaign or help you develop leads. An ad campaign can also be used to help refine brand image.

Supplement or Increase In-Store Purchases

Even businesses that don’t directly sell online can still use Pinterest to generate interest in their brands and drive foot traffic to their stores, buoying up sales. This is one of the ways digital marketing supports brick-and-mortar and local businesses. The more customers that discover a local business through Pinterest, the more that in-store traffic will benefit.

Support Organic Marketing

Marketing efforts often complement reinforce each other. A paid advertising campaign on Pinterest can also help support organic digital marketing initiatives by increasing brand awareness or getting new products and services in front of target users.

Precise Ad Targeting

Pinterest ads can be precisely targeted, according to demographics such as age, gender, language, age, device, and more. Audiences can also be segmented according to interest, keywords searched, ad placement, and much more. This precise targeting allows an ad campaign to be continuously optimized for ongoing improvements to ROI.

Continuous Optimization

Skilled, experienced Pinterest ad service providers make expert use of the information furnished by users. What ads convert, when, and where can also be used to continuously optimize the campaign for performance. In the long run, an experienced ad manager can extract the greatest return on investment.

Performance Monitoring

Our Pinterest experts closely monitor the performance of every ad campaign for minute fluctuations in user behavior and ad performance, compiling detailed reports for our customers to track the success and profitability of their campaigns.

Industry Analysis

Expert 1Digital® Agency marketers will conduct a thorough analysis of your industry, including your close competitors, before beginning to define your buyer persona or craft your ads. That way, a campaign can start off on the right foot, generating not only useful information about user behavior but also returns.

Bottom Line: It’s Made for eCommerce

Time and time again, reports show that imagery is extremely useful and directly implicated in online shoppers’ buying decisions. Pinterest, being a visual-heavy platform, is simply ideal for visual marketing efforts, geared towards attracting attention, and for quick gratification. All it requires is some creative acumen and analytical expertise to craft an ad campaign that will capture the attention of your target audience.

How Our Pinterest Ad Agency Can Help

Managing your own Pinterest advertising campaign is absolutely possible—but comes at the price of a great investment in time and human capital. Partnering with an experienced Pinterest ad agency to take the reins can help generate the greatest returns with less resources invested. Here’s what our Pinterest ad experts can do for you.

Ad Optimization

Pinterest Ad Optimization. We never “set it and forget it” although that may be how some agencies run things. To us, good enough is never “good enough” and we’re always looking for ways to improve the performance of ad groups. We closely monitor ad performance, user behavior and targeting, in order to make minute adjustments to ad campaigns during their courses, driving down costs and pushing returns ever higher.

Monitoring and Reporting

Monitoring and Reporting. Our Pinterest ad experts will keep close tabs on the performance of your ad campaigns, running detail reports so our customers can follow the performance of their Pinterest ad campaigns

Expand Reach

Expand Brand Reach. Even a Pinterest ad campaign that generates no return is not wasted. It helps to expand brand reach, awareness, generate new leads, and get customers interested in your products. Of course, the goal is profit, but an expertly managed social media campaign offers many different types of value.

Expert Consulting

In-Depth Consulting Services. Our Pinterest marketing experts are also adroit social media marketing experts, with experience managing Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns. We also manage other organic marketing projects for clients in diverse industries that are often running multiple campaigns simultaneously to the greatest benefit of our customers. Your project manager will always be available for consulting services to deliver you the greatest value and formulate a pathway to online growth.

The benefits of Pinterest marketing may vary by industry. If you aren’t sure how to proceed, feel free to get in touch with one of our Pinterest marketing experts and we’ll develop a strategy that’s uniquely positioned to meet your challenges and achieve your goals for online growth.


Types of Pinterest Marketing Ads
and Pinterest Ad Formats

Just like with Google or Facebook advertising, there are many different types of Pinterest ad formats, including the following. Oftentimes one or more—or a combination—of these different formats will be suitable for a given Pinterest ad campaign, which our Pinterest ad experts will uncover during discovery before crafting a custom ad campaign for your business.

Standard Pin Ad

image ads

Standard pin ads look just like regular pins except they are promoted specifically to target audiences as determined by the scope of your ad campaign. They are highly trustworthy and many Pinterest users respond favorably to them.

Most importantly, if a user saves a standard pin ad, from that point forward Pinterest no longer considers it a promoted but an organic pin. Plus, if a user clicks on that saved pin, it will take them straight to your website.

Shopping Pin Ads

image ads

Shopping pins show up in a user’s feed in the same manner as a standard pin ad, and they’re great for spreading awareness and driving conversions for seasonal promotions and similar activities.

