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    1. discovery

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    2. project setup

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eCommerce SEO Experts discovery

screening process

Before we begin any digital marketing campaign, we need to create a plan that’s tailored to your business. There is no one-size-fits-all digital marketing campaign. We need to ensure that whatever campaign we launch is a good fit for you and your business.

After we determine you’re a good candidate for search engine marketing, your project manager will request full access to your online store, your Google Analytics account, and your Google Webmaster Tools in order to do the research necessary to assemble a basic search marketing plan.

what we expect from you

These are some of the items that we’ll want to research in order to recommend an SEO campaign that will work for your business. Any insight you can provide into the following areas is very much appreciated!

Nuances and competitiveness of your industry

List of competitor sites

Any advertising channel limitations

Quality and quantity of your backlink network

Your level of social media and blogging activity

Your Moz and Ahrefs rank

Your current SERP rankings compared to your top competitors

project setup


Our SEO projects begin with the creation of a shared workspace on our project management system, Podio. On this shared workspace you can: communicate with members of your marketing team, review and approve content, and keep track of the marketing activities being performed.

Next, we will require any logins and credentials we did not receive during the discovery phase. Much of this will be covered in the SEO Questionnaire that you’ll fill out when beginning a project. We will invite you to our client SEO dashboard where you can keep track of your campaign’s keyword analytics.


During the setup phase, we’ll also have a kickoff meeting where you’ll meet the members of our team, get familiar with your Podio workspace, learn how to access your SEO dashboard and discuss the keyword and content strategy of the campaign as it goes forward. We will also set up a day and time to have monthly meetings where your project manager can keep you updated as to the progress of your campaign. We will make a recurring Google Calendar event for these meetings so you’ll be aware of them ahead of time.

Monthly SEO Check-In Meeting

As a part of our ongoing monthly SEO service we offer monthly SEO check-in meetings. This is an appointed time each month for us to update you on how the SEO campaign is coming along. Monthly meetings are a useful tool not only for you to keep track of how we’re performing, but also for us to stay in the loop with what you’re doing with the site and make sure our campaign is always up to date with the latest changes in your inventory, strategy, and anything else we might synergize marketing with.

We ask that our clients be able to commit to checking in on the campaign over a screen sharing call once per month before taking on an SEO campaign. Your SEO project manager will coordinate a recurring meeting time with you once the first month of SEO work has been completed. Our most successful campaigns are the ones where our clients take on some of that responsibility to keep us updated in the same way we try to keep them updated.


eCommerce SEO Experts keyword selection

keyword selection

When beginning any search marketing campaign, keyword selection will be the most crucial part of the process. Keywords are the search terms that the campaign will endeavor to get your site to rank more highly for. The number of keywords covered in our digital marketing plan will have been decided in the Discovery and Project Setup Phases. Now we will have enough information to make our keyword recommendations. These keywords are chosen for a number of qualities including, how quickly we’ll be able to rank you, what your competitors are ranking for, where your traffic is coming from, how they build your authority with Google, and how much intent to purchase the search term indicates. Once we present you with a list of suggestions, we’ll rely on your expertise within your industry to help us refine it even further. This will mean paring down a longer list of suggestions to the finalized list that we will target. You are welcome to do this yourself, as we are confident in all of our suggestions, or have us finalize the list using our best judgment. After the keyword list is finalized, the campaign is ready to begin in earnest.

campaign strategy / keyword changes

From time to time 1Digital may decide that some keywords may need to be swapped out depending on the competitive nature, traction or SEO strategy. Changing keywords is a vital part of 1Digital’s escalating SEO strategy; however, changing keywords at the wrong time, or changing the wrong keywords can adversely affect an SEO campaign. All keywords will need time to display results and are a part of the overall strategy for ranking related keywords.

