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As an eCommerce retailer, just having a website will not bring you the traffic you’re looking for. In order to bring more traffic and visitors to your website, utilizing SEO strategies can bring more traffic and create traffic into conversions and sales.

How do you bring traffic to your website? Utilizing SEO strategies can bring in more visitors and customers. Your SEO strategy should be specifically tailored to eCommerce retailers and focus on the products you are selling. Focusing on a few key aspects will help bring your SEO rankings up and have increased traffic to your site. Whether you’re on Volusion, BigCommerce, or Shopify  your SEO should be specifically tailored to your brand.



First and foremost, your website should be completely user-friendly and visitors should be able to navigate around the site easily. Searching for specific products and services should also be easily done. Your website should be an easy walk through and ensure this will have visitors coming back. Creating category pages and sub-category pages ensures your website is easily navigated through. Linking these product pages to your keywords can also help your SEO rankings increase.   


Keyword Choice

Your keyword choice should be specifically tailored to the products and services you offer on your eCommerce website. You want to select keywords that will make your website more visible to viewers. When choosing your keywords, be particular and choose keywords that are relevant to what you are selling. Once you’ve chosen your keywords, you can create phrases that are applicable to your site. These phrases should be phrases a common customer would type into search bars when looking up a specific product or service.


Content Matters

Content is very important in your SEO efforts. On-site content not only provides more information about your specific brand and products but it allows you the opportunity to become an industry expert. The more on-site content you have regarding your industry, the more you will be considered an industry expert. When considering onsite content, be certain it is not written lazily or not properly researched. This can, in fact, hurt your SEO rankings and make you fall further in search results if you become a source not all customers can trust.


Social Media

Social media is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to create traffic to your website. Creating tailored social media channels for your brand is a great way to share what you have to offer. Whether it’s exclusive deals and promotions or sharing on-site content, social media is a great way to share your brand with even more customers and potential customers. The sheer act of sharing information on the internet can help drive up sales and traffic but also increase your SEO rankings as you’ll become more visible to potential customers.


When you want to increase traffic to your website and see more sales, SEO is an important step in the right direction. Most customers like to research a product or simply look up a product or service on a search engine before they do anything else, and a good SEO ranking helps you become more visible to new customers.


We here at 1Digital are eCommerce SEO experts. Our dedicated team makes sure your SEO strategy not only brings you results but also is tailored specifically to your industry. If you’re looking for any sort of SEO help, 1Digital can help you increase traffic and bring your SEO rankings up. 


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