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3 Ways a BigCommerce Website Designer Can Boost Your Sales

BigCommerce Website Design For Sales

The BigCommerce platform has rapidly gained popularity in recent years, as it has grown to become one of the best solutions for those who want to build a professional eCommerce storefront with ease.

While the core features of this platform make it an excellent choice, there is still a need for skilled BigCommerce website designers that can create fully responsive custom websites, specialized integrations, and hand-tailored themes that cater specifically to your unique business needs.

A well-made eCommerce website is essential if you want to convert your users into shoppers.

Everything from the way your website looks to how it performs on mobile devices can come into play as a user is browsing your store. In all phases of the buying process, you want to make sure that your BigCommerce store looks professional and has all of the right features that your users are looking for.

In this guide we will be taking a look at 3 of the biggest reasons why a BigCommerce designer is a must if you want to maximize your sales, and why 1Digital® is recognized as one of the leading eCommerce agencies when it comes to providing custom BigCommerce solutions that can actually have a positive impact on your store.

Why a BigCommerce Partner is Important for the Long-Term Success of Your Business

Loved for its features like optimized one-page checkout, inventory management tools, and a robust page builder, BigCommerce is an easy choice for eCommerce merchants that are looking for a powerful and full-featured storefront.

The only issue with pre-packaged solutions like this is that eventually, you’re going to hit roadblocks as you attempt to fit your specific eCommerce vision into an established mold. As your store grows, you’re going to need advanced features and special customizations that aren’t offered by native BigCommerce plans.

Best BigCommerce Partner
Having a dedicated BigCommerce partner will allow you to make better decisions for the long-term health of your eCommerce business.

As a store owner, you will be faced with two options: either stick with what you have and risk letting your store become stagnant, or begin working with a qualified BigCommerce partner that can help you navigate these issues through intentional design, development, and marketing projects.

A professionally-developed BigCommerce website design will stick out among your competitors and will improve the entire sales process, as your store will be more responsive, easier to navigate, and will better accommodate your users in every way.

It’s not enough to simply get a custom design made, however. For long-term growth, you will want a strategic partner that can help you realize your eCommerce goals on a larger scale. This requires a more thoughtful approach when it comes to the design process, which only certain agencies are able to manage.

Here at 1Digital®, for instance, we have a comprehensive approach when it comes to all of our BigCommerce design and development projects. We take a great deal of time to listen to the specific needs of our clients before any kind of development even begins.

We work closely with clients to analyze their needs, understand their position in their industry, and create custom solutions that take full advantage of the BigCommerce platform.

It is this degree of expertise and sophistication in the way we approach eCommerce development that has made us such a force in the industry. Clients from all over the country trust us to provide them with snappy web pages, custom apps and integrations, and on-brand designs that really connect with customers and get them to convert.

When it comes to running a business, you always want to think long-term. Whether you are trying to enhance your online store with a custom BigCommerce theme or if you need a full-fledged marketing campaign that involves strengthening the technical fundamentals of your website in order to reach more customers, it all comes back to hiring the right BigCommerce agency for the job.

Recognized by an Industry Giant For BigCommerce Website Design

What does it take to build an effective eCommerce store that has everything your users are looking for? If you perform Google searches on the subject, you will uncover any number of different articles on everything from responsive design to search engine optimization, written by authorities with varying degrees of knowledge on such subjects.

The truth is that success in eCommerce isn’t easy.

You will have hurdles to overcome that require hard work and complex solutions, which is one of the reasons why there are so many blogs dedicated to the subject. If you have been in this space long enough, you have likely read several articles written by well-known entrepreneurs who have already succeeded in eCommerce and online marketing and who now hope to impart useful information to business owners looking for answers.

One of the most highly regarded personalities in this space is Neil Patel.

Known for his SEO keyword tool Ubersuggest and a wide array of other accomplishments, this UK-based entrepreneur is commonly recognized as one of the foremost authorities on digital marketing for online businesses. His blog is one of the most popular in the entire industry and represents the gold standard in terms of trustworthiness and reliable information for business owners that want to improve their online presence in a myriad of ways.

Recently, Neil Patel recognized 1Digital® as the best eCommerce design agency for BigCommerce customizations. This is based on the extensive list of BigCommerce merchants we have served and the comprehensive customizations and design projects that we have implemented over the years. This nod exposes just how important it is for store owners to partner with a BigCommerce web designer that can properly accommodate them.

The focus of the article in particular makes it clear why design and development are so crucial for the long-term growth and success of any eCommerce store. Featuring the best eCommerce digital marketing agencies of 2021, traffic, sales, and ROI were discussed at length.

In fact, Neil Patel makes it a point to mention at the onset of the article that every improvement made for eCommerce sites should lead to an increase in revenue in some way or another.