For this reason, we limit client initiated keyword changes to once per 6 month campaign period with the approval of 1Digital Agency. All keyword changes must be discussed with your SEO project manager and approved by both parties before taking effect. Changing keywords within the initial term of your contract will impact your contract length and extend that term by a minimum of 3 months.


eCommerce SEO Experts on page optimization

keyword selection

On page optimization is the process of going through the backend of your site and strengthening the qualities of your pages that search engines pick up on. This process makes your site as visible to search engines as it can possibly be and allows it to rank more easily for the search terms we’ve decided to target. Though on page optimization activities will continue throughout your campaign, much of the work can be completed directly after keywords are chosen.

1Digital will only be responsible for optimizing the pages which are the targets of keywords in our finalized list. The more keywords in your campaign, the more pages we will update and optimize on a regular basis. We will monitor errors on all other pages and alert you when we think they should be addressed by adding additional time to the campaign in a particular month. Some clients have a critical mass of SEO errors at the outset, which would hold the campaign back. If this is the case, we will identify this in the Discovery Phase and make you aware of any additional time and cost added to the campaign to rectify this before we begin.

on page optimization activities focus on:

Google Page Speed Score

Title Tags

Meta Descriptions

Hyperlink Optimization [Title Attribute (Link Title)]

ALT Text Optimization [adding appropriate image title]

Heading Tags (H1 to H6)

Internal Linking (keywords in anchor text)

Recommendations for URL optimization (adding keyword in URL)

eCommerce SEO Experts content creation

content creation

All organic search marketing relies heavily on an effective content marketing strategy. On page optimization, though crucial, is only the tip of the iceberg. Content marketing represents the ongoing process of distributing content around the web to signal to Google that your site is a trustworthy publisher and worth ranking highly. During content creation, we’ll be writing two different, but equally important, types of content for your business. Content that is meant for off-site, to build your network of backlinks, and content that is meant for on-site, to build your readership. We’ll rely on your quick approvals or comments on all content we post in Podio for your review. In order to make this process as productive as possible, we request approval or changes for content within 2-3 business days of receipt.

Timely content approval is crucial for a successful campaign. If you don’t have time to review your SEO content, we highly recommend that you talk to your project manager about putting some or all of your content on auto-approve. Auto-approve will allow us to keep your campaign working as efficiently as possible. In the event that we do not receive approval on a piece of content within 14 days of posting it to your project workspace, that piece will be auto-approved and posted.

On-site content is meant for your customers to read. It should accomplish two goals: promotional value and SEO ranking. The content should be useful to your readers. It should be entertaining to read and educate your readers about your company and products. This content will also help improve your website’s SEO rankings. Search engines will see that you are publishing worthwhile content and improve your rank for targeted keywords as you continue to do so.


All content that is for off-site is going to be posted on websites that are specifically designed to be repositories for this kind of content. The main thing these off-site articles accomplish is they have a keyword and link back to your website. That way, when Google’s algorithm is trying to find results for one of the keywords that you target, it will register that there are informational articles about the keyword that link back to your website. This tells the Google algorithm that you are an authority on the keyword and signals Google to give you higher rankings in organic searches for that keyword. Customers will not be reading off-site content. It is purely for SEO purposes. You can always follow where off-site content is being posted in your SEO Project Report spreadsheet, which can be found in Podio.

eCommerce SEO Experts digital marketing

digital marketing

Marketing an eCommerce store is an ongoing process. Even after our clients achieve page 1 rankings for all of their keywords, they continue or increase their investment in SEO and other digital marketing efforts. This is because your competition is also investing in marketing, and your rankings, traffic, and customers are always up for grabs.


At 1Digital Agency, we keep you involved in the progress of your digital marketing campaign as it goes beyond your initial commitment. We make monthly marketing meetings available to our clients to keep you up to date. We’re also committed to transparency of work, through Podio, and transparency of results, through the client dashboard. We strive to foster a long-term, communicative, and successful marketing partnership with all of our digital marketing clients.

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