The great thing about shopping pin ads is that they can be customized with important product details that viewers can click on to learn more about your products, which is valuable for spreading information about your products, cultivating interest and encouraging sales.

Video Pin Ads

image ads

Video pin ads are a great way to capture and hold audience attention with compelling visuals, showing your process, products or services in action. Pinterest reports that users are over 50% more likely to purchase a product after seeing a video relevant to it, so video ads, when properly crafted and targeted, can be an excellent way to reach new clients. They also give you an opportunity to spread brand awareness and catch attention by showing how your products can be used.

Carousel Pin Ads

image ads

Carousel pin ads are visually very similar to standard promoted pin ads, except a single ad will have several images known as cards that interested viewers can swipe through to learn more about your products.

Carousel cards can be customized with their own images, descriptions and titles and do not need to be linked back to the same page on your website. That means that with one single carousel pin ad you can link to multiple different products or categories. These are great for complementary products or product lines where you’d like to promote products together to improve cross-selling opportunities. They’re also great for showcasing the different ways in which a single product can be used—all in one ad format.

App Install Pins

image ads

For businesses that sell digital products or software like apps, App Install Pin Ads have a great deal of potential. These ads encourage users to download apps right from the Pin ad, all without the need to leave Pinterest. Granted, these Pin ads have a very strictly defined set of criteria that they must meet in order to be effective, but for the markets for which they are designed, they can be highly effective—more effective than other types of promoted Pin ads.

Oftentimes it is not one single Pin ad format that will suit a business best, but a delicate balance of different formats that will generate the most appreciable returns for any business that wishes to advertise on Pinterest.

Our Pinterest advertising experts have one goal: effective campaigns for their clients. Templating is not in our DNA. We’ll research your industry, your competitors and your customers before suggesting a series of ad formats that we believe will best suit your goals, before crafting campaigns that we will continuously monitor for ongoing success.

What Is Pinterest Ad Optimization:
Pinterest Monitoring and Reporting

While any business owner can create a Pinterest account and start advertising on Pinterest, success is not built into the attempt. In order to engage in effective targeting, craft attractive ads, and improve the performance of each ad group, it’s necessary to generate insights through continuous monitoring and reporting.

Pinterest Ads Manager

The great thing about digital marketing is that it is so easy for experienced marketers to keep close watch over so many moving parts and analyze them in great detail. There is far less data lost, if any, in digital marketing when compared by traditional means.

The fact that so much data can be analyzed and gathered so efficiently makes it very easy for marketers to follow the trends of each Pinterest ad campaign and make adjustments as necessary throughout the course of the campaign.

A skilled Pinterest expert will closely monitor the following metrics through Pinterest ad metrics in order to suggest meaningful changes throughout the course of a campaign.

Ad Impressions

Impressions give the number of times your ads showed up on a user’s screen and is roughly equivalent to how many times your ad was actually “seen.” This number can tell you a lot about the performance of a campaign. For example, it gives you an estimate of your overall brand reach, but user behavior in response to those impressions is even more valuable. Users that click through, investigate your pin and then buy your products and services indicate a well-targeted, well-crafted, effective ad—but high impressions followed by low clicks, or a high bounce after click-through can indicate issues that an expert Pinterest services provider can rectify.

Click-Through-Rate (CTR)

Click-through-Rate is the percentage of users that actually click on your Pinterest ads and connotes a measure of interest in your ads. However, Pinterest, like Google, charges for click-through, so ads that don’t convert end up costing money.

The goal is not simply to get users interested enough in your ads to click on them. That is half of the end game, the other half being directing users to optimized landing pages that encourage and stimulate conversions. Pinterest ad experts will closely monitor the click-through rate of an ad, taking into account user behavior based on a variety of qualifiers, before adjusting the ads as necessary.

Outbound Clicks

Outbound clicks are similar to click-through, except outbound clicks specifically take users to a location off of Pinterest, such as an eCommerce website. Outbound clicks are a vital metric to track because they can correspond to sales only on your website. Pinterest can also be used as a lead generation tool, since promoted pins can effectively serve as PPC ads that funnel potentially interested traffic to your website. Outbound clicks can also give an indication of how much interest your ads generated—that is, if users were interested enough to leave the pin and visit your website.

