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Preparing for Cyber Monday

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Preparing for Cyber Monday

A History and What You Need to Do for Your eCommerce Business

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The holiday rush is coming quickly. Before you know it, families will be sitting down for Thanksgiving dinner, kicking off of one of the busiest shopping weekends of the year. 

This is an especially important weekend for eCommerce businesses. You don’t want to get left behind on this hectic and busy shopping weekend where websites are usually flooded with traffic. There is a craze when it comes to online shopping. It is very easy and convenient for people to just sit at home and get most of their holiday shopping completed as they digest Thanksgiving dinner, recover with Black Friday off from work or school, and spend the weekend catching up on things once family dinners and activities are over. Then comes Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday caps off this incredibly busy weekend and presents exciting and exclusive deals to online shoppers. For people looking to take advantage of big savings and check off some items on their list of gifts to get for relatives and friends, it is like another holiday.

From an eCommerce perspective, Cyber Monday is an opportunity and in recent years, it has become a phenomenon. You used to regularly see news networks giving live reports from outside of popular stores as people lined up overnight to be among the first to enter on Black Friday for midnight shopping. That craze has faded as online sales have increased and eCommerce has grown and expanded.

Today, we will give you a Cyber Monday primer. We will explain the history of this important day for eCommerce businesses and then look at what you can do to your eCommerce store ahead of Cyber Monday to prepare for the rush that should be coming as this big shopping weekend approaches.

The History of Cyber Monday

The term “Cyber Monday” was first used in 2005 after a press release from the National Retail Federation (NRF) included it. With faster internet connections and online retailers wanting to bring more holiday shoppers their way, the trend was promoted in an effort to increase online sales to the same level brick-and-mortar retail stores were seeing on Black Friday. With customers excited about the prospect of making holiday purchases and taking advantage of sales from home instead of waiting in long lines or trying to beat the Black Friday rush to the store, Cyber Monday was officially born.

Since then, both Black Friday and Cyber Monday have blended a bit as shopping days. Even at the start of 2005, online retailers were starting to promote and offer sales before Cyber Monday. Online sales continued to grow through the years. The Great Recession hit shortly after Cyber Monday in 2007, but even with the rest of the consumer market seeing a decline, Cyber Monday sales actually grew by $116 million in 2008. By 2009, major retailers like Walmart were advertising Cyber Monday as the beginning of Cyber Week, five days of cyber deals available to consumers. By 2010, Cyber Monday spending had hit $1 billion. With this milestone, Black Friday and Cyber Monday started to become merged into one long holiday shopping weekend. 

Since then, Cyber Monday sales have just continued to grow to tremendous amounts. Last year in 2018, digital spending reached $6 billion and beat Black Friday digital spending by $1.2 billion. 

Things You Should Do for Your eCommerce Website Ahead of Cyber Monday 2019

With the trend of increased digital sales expected to continue in 2019, eCommerce websites should be using the weeks leading up to the biggest shopping weekend of the year to bolster their website.

eCommerce merchants should consider a variety of things as they make preparations for the holiday shopping season and specifically for Cyber Monday. Here are a few things you can do for your eCommerce website.

Design Updates – You can do a few things to your design that can get you ready for Cyber Monday. One thing you should definitely do is create special landing pages for some of the sales and offers you are giving customers. You can also implement new design elements that get people into the holiday shopping spirit. Some small elements that are being added to many websites around the holidays are the use of the color red, added holiday elements as part of your design like snowflakes or Christmas lights, or just the use of brighter and bolder text that promotes the big sale. Make the sale the center point of your home page, update hero images and banners and capture the attention of visitors so they know the special experience that awaits them with your website.

cyber monday sale design

Improve Loading Times – In the digital space, you only have a few seconds to capture the attention of potential customers. Many people will find you through search engines and if they click on your link, the site needs to load quickly. It is certainly tempting to show off your products with large galleries that feature a lot of high-quality images, but know that high-res images can load down your website and lead to slower loading times. Make sure your website is optimized for top speed and reduce the number of elements on the site that could be slowing things down in time for the holiday rush.

Create Special Content and Build Rankings – You are not the only one who is thinking about the mad dash to complete holiday shopping and the sales you need to offer. Your customers are too. The best way to get their attention early is to role out special content that is geared toward the holiday shopper and focuses on your top products that will be for sale. Special content for Cyber Monday and other holiday sales that are posted early in the month of November can start to generate rankings over the next few weeks so that you have some boosted rankings in time for the shopping season.

Boost SEO Efforts – Preparation for the holiday rush can be a great time to check your website’s SEO performance and boost your efforts. Complete an SEO site audit, identify the technical SEO areas that need improvement and take the steps needed to make your SEO efforts better just in time for the biggest time of year for your business.

Put Social Media to Use – As an eCommerce business owner, you know the importance of social media and the role it can play in your marketing. Promote your upcoming sales using your social media accounts on various platforms, chat with customers, connect with people through the comments, give social users an exclusive offer code. These are all small steps you can take to getting your online deals for Cyber Monday in front of as many people as possible ahead of the rush.

The holiday shopping season and most notable Cyber Monday are a huge opportunity for your business to generate a lot of sales. In the weeks leading up to this shopping holiday, now is the time to make preparations. 

With help from the professionals at 1Digital Agency, we can help make it happen. Implement the design elements you need to stand out among the competition with a new custom design or redesign project. Get your website running at top speed and your performance levels at their peak with a development project that expands the boundaries of your platform. Get your message and brand the boost it needs with an SEO strategy that can start off targeting the holidays and continue in the months that follow to make you a year-round place to be to get the things you need.

Contact 1Digital Agency today by calling 215-809-1567 or send an email to to get started on your unique design, development or digital marketing project, just in time for the holidays.

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