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Facebook Marketing Is Constantly Changing, Here’s How to Keep Up

Facebook marketing can be the best form of social media engagement, provided it is planned and executed properly. It is incredibly influential in the minds of consumers, and simultaneously, provides eCommerce companies with a massive audience. Therefore, an online retailer would be crazy not to implement Facebook marketing as part of a social media and digital strategy.

Chances are, most if not all eCommerce companies already have a presence on Facebook. However, is that presence leading to the greatest possible engagement, traffic to your site, and conversion? Probably not. What users want to see on Facebook is a constantly changing target, but you can hit the mark with these six strategies.

#1: Capitalize on Multi-Product Facebook Marketing

When it comes to eCommerce there are several fantastic features available for effective marketing on Facebook. One of the best is the ability to create a multi-product ad. These ads allow an eCommerce brand to showcase a few different products in a single digital advertisement. These ads work great as part of a dynamic campaign or a stand alone advertisement.

The biggest benefit of these multi-product ads is they allow eCommerce companies to offer potential customers options. Even if your audience isn’t interested in the first product, these ads slide to the next product, which could be just what the user is looking for. As well, if a viewer sees more than one relevant product, it makes that person much more likely to choose your company over others. Finally, these ads have a much higher click-through-rate, which means better engagement.

#2: People Click On Facebook Marketing for Content, Not Specifics

It usually takes an eCommerce company one round of Facebook marketing to recognize that ads on Facebook are different than other forms of digital marketing. People are on Facebook to consume content, not find products. Your ad might garner a lot of clicks and attention, without leading to conversion. This is true even if your ad is focused on a specific product. However, you can use this to your advantage.

A good bet is building a Facebook ad that focuses on the content. Preview an interesting story or list of “how to” on the actual ad. Then, include your call to action within the clickable content. This will keep your audience engaged with your brand and business longer, which is shown to increase conversion. Therefore, this less obvious Facebook marketing can actually improve return on investment (ROI).

#3: Don’t Be Afraid to Dive into Video Ads for Facebook Marketing

In 2017, video ads are by far the most popular format for Facebook marketing. The reason many eCommerce companies are turning to video content is the response it receives from users. Video content is more likely to be viewed and shared. It is also the content type that is most frequently going viral and most commonly shared across social media platforms.

Facebook has admitted that video content is your best bet on the site. At its April conference the company announced that video content has the lowest Cost Per Action (CPA). It is actually a significant 25% lower than either link or carousel ads on the site. That makes video ads a fantastic way to boost engagement and increase your ROI for Facebook marketing.

As well, video content is a fantastic way to tell your brand’s story. It is dynamic and involved. Plus, video content can elicit a stronger emotional response from viewers, which could be customers, than stationary forms of Facebook advertising can.

#4: Don’t Forget to Create a Two-Way Conversation

Often, eCommerce companies spend all of their time and money talking at their potential customers, forgetting that Facebook is also a fantastic platform through which to listen to customers. When a user leaves a comment or reaction to your Facebook post, it is an opportunity to learn more about your audience, build a stronger relationship, or remedy a concern with your brand or products. Engage. When users react to your content, comment on a post, or otherwise share your Facebook marketing, don’t let the conversation end there.

ECommerce stores should use Facebook to build an open dialogue. Make users comfortable corresponding with your company by making your call to action read, “leave a comment,” or by asking a direct question to them. As well, respond to questions from your audience with relevant information and honest answers. Send a follow-up comment or question to the post that keeps the conversation going.

#5: Utilize Facebook’s Lookalike Marketing

Every eCommerce company can benefit from targeted marketing strategies. Typically, when a company spends time and money to create a highly targeted ad, the ROI is much higher, and overall a company is going to spend less money on Facebook marketing. One great way to create a target audience is through Facebook’s Lookalike Audiences.

With Lookalike Audiences you build a Facebook campaign to brand new customers based on the demographic and characteristics of your past customers. You simply build a profile for your prior customers and then Facebook’s algorithms tracks down users with the same qualities.

You already know similar individuals are interested in your brand, so there is a better chance the Lookalike Audiences’ users are as well. In 2017, these ads are performing better than other targeted forms of social media marketing.

#6: Remember You Have Free of Charge Ad Space

Likely, every eCommerce store is already engaged in Facebook marketing, simply by having a Facebook page. Most brands spend a significant amount of time and thought setting up this free page, but maintenance can fall by the wayside. However, your business page is entirely free marketing, and can be incredibly effective for contacting and connecting with potential customers.

First, your Facebook page is a great  place to portray your brand on social marketing. Selecting your cover photo, profile picture, and regular content should all be tied to your other marketing efforts, color schemes, and branding. Second, the more you post, the more likely users are to see your content.

Discover a Digital Agency Ready to Improve Your Facebook Marketing

While individual tips for Facebook marketing are helpful, you truly need a comprehensive plan to realize the best ROI. Unsure how to build that overall plan or put the puzzle pieces together? Contact a digital agency that is specialized in eCommerce.

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