3 Ways to Use Pinterest to Boost eCommerce Sales

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3 Ways to Use Pinterest to Boost eCommerce Sales

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3 Ways to Use Pinterest to Boost eCommerce Sales

Social media platform Pinterest is becoming an effective marketing tool for eCommerce businesses to utilize to gain more traffic. Pinterest is the perfect platform to feature products and services in a visually intriguing format. Pinterest has an upward of 100 million users, and tapping into that market could mean substantial growth for your business.

So how do you use Pinterest to the best of its ability? Here are 3 ways to use Pinterest to grow your eCommerce business.

Showcase Your Products the Right Way

You might think you can upload your product shots right to Pinterest and see immediate results. Using this strategy will get you nowhere. Customers use Pinterest most of the time to generate ideas. Take advantage of this by showcasing your products as they are meant to be used. For example, if you are an eCommerce business selling throw pillows, stage them in a home, on a sofa or bed. This helps customers see what the product would look like in their own homes, and can help generate traffic back to your website.
Keep in mind that you want your staged photos to be done completely right. This means you want to make sure your staged photos are professional, and inspiring. Your customers can take note of what you’ve done and translate it to their own vision. You want to make sure you only feature high-quality images that are professional and staged correctly.

Keep Your Pinterest Profile Exciting

It can be easy to fall into a routine of simply sharing high-quality product shots as pins that are linked back to your eCommerce website. But don’t be surprised when you don’t see too much traffic back to your website. Pinterest as a community looks for interesting, and diverse material. So keeping your platform unique is crucial to success. So how do you do this? Not only can you include product shots, but featuring ways to use your products in how-tos, recipes, DIYs, and even articles can help your customers connect with your brand.
Featuring your articles in relevant content can help customers go back to your eCommerce website and increase sales. If your customers see a recipe or DIY that requires your product, they can go back to your website to purchase said products.

Lifestyle First, Products Second

As an eCommerce business, it’s easy to go for the straight sale. You want to tell your customers that your products are the best. If you take the sales first approach you risk being seen as a shady, spam website looking to make a quick buck. Rather focus on creating a “lifestyle” your products can be incorporated into or transitioned into. Creating a lifestyle first can help customers connect to your brand. Creating a lifestyle rather than just pushing your products, keeps your brand relevant and consistent.

The lifestyle you create also attracts the customer niche you are targeting. Customers who are in your demographic can relate to the curated lifestyle you created and relate to your brand. Showcasing the benefits and features of your products in a lifestyle scenario will help bring more traffic to your website.


Pinterest as a marketing tool that can be utilized to its full potential by eCommerce websites. You will be sure to see a boost in eCommerce sales if you utilize Pinterest strategically. Want help in curating your Pinterest to see the best results? Contact 1Digital today and we can help you set up and optimize your Pinterest profile to see better results!

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