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1Digital® eCommerce Branding Appraisal: How Will Your Website Rank?

Here at 1Digital Agency, we have years of experience in all things eCommerce with a colorful history of tackling complex challenges for our customers that run online stores. Whether it’s design, development, content marketing or SEO, we’ve done it all with great success.

Along with that experience in solving complex problems ranging from search engine optimization to digital marketing, we’ve refined our perspective on many issues and that leads to strongly cultivated expertise. For example, we know the value of a strong brand identity and just how important that could be for an organization.

Yes, a strong brand is a great asset to an organization and one for which there can be no replacement. That being said, measuring the value of a good brand can be a challenge. There’s no denying that consumers will pay a premium for a brand, but there are just so many intangibles.

Up For The Challenge of Assessing Brand Equity

That’s where most of the problem with assessing the value of a brand comes in. The thing is, what they haven’t accounted for are the various components that make up the whole experience of a successful brand, and there are many of them. Consistency, accessibility, product presentation – these are only a few.

Merging the importance of maintaining a strong brand with the recognition that running an online business means maintaining a website presents a novel issue – how well your website integrates your branding. A website presents quite a suite of opportunities for brand integration and just as many ways to miss them. Branding and website are two things we at 1Digital do well.

So we did what we do best. We set out to create a solution for online merchants who wanted a realistic, tangible way to assess how successfully they integrated their branding into the design of their websites.

A 1Digital® eCommerce Branding Appraisal Offering Tangible Results

We created the 1Digital eCommerce Branding Appraisal for our client’s websites where we take into account several of the categories that impact and are impacted by how carefully a website’s design incorporates the brand design of the organization. We assign actual graphic designers to a project where they take an arduous journey into the website, its design, and its functionality.

Our web designers take a look at the client’s website and assess according to three main categories: user experience, user interface & usability, and merchandising impact. Under these three categories, the website is assessed by 24 key criteria including but not limited to such metrics as target audience relevance, consistency in design, product or service presentation, and opportunities for cross-selling and upselling.

The website under investigation is scored on a scale ranging from zero to three, with three being the highest attainable goal. Along with each grade, our web designers include a detailed explanation for the grade which will explore areas of weakness as well as areas for potential growth and improvement. At long last, it is a quantifiable way to measure the success with which your website has integrated your brand into its design to benefit your online store.

But there’s more to it yet – our web designers will also perform the same audit of key competitor sites to give you an even more concrete view of how and why your brand has or has not been expertly incorporated into your design. It gives you not only an objective view of your own design’s strengths and weaknesses, but it gives you a relative view by an assessment of your competitors.

As we’ve stated, a strong brand and brand strategy is one of the most valuable assets an organization can own. Managed well, it is also one of the most untouchable by competitors. Now you have a golden opportunity to explore your website’s branded design through the eyes of professionals in digital marketing.

Gaining some real insight from experts in branding and design is an indispensable resource that you leverage towards your branding or rebranding strategies. It will also give you a look into how users interact with your site, which is just as valuable if not more.

Free eBrand Appraisal

Best of all, we will offer you a version of the 1Digital® eCommerce Branding Appraisal audit for free. All you have to do is reach out to us and let us know you’re interested.

If you’re as excited as we are that you can finally take an objective, quantitative view into the success of your website’s branded design, give us a call at 888-982-8269 or take a look at the 1Digital® eCommerce Branding Appraisal page to learn more.