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Get Your Message Across Any Screen

Let’s do an experiment. If you’re viewing this website on a desktop browser, try making your browser window smaller. The images and content column shrink, then the sidebar disappears altogether. Everything changes and alignments adjust and behavior adapts. That’s responsive design. When your website is responsive, your customers can access it in any screen size, on any device, without sacrificing quality of experience.

eCommerce responsive website design is something we’ve perfected at 1Digital. We make sure that every page of your eCommerce web store meets and exceeds proper responsive development standards, so your customer has a fluid experience no matter the device.

Why Responsive?

Today’s online shoppers are more likely to use their mobile phones and tablets for leisure and shopping, and their desktops for work. eCommerce merchants who aren’t mobile friendly don’t stand a chance in the current climate.

Once retailers understand what responsive design is, they know that they need it. Making your current web store responsive has a plethora of advantages over designing a separate mobile site. Not only will responsive design save you money, but it will help your domain’s search engine ranking immensely.

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eCommerce SEO

If you work in eCommerce, you know that an eCommerce web store is not your typical website. The same goes for eCommerce SEO. eCommerce sites can have dozens, or hundreds or thousands of product and category specific content fields, which can raise or tank your search rankings, depending on how they’re handled.

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