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eCommerce Custom Design

How Your Caveman Brain Reacts to Great eCommerce Custom Design

A Case Study in Four 1Digital Agency eCommerce Redesigns   When laying out a modern eCommerce custom design,

iDemiGods – Building International SEO Rankings

When opening a brick and mortar store, they used to say that location was everything. eCommerce was supposed

Location Sound – Perfecting a Google Shopping Campaign

There is a (probably apocryphal) quote often attributed to Michelangelo about how to sculpt an elephant. You simply
eCommerce SEO

SEO Case Study: Girls ‘Round Here – Starting From Scratch With SEO

One of the most common things that I hear from brand new SEO clients is some variation of
sing Video Content on Your eCommerce Site

Pivot To Video: Using Video Content on Your eCommerce Site

Pivot to video is a term used, often derisively, to describe the way that journalism outlets are investing
sing Video Content on Your eCommerce Site

Pivot to Video: Using Video Content in eCommerce Email Marketing

The much lamented, much-lambasted term, Pivot to Video. Used most often to describe the move away from text

Why You Should Hide Your Best Deals

It may seem counterintuitive, but the Harvard Business School just released a new study which argues that making
keywords for eCommerce SEO

Choosing Specific Keywords For eCommerce SEO

A lot of the merchants that I talk to about an eCommerce SEO campaign want to target the
peer 2 peer payments for eCommerce stores

Do I Need It? Peer 2 Peer Payment for eCommerce Stores

For many years, my personal hell was splitting the check at a restaurant, especially with a big group
Customer Retention

Designing Your Customer Retention

How Well Thought Out Design Choices Lead to Customer Loyalty Whenever I get to talk to eCommerce business

Do You Need to Personalize the eCommerce Experience On Your Site?

Customers Increasingly Seek Companies That Personalize  It isn’t just an advantage when a company decides to personalize eCommerce

5 Ways Your Online Store Can Provide a Better Shipping Experience

Better Shipping Equals Happier Customers A customer’s receipt of merchandise and products is fundamental to the success of
eCommerce Analytics Profile

Partner Profile: Glew

One of the biggest advantages of eCommerce, over every other kind of retail, is the amount of information
BigCommerce update

An Important Update for BigCommerce Stores

Next Monday (October 9th, 2017) BigCommerce will make an update to their optimized one page checkout that will
vapaura case study

Vapaura: Starting Out Strong

The Problem: Ben Winterburn was starting a brand new eCommerce store in a very competitive industry, vaporizers. His

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