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5 Reasons Your Brand Desperately Needs a Mobile App

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5 Reasons Your Brand Desperately Needs a Mobile App

A Mobile App Isn’t Just for Big Brands

There seems to be a belief among eCommerce companies that the mobile app is a right reserved for big players in retail and commerce, such as Wal-Mart, Target, and women’s clothing company, Anthropologie. While this misconception has persisted for many years, it is time to debunk it as myth once and for all. A mobile app is a great way for any size eCommerce store to better connect with customers and grow as a company.

Of course, building a mobile app takes time and resources. In particular, a smaller eCommerce company might have concerns that a mobile app will require resources that should be allocated to other initiatives and projects. However, there are some great benefits to building a mobile platform for your business at an early stage.  Here are five reasons to develop a mobile app right away.

#1: Mobile App – the Most Convenient Option for Shoppers

Checkout is a major hurdle for a lot of eCommerce companies. The process of entering credit card and shipping information is often time-consuming for a shopper and can be inconvenient regardless of whether the individual is on a computer or mobile device. Mobile users, though, have the added challenge of dealing with small smartphone keyboards. Complicated checkout is a hurdle that a mobile app can easily overcome.

Through a store-specific mobile app, customers can store all of the relevant information securely long before they make a purchase, which cuts out steps and cuts back on the time it takes to complete a purchase. What you are likely to see as a result is less cart abandonment from mobile shoppers. Why? Well, the highest percentage of cart abandonment happens during the checkout process, and the biggest complaint from customers is the drudgery of entering information. Take away this unnecessary step, and you will see more people complete purchases.

Also, mobile shoppers are often looking for a simple, straightforward shopping experience. Unlike desktop visitors to your online store, mobile shoppers are frequently in between meetings, on a lunch break, or breezing through the airport. A mobile app can help them make a purchase with just a few touches, which means more sales from an essential part of your customer base.

#2: A Mobile App Targets the Hottest Area of ECommerce

If it has been said once in 2017, then it has been said over a thousand times that mobile shopping is an essential area of eCommerce for any size retailer. This fact is true across industries, and an eCommerce company that isn’t focused on mobile accessibility will be left behind. A mobile app is another touch point for your shoppers, which can be a major win for any size business.

#3: A Mobile App Has a Myriad of Functions

Of course, the biggest reason to build an app is to complete more transactions from mobile customers. However, the right mobile app can be an asset to your business in other ways, as well. It is a fantastic way to offer sales and promotions because customers don’t need to cut coupons or collect a specific code to access the discount. Everything is built directly into the mobile app, and you can even offer deals that are exclusive to your app users. Not only do these specials build loyalty to your brand, but they are also great for increasing users and time spent on the app.

Another fantastic use of a mobile app is as a rewards program. Through an app, spending and rewards points are easy, both for shoppers and your company, to track. Again, this is an opportunity to offer an exclusive to your mobile app customers or simply provide an easier way to access a rewards program offered across platforms and points of sale.

Lastly, consider all the ways a mobile app is perfect for providing information. Like your website, this is a point of contact that is very specific to your business and is ideal for giving customers the price, product, and shipping information they need. It is also a chance to tell customers more about your brand and build a more robust identity.

#4: A Mobile App Builds Better Communication with Customers

You can use a mobile app to deliver push notifications directly to shoppers’ phones, and these notifications can contain all types of information. For many brands, push notifications are the closest thing to direct and personal communication with customers. On many smartphones, these notifications arrive as messages on the lock screen, and shoppers can associate them with other friendly reminders about upcoming meetings, messages from friends, and things on the to-do list.

As an example for your consideration, one week you could offer sales, specials, and discounts just for users of the mobile app while simultaneously making sure to market these deals through your other marketing channels to encourage customers to download the app. Then, the next week you could provide an update on your newest merchandise. The following week it could be a reminder that the shopper had left items in an online cart. There are nearly endless options for messages and reminders you can set a mobile app to share with your customers.

Other than push notifications, a mobile app is a fantastic way to connect shoppers with your social media accounts, blog posts, and your greater online presence.

#5: A Mobile App Increases Brand Recognition

A mobile app designed specifically for your eCommerce company is a sure way to build better brand recognition with potential customers and mobile shoppers. A mobile app is akin to a blank canvas; there are so many options and possibilities for what can go into the app, how it can look, and what it can do for customers. While the app should always reflect the rest of your marketing and stay in line with your business strategy, it is also an opportunity to be creative and express different sides of your company. It is a powerful way to create more associations between your business and your customers’ needs.

Focus on Your Future with Mobile

When it comes to building a successful eCommerce business, you need to reach customers in many different ways. The bigger your digital presence, the better your opportunity for sales will be. However, growth should always be considered in conjunction with a clear strategy, and many eCommerce merchants find themselves lost when they try to branch out into mobile apps and similar platforms. Instead, allow a knowledgeable and professional digital agency, like 1Digital Agency, guide your development and mobile design.

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