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Three Reasons Why A Strong Brand Is Important

A strong brand might just be the most important asset of an organization. A strong brand, in many ways, is a key to success in competitive markets. It is a differentiator, a statement of value, an amalgamation of inherent qualities and emotional signals with which customers identify. Strong brands can navigate the turbulent waters of recession and bring substantial sales in robust economies. Let’s be clear – there are many reasons why a strong brand is important. That being said, here are three of the biggest ones.

A Strong Brand Strengthens A Business Internally

Did you think that a brand only communicated vision and direction to consumers? A strong brand is like a strong mission statement – it defines, organizes, and directs a company. It doesn’t just affect the brand management team, either. A brand is a tangible, almost living symbol of a set of products or services that can be felt. As such, a strong brand gives a sense of identity and purpose to everyone in the organization. From the highest C level official all the way out through business partners and contractors, a brand provides unity and direction.

A brand makes it easy to tell what a good or service is and is not. They are instantly recognizable and can guide employees through everyday interactions with their clients, give direction to designers working on product line extensions, and influence the way a sales team presents the good or service. A strong brand image and brand identity lend organization and cohesion to an entire company. Yet, this is only the tip of the iceberg.

A Brand Provides Indispensable Differentiation

Customers do not trust generics or commodity products, and they certainly will not pay a premium for either. Even if your product contains the most cutting edge technology in the most user-friendly package, if it lacks a strong brand identity, it may as well be a commodity. If you don’t invest in developing a brand, consumers and other competitors will do it for you. Businesses cannot leave it up solely to consumers to brand their products, but they will, and the results may not be in favor of your business.

Commodities are undifferentiated and also generally unsubstantiated. No one is willing to pay a premium or even a few additional cents for goods or services that can be secured from a competitor for less. When you create a supply that your competitors can’t access or create, however, something magical happens.

Consider some businesses that have leveraged the power of an effective brand strategy to their advantage. Orange juice is a commodity, but Tropicana® has leveraged the power of a brand to size a share of the market. Sugar is a commodity, yet consumers are willing to pay more for the image and perceived value of Domino®. With the right positioning and attention to the experience and value you want to give to your consumers, you can turn a nondescript good or service into a unique brand with a singular identity. What’s more, that brand can only be obtained through your organization. That brings us to the last point, and perhaps the most powerful.

A Brand Provides Value

Here it is; perhaps the greatest reason to invest the time and resources necessary into your brand strategy so you can create a good brand. The value that a brand offers to its associated products is completely indispensable and sometimes even proves inseparable from those products or services.

The value that a brand engenders to your products is so much greater than the dollars that consumers are willing to pay for it at any given point in time. It is more powerful than any transaction. As the costs of materials change, as economic conditions shift unpredictably, and as competitors enter and exit your sector of the market, strong brands survive.

A powerful brand has value in its DNA. It is stored in the perceptions that your customers have and in their memories of the use of such products. Because so much value is stored in brands in the form of perception, memory, and experience, a strong brand can outlast its parent company. Companies can – and do – create brands that become more powerful than they are. It’s the reason that brands can be traded, and it’s the reason that brands sometimes survive long after their parents go insolvent. Customers may not remember the team that breathed life into a brand, but they will remember what the brand means to them. A powerful image will create loyal customers in a market that would otherwise be cutthroat and in which price might be the only differentiator.

If you are successful in crafting a strong image and brand promise, your image and its associated value may very well outlast your organization. The value contained in that package can be leveraged to great advantage, which is why organizations with strong portfolios of brands tend to do very well.

  • It’s not even that they’ve only leveraged the power of these three benefits of strong brands to their advantage – it’s much more than that. But there’s no mistake about this. The strong brand of a successful organization defines and delineates the product. It gives it a solid image, represents a distinct experience to its customers, and is, in many ways, impossible to substitute. It lets its users know what it is and what it isn’t, what problems it can solve, and how they can live better lives. A good brand may not even let users know how it helps in their lives, but how the competition is not helping in their lives. That’s the power of a good brand.

1Digital Agency Can Help Build Your Brand

The thing is, creating a strong and enduring brand is more than just cooking up an image that represents some of your qualities. It takes practiced scrutiny and careful attention to design an image that not only represents your product but can be communicated across different media with color, voice, and vigor.

