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How You Can Drive Organic Traffic to Your Website with SEO

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How You Can Drive Organic Traffic to Your Website with SEO

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In today’s digital world, it is sometimes astonishing to see the number of clients that have yet to tread the waters of search engine optimization (SEO). eCommerce SEO feels like a necessity for digital marketing, especially since it is relatively easy to get started and create a plan.

Don’t get me wrong, it requires some upfront research, but once you have conducted this research and created a plan, you can start to set sail on your way to results and higher rankings. Once you get to the top of the rankings — onto the first page of Google — you are in a position to generate some high-conversion traffic that can help you build up your sales.

There are a number of key tactics that should go into an SEO strategy, and today we will review these steps to creating an effective strategy that will deliver the results you want.

Keyword Research

Every SEO plan needs to start at this step. You can’t just go into SEO and immediately start using any keywords you choose. Research needs to be done.

Doing research reveals two things. First, it shows you those keywords that are going to be too difficult to rank for and won’t make get you to the first page of Google’s results. Second, it shows the long-tail keywords you have a higher chance of ranking for because they don’t get a lot of traffic and they are more specific to what a user may be searching for. This increases the likelihood of someone coming closer to making a conversion or completing a goal on your website rather than bringing someone in who is simply browsing the web.

Using search volume and competition to review which keywords are best for you, you can generate a list of keywords that have the potential to be successful.

Site Architecture

The way a website looks and how easy it is to navigate is also important to your SEO plan. A website should be simple and scalable, easy to navigate from page to page with keywords used to create relevant URLs.

The homepage of your website should be able to easily navigate to all category pages and even to some top-selling product pages. Proper linking and navigation give those top pages more authority, improving your chances of ranking higher on search engine result pages.

On-Page SEO

In addition to navigation helping to build authority, your on-page SEO can really help make a page relevant with search engines.

You should enter an SEO plan with three on-page strategies — category pages, product pages, and blog posts. Each one of these pages will carry different content, but the premise is still the same. These web pages need to have the keyword contained in various elements like the URL and page title and should also come with quality meta descriptions that can boost SEO results.

Technical SEO

Part of the process of starting SEO with 1Digital Agency is to have a comprehensive SEO audit completed for your website before beginning keyword research. An audit is a great tool because it will show so much more than just ranking information, but also thinks like technical issues surrounding the website such as broken links and 404 errors.

This gives you an idea of the current quality of your website and the areas in which you can improve. It makes it easy to create a list of things to do for your website that focus on off-page SEO instead of the content within.

Technical SEO will also help you improve the speed of your website and the ways your website can be cleaned up to make that happen. Google also likes websites that perform well, so being able to get to the site and have various pages loading within seconds makes a huge difference in keeping someone’s attention or having them go back to search results to potentially choose a competitor.

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Local SEO

It will not apply to everyone, but people who cater to a specific location or have a physical store location can also use local SEO to boost their local organic traffic.

To help get this started, make sure your Google My Business profile is claimed. Build location citations from local websites that can create new backlinks, websites for local news outlets or any local media. Having links on local websites is a great boost for domain authority in association with local rankings.

Content Marketing

One of the best ways to keep your SEO strategy fueled and ready to produce results is by producing high quality content on a regular basis. Regular content keeps your website fresh and search engines like to see updated, new, and unique content.

For many digital marketers and merchants, blogging is a great way to do this. Many people who visit a website like to create a connection with the business before making a purchase. The blog is a perfect way to create content that welcomes the visitor, informs the visitor, educates the visitor on the industry and products or services, and gets them thinking about the next steps.

Content marketing increases organic traffic, builds more links, and adds to your domain authority. This SEO triple threat is absolutely necessary and cannot be overlooked.

Link Building

If content is a leader for SEO, backlinks are right behind in second place. Content is your on-page presentation, part of your on-page SEO. Backlinks are mostly used in off-page SEO to increase your authority by building links that point back to your website from other trusted sources.

There are many different ways you can generate more links and create opportunities for link building. You can try to get links onto local resource pages that put you among others in your industry, you can partner with other influencers within your industry and try to use their assistance in building more reach and getting your content in front of a larger audience, and you can add more links by fixing broken links.

All of these link building strategies can help improve your off-page SEO, which also helps you get more domain authority.

Using these various strategies together as one, your eCommerce SEO efforts can get off to a good start and on the path to success. It can be a journey and SEO is certainly a long-term marathon and not a sprint, but this can serve as a good start that can produce some early results that show the positive effect that SEO has on a website.

Looking for help with everything surrounding your eCommerce SEO plan? Let 1Digital Agency be your partner. With our detailed SEO process, we can point you in the right direction and be your guide, helping to produce backlinks and create new content that helps both on and off-page SEO.

We have the experts you need to achieve success with your SEO plan. Contact us if you are ready to start getting your SEO plan in order and check out some of our other clients and their success stories in our portfolio.

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