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SEO Tips to Make Your Blog Posts Better

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SEO Tips to Make Your Blog Posts Better

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Improving your SEO takes time. This is a common observation made at the beginning of a campaign, a reminder that patience is required. When it comes to website content, there are many different ways to implement content and address certain elements of SEO that can go a long way in improving your results.

There is no fool-proof checklist, but there are certain things you can focus on at the start that can make a difference in your SEO and how you will perform in search engines just from your content.

1Digital Agency can help you with your eCommerce SEO by building a content plan that is designed to boost keywords and improve your results. Here are a few of the factors that can take the focus when it comes to improving SEO.

Target the Right Keywords – Targeting keywords is important from the start because you want to know which keywords you can rank for reasonably. Once those keywords are discovered through careful research, you want your content to reflect these keywords. Each post should have a dedicated keyword and be focused on that target.

Keyword Optimization – When you select a keyword, you want to make sure it is used properly in your content. The keyword should be placed naturally within the content. It should also appear in the page title and meta description so that Google is able to identify what the page is about. Be careful with how often you use a keyword. This can create a situation where too many pages on your own website are competing against each other and the keyword is over-optimized.

Competition Research – Part of researching your keywords is to see what the competition is doing with those words. What are they writing about? How many words are they using? How many blog posts do they have recently? These are all factors that can help you plan a strategy to get ahead of your competition.



Fast Page Speeds – Part of Google’s algorithm in today’s SEO world is page speed. If a page doesn’t load within 2-3 seconds, Google’s suggested timeframe, your rankings will suffer as a result. When it comes to competition, there are so many websites out there that do not optimize for page speed. Completing that task could vault you above 90 percent of the competition that is losing out simply because the website doesn’t load quickly.

A Friendly Design – People now get their information and read content in many different forms. Gone are the days where the only way to reach somebody online was through a desktop computer. With laptops, tablets, and smartphones, information is consumed in so many different ways and on devices of varying sizes. A responsive design that embraces cross-browser and cross-platform viewing will go a very long way.

Meta Descriptions – To effectively work in your SEO strategy, meta descriptions should fit within a certain number of characters. However you choose to describe the content in the meta description, make sure you include the targeted keyword. Meta descriptions are not directly used for ranking, but it does help you remain relevant.

Optimized Images – Images are an important part of content because of how visual humans are. A good, quality image that is relevant to the article can instantly draw in attention. Images are no different than written content. They, too, need to be optimized in order to make an impact on your content. Image alt text and title text should be completed to help ensure that the images are optimized.

There are many steps to successful SEO within your content and blog posts. With some careful attention to detail, you can see your search results improve as these elements are addressed.

Looking for assistance with your eCommerce SEO? Let 1Digital Agency be your guide. Our team is dedicated to making sure your content follows best SEO practices in an effort to improve your search engine results and make you stand out among targeted keywords.

Contact 1Digital Agency today to find out how we can help you get the SEO results you want for your eCommerce website.

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