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Why You Should Not Take the Easy Way Out with SEO

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With the rise of online presence and a need to go digital, many business owners and operations are starting to understand that there is an importance for good search engine optimization practices as part of their digital marketing. What many don’t know is that it can be very easy to fall into the trap of taking the easy way out when it comes to SEO.

There are many white hat strategies that can actually hurt your long-term SEO performance that may not be realized by business owners and companies that try to handle SEO on their own, from the content production to the digital marketing. 

There are a few strategies you should do everything in your power to avoid

Assembly Line SEO Strategy

The concept of assembly line SEO is that a person or agency uses the same approach and tactics for every client. There are a lot of agencies out there that employ this strategy for easier management. After the initial round of on-page optimization, the strategy uses tactics like blogging and link-buying.

This really defines the “taking the easy way out” approach. This is an easy strategy, but it is hardly the best. Sure, in the beginning, you may see from results for this, but as you actually start to compete against other websites and businesses within your industry, you will start to see results plateau.

With 1Digital Agency, you don’t get the same cookie-cutter strategy as other clients. We start the SEO process by doing some research on your website and finding the areas where improvement can be made. We then begin the process with an on-boarding kick-off call to learn more about your business and your goals so our project managers have a good place to start their keyword research and our writers can produce content that is designed to be on brand and fit the tone of your business. 

Not everybody runs their business the same way or has the same goals. So why should you have the same strategy? At 1Digital, we make sure to get the fine details from you so we can see how you differentiate yourself from the rest of the competition and create content and optimize your website based on this information.

Placing Blame on Algorithm Updates

Search engines like Google are always undergoing changes, notably to the search algorithms. When changes are made, especially significant ones, you might see a drop in your rankings on search engine result pages. When your performance drops, you can be quick to point the finger and look for a reason that this is happening. In some cases, it does have a lot to do with the constant changes to search algorithms. 

However, there are often other reasons for drops in performance. Here are just a few of the other reasons your SEO performance could suffer:

  • Technical issues with your website
  • Making significant changes to the content
  • Seasonal audiences
  • Changes from your competition

With these other possibilities in mind, you can use them to discover if the real reason for performance drops is from an algorithm change or something else.

Technical issues are one of the common reasons that performance takes a hit. Perhaps you updated part of your website and created the technical issue on your own without knowing it. Investigate your website’s technical performance by running a website crawl to check for structural changes. With the help of an agency like 1Digital Agency, you’ll have a team that can look into any technical errors to help keep your website in error-free.

There are also websites that change content frequently, especially in eCommerce where your product lineup can experience regular changes. You can check past webpages by using the Wayback Machine and see if there were significant changes made before you noticed the change in performance or specifically find the pages that have taken the biggest performance hit and analyze those to see if content changes are part of the reason.

Perhaps your performance changes in SEO are par for the course when it comes to seasonality. A check into year-to-year performance and noting comparisons in the way your SEO and website are trending can answer a lot of questions. 

Of course, while your strategy was working fine, your competition could have easily made some changes of their own and received an SEO boost that knocked your results down a few notches. If you notice that your organic performance has suffered recently and may suspect that competitors are stealing your ranking positions, you may need to simply step in and make a few adjustments of your own.

Buying Links

Buying links can be an easy way to guarantee that you get the number of backlinks you want, but more often than not, these purchased backlinks are of low quality and not relevant to your business. If you can get backlinks from well-known publications, you may be discovered by bloggers or businesses and included in additional articles. 

  • seo avoid these strategies
  • This typically only happens as the result of a snowball effect from organic growth. There is no fast-track to gaining quality backlinks. You can’t jump in and think you can buy your way to success. Instead of trying to buy your way to quality backlinks and coming up short, working with a digital agency that can get your content to a network of third-party websites with high-quality link building can make a world of difference in your SEO efforts.

That’s part of the strategy at 1Digital Agency. A portion of your content is created to reach search engines and build backlinks so you have better domain authority.

Being Scared to Question Your Strategy

Here’s a reality check for you: it’s too easy to simply search for the answers to your questions and expect to find the solution. When it comes to your strategy, there is no simple answer to some of the problems you will face. You certainly won’t find it in a Google search.

One of the best ways to improve your SEO strategy is to ask for advice. Run a poll online about what people are reading and learn more about your target audience. Consult with a digital agency and see what areas they feel need improvement. 

Asking questions and pushing the boundaries of your SEO strategy is highly encouraged because it can lead you to new and better results and teach you something about your business and SEO along the way. 

Your SEO strategy can be the vehicle that drives your business to success. Once you get the right content strategy and keywords in place, you can start to see the results change over time and build on them to establish yourself with search engines. 

With the help of 1Digital Agency, you can get a partner that stands by you every step of the way. From the beginning, 1Digital Agency helps craft a strategy with your business goals in mind, gets an understanding of your business and target audience so quality content can be created, and helps choose keywords with you that can help your rankings improve in the short and long-term.

1Digital Agency has employed this strategy for years since our inception in 2012 and we continue to help businesses like you every day. Learn more about our SEO and digital marketing services here or by calling at 215-809-1567, and partner with us today.


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