Featured on Neil Patel
Neil Patel’s expertise on the subject of digital marketing gives him unique insight into the importance that design and development plays in this arena. A professional BigCommerce design is essential for enhancing the way your store performs from a user perspective.

This is telling because it reveals that custom design and development is a driver of revenue.

When it comes to effective marketing tools, there’s nothing better than the power of your own website. Your BigCommerce site should be doing a lot of the legwork in terms of getting your customers to convert.

If you have noticed that your website has a rather high bounce rate or a low conversion rate, this is a surefire sign that it’s not functioning as an effective marketing tool.

This is where you need the ongoing guidance of an Elite BigCommerce partner that can help provide effective solutions that will enhance the core functionality of your storefront.

What Neil Patel is calling out by highlighting 1Digital® is the fact that without a custom BigCommerce design, your store is not going to have that professional panache and slick feel that many users are looking for. Whether it’s a need for a custom third-party app integration or a fully-customized category page that effectively communicates your brand message, our team of BigCommerce experts here at 1Digital® are well suited to make it happen.

How Can a BigCommerce Website Designer Increase Your Revenue?

Neil Patel’s knowledge of the industry and extensive marketing background makes it easy for him to recognize why a professional website design is such a crucial element to boosting your sales numbers. However, the article itself doesn’t go into too many specifics in terms of the actual benefits of improving your BigCommerce design, and the kind of solutions that we as an agency can provide BigCommerce store owners.

Below you will find just a few examples of how a design project can completely turn your business around.

1. Better UX Increases Conversions

The user experience or UX of a website often determines how it performs. From the responsiveness of buttons to how easy it is to find particular products, an eCommerce storefront needs to be a well-oiled machine if you intend on maximizing your conversions.

A skilled BigCommerce website design agency can help to ensure that your store meets the expectations of your shoppers on all fronts. The more usable your website is, the greater the chance that your users will feel comfortable, find what they are looking for, and will flow through the sales process seamlessly.

2. An Attractive BigCommerce Design is Great For Brand Awareness

Another way that a professionally designed website can help improve sales is through brand awareness. An attractive, unique website will stand out in the minds of your shoppers and keep them coming back.

A recognized brand gives you a competitive edge and can improve customer retention while attracting new shoppers that see you as a leader in your niche.

3. A Properly Designed eCommerce Website Improves SEO

You can’t dig too deep into the nuts and bolts of a website without mentioning SEO. This is one of the most important aspects of any website, and if you intend on getting found in the search engines, you have to take it seriously and invest in it accordingly.

While a custom design project for BigCommerce may not always incorporate SEO tactics directly, there will always be some overlap. For instance, a poorly-coded app could potentially slow down your website, which could hinder the user experience and negatively affect your page rankings.

Our developers and eCommerce design experts work closely with our digital marketing team to ensure that everything we do is SEO-friendly and designed to help boost your rankings on Google, not damage them. When we are mapping out a project, we specifically look for ways in which we can improve the performance of a website and optimize it so that it has a better chance to rank organically.

Increasing your organic traffic properly will naturally result in more sales, which is one of the reasons why influential marketers like Neil Patel have made a career off of discussing this subject and helping people to understand it, as it is a complex subject.

With anything related to eCommerce SEO, you are going to want a knowledgeable BigCommerce partner at your side that has plenty of experience in this arena and who understands how to implement the right search engine optimizations on the platform in order to get the best results.

A website with a strong SEO foundation will make ongoing optimizations and digital marketing campaigns that much easier, so this is something to take note of if you are looking into custom development for your website. It’s important that the agency partner you hire understands the weight of SEO in today’s marketplace and that your development project or new design will incorporate these marketing tactics from the start.

Get In Touch With Our BigCommerce Developers For Your Next Custom Project

At 1Digital®, we seek to provide the best possible solutions for eCommerce merchants, and BigCommerce customizations are often a big part of the picture. After diving into the specifics and some of the benefits of these customizations, it’s easy to see why they are necessary.

Growth rarely comes by doing what everyone else is doing, and our clients recognized this and acted decisively, by hiring us to perform custom BigCommerce development for them.

If you are a BigCommerce merchant and are curious as to the impact we are having on the industry, take a look at some of our hottest case studies and portfolio pieces on the subject, and you will see why Neil Patel thought to call attention to our services.

As Neil Patel pointed out, we have performed BigCommerce website designs and development solutions for an array of clients such as Mac Me an Offer, Stover & Company, and Westlake Dermatology, to name a few. We are one of the leading agencies for BigCommerce app development, BigCommerce migration services, and all forms of digital marketing for eCommerce.

While it might seem like a big leap to go from ready-made solutions to custom development, the process is made a whole lot easier when you have a skilled team working on your project.

We have a streamlined project management system and a fully transparent process that clients love, which is another reason why so many store owners come to us for their BigCommerce needs. If you want your next eCommerce project handled by veterans in the industry, get in touch with our team today by calling 888-982-8269.