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Hiring the right Bigcommerce designer is critical point #1! It all starts with web design. Whether if you’re new to Bigcommerce or you have a proven, successful store, getting a professional design may be the most important thing you can do. When it comes to design, putting together the right elements for your Bigcommerce store is something you’ll need a professional Bigcommerce designer to handle.

The Edge You’ll Need

Putting together the right elements onto your Bigcommerce store is something of a science. It’s easy to do to much which could be dangerous for your sales. Doing too little with your Bigcommerce design may be the curse of death. There’s a right and wrong balance when designing your Bigcommerce ecommerce store that you’ll want to get right. Especially if you’re putting in marketing dollars into something like Bigcommerce SEO.

What Makes a Good Bigcommerce Designer?

What should you look for in your Bigcommerce designer? Have you found a few designers that you think may be good but not sure if they qualify for your Bigcommerce project? Bigcommerce is a tricky system and there are many built in elements only a Bigcommerce designer would know about. Here’s what you should look for when hiring a web designer.

  • Check their portfolio
  • Read reviews
  • How many successful Bigcommerce stores have they designed?
  • Make sure they work with Bigcommerce developers
  • How well do their example sites operate?
  • KISS – Are they keeping it stupid simple?

  • You can hire many web designers online, and a few of them consider themselves professional Bigcommerce designers. However few are good. At 1Digital our designers have had over 100+ Bigcommerce design projects, and each project has a unique brandable experience requested by the client. That diverse experience alone should clearly show why our agency would and could be very qualified for your project.

    Serious About Ecommerce?

    How serious are you about your Ecommerce project or store? If you’re serious we want to talk to you about your next Bigcommerce web design project. As we’re the leaders in our industry, people come to us for expert Bigcommerce services. We want to work with companies that have a clear vision and allow us to bring that successful value to our next project and relationship.

    Bigcommerce Experts at 1Digital

    When it’s time to start your project make sure to contact our Bigcommerce experts. From design, development to Bigcommerce SEO, we’ve got the game plan to help you achieve your Ecommerce goals. Stop looking around at other agencies, as you’ve landed at the leading, top industry Bigcommerce experts, located right here in Philadelphia, PA. We’re an Ecommerce digital agency, ready to work with you. Contact us today.

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