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Podio Tips & Clips

Featured Clip

The resources following this Featured Clip will cover the basics of Podio and will help you become familiar with what your project workspace will look like, how to navigate through the various apps, and how to communicate with our team. You will learn how to communicate, request estimates, open tickets, and better understand all of the rest of the features that Podio has to offer.


Do I need to be in Podio all the time to see communication?
Absolutely not. Whenever you are tagged in Podio, you will be sent an email notification that includes the respective message. You can even respond to the message via email without having to actually open Podio at all.

How do I post a comment to someone directly?
When you are writing a message, type the “@” symbol and begin typing the person’s name that you want to message. Podio will immediately popup a list of potential matches for you to choose from. Simply select the appropriate name from the dropdown menu and they will be notified once you send your message.

What’s the difference between a change order and a ticket?
If you have an update that you would like to make regarding anything already outlined in the current SOW, a Change Order is what you want. A Ticket, on the other hand, is a request to perform additional work without needing to scope out the cost beforehand.

How-To Podio Clips

Each How-To clip is snappy and arranged in the most relevant stage of your project.
Refer to this collection whenever you need a refresher.


Content Calendar

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Auto-Approving Content

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What is OWC?

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What is a press release?

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What is onsite content?

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What is offsite content?

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All the tools you need to communicate and review your vision during the Design Stage.


Using Adobe XD

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Once you have the Podio basics down, everything else will become second nature.

Podio Basics


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Podio lets you see the big picture of the SEO / PPC initiatives with us.



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Intro to SEO

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Podio is useful for during, as well as outside of, the Support Period.


Time Tracker

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My Estimates

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User Guide

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It's easy to submit bug tickets and change requests during Sandbox Review Stage.

Testing and QA

Change Orders

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Podio FAQ

Podio Basics

Where can I find my workspace?

Your Podio workspace can always be navigated to using the hamburger menu in the top left corner of the Podio window. You can select it from the list, or search using your company name.

Which apps are important for my projects?

All the apps in Podio are important for one type of project or another, and at different stages of a project. You can read more about each App and its function, to determine if it’s relevant to your project, click right here.

Where can I find the scope of work and notes for my project?

The scope of work is located in the Projects space. Under the Projects app, select the project you want to view the SOW for. Once inside that project scroll down to the field marked Proposal Scope. Any additional notes about the project can be found below Proposal Scope in the field marked Notes.

How can I send files/images?

You can attach files and images to a comment in Podio using the paper clip icon below a comment’s text box. You can also use the Files field located at the bottom of most Podio threads. Additionally, if a file is too big to be uploaded to Podio in one of the two aforementioned ways, we recommend uploading them to Google Drive or Dropbox and providing a link in the Podio workspace.


How do I properly tag someone in Podio?

When writing a comment in any Podio thread, use the @ key. When you begin typing the name of the relevant person, their name will appear in a list next to the comment text box. Select the person you want to tag from that list to alert them to your comment.

Where can I find notifications in Podio?

Podio notifications can be found in the top right corner of your Podio window. They can be sorted to show all notifications or only unread notifications.

Where should I post general questions/comments?

General questions or comments should be posted in the Comments thread of the project that they pertain to. It’s also a good idea to tag your main Account Manager on any general questions or comments.

My Estimates

Where can I find estimates associated with my project?

If you have any estimates, you can easily view them by entering your project workspace and clicking on the My Estimates app, located at the top of your Podio window.

How do I request an estimate for my project?

Once you are in the My Estimates app, creating or requesting an estimate is simple. Just click the Add Estimate button,located on the right side of your screen.

How long do estimates stay open?

Any estimate that you request stays for as long as you want. You can always come back to an estimate at a later time if you would like to move forward with it. Your project manager may require a new estimate to consider site changes and updates.

If my estimate has been quoted, how do I move forward?

If you are satisfied with an estimate after it has been quoted and you would like to move forward, simply alert your project manager and your estimate will be turned into a ticket.

Testing / Tickets

When should I open a Testing Bug?

The optimal time to open a Testing Bug is during your QA and free support phases on your fixed cost development project.

How do I differentiate whether a task should be a Testing Bug or a Ticket?

A Testing Bug is an issue directly related to any work being performed on your current development project, whereas a Ticket is for any issue you want worked on that is outside of the current SOW of the main project.

When should I open a ticket?

A ticket should be opened when you need work completed that is outside of your original project’s scope of work.

Where can I find open tickets associated with my project?

To locate any open tickets associated with your project, simply navigate to the Tickets App, located at the top of your Podio window.

How do I know how many hours were required to complete a ticket?

If you are wondering how many hours it took to complete a ticket, you can click on the Time Tracker App, which is located at the top of your Podio workspace.