Cost-per-Acquisition (CPA)

Cost-per-acquisition gives a relative average of the cost per each customer gained, taking into account spend on the ad campaign as well as campaign performance. Speaking generaly, the lower the cost per acquisition, the leaner the campaign. However, it is possible to scale revenue with extra spend, sometimes warranting additional ad spend to generate higher gross sales to offset it. Therefore sometimes higher cost-per-acquisition is valuable if it results in net growth. Although low cost-per-acquisition is usually seen as a good thing, but it takes a Pinterest advertising services specialist to read the fine details in performance.

Conversion Rate

A tool known as Pinterest tag enables Pinterest ad specialists to follow user behavior very closely, watching actions like adding to cart and checking out. Most ad managers define conversions as when an interested member of the target audience completes a purchase on an eCommerce website and becomes a paying customer. Conversions in the form of sales are the ultimate metric that relays the effectiveness of a Pinterest ad—whether or not an impression led to a sale. Changes in these figures will be closely monitored by a Pinterest ads manager during the course of a campaign.

Total Ad Spend

Total ad spend, in and of itself, is not necessarily a useful piece of information. It tells you how much you have spent up to the present, enabling you to make budgeting decisions—but what it enables you to determine in part is your return on ad spend, which is a measure of how much you get earn-back for every dollar spent. A Pinterest ads manager can use this raw information in conjunction with other metrics to deliver figures on the overall performance and profitability of a Pinterest ad campaign.


Return on ad spend, or ROAS, is how much you make back for every dollar you invest into a Pinterest ad campaign. The thing about ROAS can be low or high regardless of how much you actually spend on a campaign, but the higher it is, the better the campaign is performing in terms of efficiency. Return on ad spend is one of the most vital metrics to follow because it tells you not only that you profited, but how effectively your investment turned a profit. The good news is that Pinterest consistently enables very high figures for return on ad spend—especially when the campaign is managed by experienced Pinterest marketers.

Additional Pinterest Ad Optimizations

One of the great things about Pinterest Ads Manager is that you can establish very fine targeting criteria so that you can display your ads to only the most interested members of your target audience. Pinterest Ads Manager will allow you to establish very closely defined criteria in league with the following in order to help your Pinterest ad campaign generate the greatest returns.

Device Targeting

Device Targeting. Audiences can also be targeted according to device. Naturally, Pinterest is optimized for mobile users, but device targeting will still help ensure your ads populate primarily (or only) where they will be best received. This is something on which our Pinterest ads project managers will keep close watch, making adjustments as and where necessary.

Audience Demographics

Defining Audiences. Pinterest Ads Manager allows you to set four main categories or audiences: visitors that have already been to your site, audiences that you can define manually by uploading profiles, an engagement audience, based around audiences that have interacted with a pin from confirmed domains, and “actalike audiences” that are similar to the above in some way or other.

In addition to targeting according to the above specifications, you can also set criteria for client interests insomuch as they are associated with your pins, as well as to certain keywords. By defining audiences around certain interests, keywords and search terms, you can help ensure that your ads are only served to those audiences most closely aligned with your ideal buyer persona.

Geographic Targeting

Geographic Targeting. Like so many other advertising platforms, Pinterest also enables you to target according to geographic location. This is critically important in markets in which demand is location bound as well as for brick and mortar operations that only serve a bound geographic location.

Setting the targeting is easy enough, but continuous marketing of ad performance trends is much more time-consuming but as important if not moreso than the initial setup. Our project managers will monitor your campaign for performance based on geographic targeting and make adjustments throughout the course of the campaign as necessary.

A/B Testing

A/B Testing. Sometimes preliminary targeting is good enough but not excellent, and unfortunately, sometimes monitoring user behavior is the only way to gather the information necessary to make the beneficial adjustments to your Pinterest campaign.

Sometimes there’s no way to predict what user behavior really will be, in which case you actually need to watch user behavior. To do that, you must perform a series of A/B tests with your Pinterest ads. The one that performs better is the one you proceed with, after which point you continue to A/B test. In this manner, your ads will continue to approach the “ideal” format and version, from the taste and perspective of your target audience.

If it seems like there are a lot of moving parts—it’s because there are. You can put in the time and effort on your own or you can work with our team of social media advertising experts in order to optimize your campaign during its course.

Our Pinterest experts will keep our eye on the daily pulse of your campaign, making fine adjustments to it in accordance with ad performance and customer behavior, ensuring that your ad campaigns are continuously improving on themselves. Our goal for all of our customers is to drive ROAS as high as possible—ensuring that for every dollar you spend, you earn the greatest return.

Developing a Pinterest Ads Marketing Campaign

Pinterest ad manager makes it not only easy but relatively straightforward for nearly anyone to start advertising on Pinterest right away. However, positioning an ad campaign for success is not impulsive, but calculated and carefully crafted. Here’s how our Pinterest ads experts do it.