Here at 1Digital, we understand the value of a strong brand. We’ve been making strong brands and making brands stronger for our clients since our inception. We’re a digital marketing agency with the experience and attention to detail to help you totally revamp your image and give you a new image to go forth and conquer. Here’s how we do it.


Our team will consult you to acquire a deep-seated understanding of your organization, the products and services you provide and the reasons for providing them. We will get to understand the fundamental problems you solve as an organization and your core competencies. We will uncover what values your team brings to your market and how those values and goals are represented in the actual makeup of your product portfolio.

We’ll get to understand the ins and outs of your current design, what customers think of it, how it presents itself, and its position among the competition. We’ll investigate competitive brands to understand how they position themselves and the way they want to be seen. We’ll even research competitors to get an understanding of how consumers perceive their products with respect to yours.

We dive right in. It’s not just good enough to understand what a product does. We want to know how you got to where you are and what your core competency is. We’ll ask questions about your consumers and how they identify. We’ll want to know why they use your product or would use your product and not a competitor’s. You’ll be able to tell us the feelings you seek to elicit in your users – how do they feel when they think of your brand? What memories does your product conjure? Through consultation, we gain a deep understanding of both your product and your organization. Then we can help uncover how your current image fits in or does not fit in, with that intended image.


Once we have a thorough understanding of what defines your brand, we’ll be better able to come up with a new or revised image that seamlessly communicates the value and character of your product. We’ll consider things like proportion, size, shape, and lines and what colors to include. We’ll consider the way those who see your new design will receive it and describe it and determine if those perceptions will align with the intended image. We even consider elements that your target market will shy away from to create a tangible distance between your image and those misaligned with it.

  • We will consider the people who will be interested in your product and use it and how they see themselves. We’ll craft a design that reflects the value they’re looking for and wish to receive when they determine they have a problem they need to solve. We take into account such things as typeface, weight, and the relationship between any colors we incorporate. We analyze different words, the feelings they evoke, and the colors associated with the feelings you want your customers to experience.

When we’ve built up our lexicon of your image, we’ll then perfect the touches on the image that we create for you.

For example, as we did with our client JB Tools, we conferenced with them to determine what words or descriptors represented their intended brand image. We came up with words like masculine and no-nonsense, we went forth with simple primary colors and basic geometric design, with strong, heavy lines for the image of the client’s logo. We determined that as their target customers would identify with these descriptors to include bold lettering for their logo. We even accounted for the fact that, as a reseller of many other brands, it would be critical that JB Tools’ design did not conflict with any current or past business partners, so we analyzed their colors and styles to prevent any crossover in design. The result was a straightforward but memorable brand image that JB Tools bears to this day.

The result of these considerations is that our team will be able to come up with an image that fully represents and embodies the value offered by your brand. It will incorporate the features, visual and verbal, that come together in a junction that is unique to your value proposition consistently, coherently, and seamlessly. Most importantly, perhaps, is that the image we design can be communicated across various media and undergo translation with no loss of potency. It will be recognizable, relatable and most importantly, unique. Of course, even after we’ve come up with that image for you, we will help you sew it into every facet of your business.


Even after our team has helped you craft the image or logo design that perfectly conveys the value of your product, and at a glance communicates who you are, the work has only just begun. An excellent brand has no value if no one can find it, and we know that too. Design is only a part of our genius here at 1Digital Agency, and we’ll help implement your new image.

Truthfully, the actual image of a brand itself is only part of the holistic brand. Here at 1Digital, we take an integrated approach to marketing. When we work with you to design or redesign your brand, you can be sure that anything our team touches will have that in mind. Then, when our designers work on your website, we’ll incorporate the colors of your brand into the design while also creating a layout that inspires the same feelings as your image. Our content creators will breathe the same life into the content we produce for you that went into the creation of your brand and imbue it with the same color and feeling. Across and through all media, we will ensure that your brand’s message rings loud and true.

Part of our mission when creating a brand for you is that we integrate its essence into all your platforms for seamless delivery to your customers. Successful branding is consistency, and we help you achieve that through our integrated approach.

From our consultation with you to our assiduity in delivering an uninterrupted presentation of your brand across all media, we’re by your side. We understand why a strong brand is valuable, and we know how to build the image of a strong brand. Give us a call today if you’re thinking your image could use some getting up to speed. You can reach us at 888-982-8269 or at anytime. We’re looking forward to our next branding project with you.