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As a business owner with an eye on the digital side of marketing, you probably hear all the time that content is king and that marketing works. But what if you are not seeing any results from your own content marketing efforts?

When content marketing isn’t working for you, it can become frustrating very quickly. Your goal with any marketing endeavor is to get a return on your investment or ROI. Sure, SEO and digital marketing are things that take time, but being able to see some signs of progress, even in the early stages of a digital marketing campaign, is critical.

In all of the frustration, you may be closer than you think to get the return on investment you want from your content marketing. Just a few tweaks to your strategy may be all it takes. So today, we present you with our top 5 ways you can boost your content marketing ROI.

Create Evergreen Content

A big problem many companies face in their marketing is paying for poor quality content. If you’re going to pay an agency or marketing company to produce content as part of your marketing campaign, you should be getting quality content that engages your audience.

However, the key is to not only get high-quality content but also content that is referred to as “evergreen.”

Evergreen content is content that will be relevant to your business for a long time after it first gets published because it contains information that is relevant to your business and will offer value to your customers for a long period of time.

Google rates content based on three important qualities: how useful it is for the reader, how relevant it is to the search term or target keyword and the expertise, domain authority, and trustworthiness of the website. There are so many agencies out there that produce content in large numbers with the goal of trying to only gain rankings rather than focusing on the importance of providing value.

When working with 1Digital Agency, our process begins by doing an extensive review of your website from a technical standpoint and trying to discover opportunities where SEO can be improved.

Throughout this process, and as an initial keyword list is constructed, our writers learn more about your business and industry so that the content we produce adds both value and expertise. The more we know about you as a business, your industry, and your goals for the future, the better the content will be and the more value it will have.

Choose Relevant Topics

In the same way you know about your business, you should also know about your target audience and their tendencies. What do they search for or want to know more about? You can’t just enter a content marketing strategy and just pick random topics. You have to know what your target market is searching for or interested in.

This is where keyword research takes on a deeper meaning. You might know what your customers are searching for, but are you putting a focus on those topics or similar products that can have just as much value.

Remain Consistent

When it comes to content, consistency is king. You can produce a few great, high quality, evergreen articles, but if you don’t do it with consistency, you won’t see much change in your results. As you consistently produce high quality, evergreen content, you will get better content marketing ROI.

Why? Because Google notices websites that consistently produce good quality content, and so do users. If you go to one source for all of your local news, it’s probably because you trust in them to deliver valuable information. The same goes for content that relates to businesses in eCommerce, and search engines tend to promote this organically because it is coming from a trusted source.

It’s not enough to just produce quality content every once in a while. With more consistency come more results.

Create a Better User Experience

If you want to get a better ROI in your content marketing, another aspect that cannot be ignored is your website.

You could be producing the best content out there, but if your website doesn’t present it in a way that connects with readers, they’ll go right back to other search results. So it’s not enough to just produce content and rely solely on that to win business from users. You need to make sure your website has a good and engaging responsive design that functions well on all devices, loads quickly, and encourages users to convert. Google certainly takes these qualities into consideration and if any of them are lacking, your ROI can suffer no matter what kind of content your produce.

Build Backlinks

As mentioned earlier, Google looks at your expertise, authority, and trustworthiness when considering rankings. Another way to improve these qualities, aside from the content you create, is to employ a better link building strategy. Not only should you link to other sources of content that are relevant to the topic, but you should also build outbound links to other authoritative sources as well.

Many business owners are wary of doing this because they don’t want to bring attention to any possible competition, but linking to sources outside of your websites shows that you also associate with them. If you link to pages with authority, or better, they link to you, it helps to build your own domain authority.

With these tips in mind, it’s time for you to consider jumping on the bandwagon and getting the most ROI in your content marketing strategy. With a strategic SEO campaign, you can start focusing on the ways that will get you the most bang for your buck organically.

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