Industry Analysis and Discovery

Positing a Pinterest ad campaign for success starts with an industry deep dive. Our marketing experts need to know everything they can about your business, its core competencies, its buyer persona and its current positioning before they can begin to craft actual ads.

We also allot a significant portion of time to industry and competitor research. No business is an island unto itself; each industry is a complex dance of supplying competitors and demanding consumers, and keying in on an untapped market opportunity is often as advantageous as leveraging existing core competencies.

Pinterest Ad Development & Landing Page Optimization

Once we’ve developed a detailed buyer persona, our experienced social media content creators will draft a series of Pinterest ads utilizing a mix of formats that will promise the greatest returns. Our teams will work very closely and cross-functionally to key into your brand’s voice and image in order to produce highly effective, visually appealing, closely brand-aligned ad formats that will be used to capture audience interest, encouraging engagement, including clicks and conversions.

Pinterest Ad Optimization

Even after our content creators have produced visually showstopping Pinterest ads and launched them, the project has only just gotten underway. By closely monitoring user engagement and behavior on a granular basis, our Pinterest ads specialists will adjust targeting so that your ads only display when and where they are likely to result in the highest interest and conversions.

Detailed Reporting

Transparency is the key to a successful agency-client relationship, and communication and reporting are big components of that. Our project managers will compile detailed, ongoing reports for your Pinterest ad campaign, showcasing the key user behavior metrics with respect to ad groups and specific time periods.

Most importantly, you will be assigned a dedicated Pinterest Ads project manager with whom you can consult when and as needed if you should ever have any questions associated with the performance or implementation of your Pinterest marketing campaign.

Developing a Plan for Pinterest Advertising Services

Choosing a Partner, Strategic Planning, and Supporting Services

Evaluating and Selecting a Partner, Strategic Planning, and Supporting Services

Choosing the right partner for paid social media advertising services is one of the most important decisions you can make, and it is critical to success.

It’s vital to work with a partner that is deeply familiar with the advertising platform, leverages the talent of experienced digital marketing professionals, and stands on a history of success.

Since 2012, 1Digital® Agency has been developing extremely successful organic and paid marketing strategies for customers in a wide range of industries. We’re ready to get to know your customers and to pitch them Pinterest ads they will love—are you ready?

Getting Started with Pinterest Marketing

Each and every social media marketing campaign—not just Pinterest advertising—entails a lot of moving parts and no two are the same. In order to determine the scope of a project that will help you meet your unique goals, please get in touch with our social media marketers at 888-982-8269.

Support Your Pinterest PPC Campaign with Organic Social Media Management

Not all effective social media strategies involve paid marketing—others are organic. In fact, organic reach is a huge indicator of the success of of a brand or a business, and organic impressions are often trusted as much or more than those that are promoted.

Organic social media management can also support the effects of your paid social media marketing campaigns, improving the likelihood of boosting impressions and brand reach. In addition to Pinterest ads, we also offer organic Facebook, Instagram and other social media management services to improve customer communication and engagement.

Throw the one-two combo of organic and paid social media management with a custom-built marketing strategy through 1Digital® Agency!

Develop a Holistic Digital Marketing Strategy

As effective as social media marketing can be at reaching online customers around the world, it is still only one aspect of digital marketing. There are countless other forms of paid and organic digital marketing that can be used to reach customers, many of which are offered by 1Digital® Agency.

In addition to Pinterest ad services, we also offer Facebook and Instagram advertising services that can be used to bolster and improve the results of dedicated organic marketing campaigns.

Organic marketing efforts can help your online business rank more effectively in the search results, offsetting your dependence on paid avenues of traffic generation and improving your brand reach. In addition, customers tend to trust organic listings more than those that are promoted. Moreover, organic marketing strategies like email marketing and content marketing can be immensely effective with respect to retargeting, customer retention, encouraging engagement and improving the customer experience.

Your 1Digital® Agency project manager will work closely with you in order to develop a holistic marketing strategy with interrelated components that support each others’ initiatives. It all starts with a call to us at 888-982-8269. Get in touch with one of our experts today and start attracting new customers!

Expand Your Customer Base and Grow Your Online Business

It’s no secret that Pinterest is a remarkable social media platform that is optimized for mobile users in search of visual content, but it is not only viable as a tool for organic marketing. It can also be used to exceptional effect as a paid marketing platform. Pinterest ads can be used to attract new customers, capture leads, spread brand awareness, and of course support your other organic marketing efforts. Contact our Pinterest experts today!

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