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Content King

If you have any background on digital marketing, chances are you have heard the saying “content is king” and that really is true.

Content is everything to your eCommerce business. It’s a representation of your brand. It builds awareness and loyalty. It helps bring in more traffic through organic results. It creates an authority with search engines and improves your rankings. Most importantly, it helps generate leads.

When you produce content regularly and effectively, there are so many benefits for your brand and business.

Today, we will take a look at these benefits and what effective content marketing can do for you.

Be an Expert – Think of content and search as a cohesive unit. People use search to get answers. If you own a business as an eCommerce merchant, you should be an expert on your products and on as many things in the industry as possible. Your content, then, should be able to provide answers to the questions people are searching for. By providing those answers, customers are more willing to place trust in you and purchase your products.

Traffic – The more blog posts you add to your website, the more pages you start to have indexed with search engines. This increases your reach and rankings on search engines, which in turn leads to an increase in traffic to your website. The more eyes that are on your website and your products, the more likely you are to achieve greater sales.

New Level of Success – If you want to see proof that blogging and regularly posting makes a difference, look at Shopify’s platform. Shopify offers its platform to eCommerce merchants. As part of their website, they post regular blogs and articles. This blogging strategy has increased the number of customers by 55 percent, a number that tops $389 million in revenue.

Content Marketing

Keep Customers Informed – We mentioned earlier that blog posts and content can be a resource to answer the questions that customers are actively searching. Blog posts can also be created to inform customers about products and help them make decisions to purchase. Customers like to feel informed about products before they purchase, so they can be confident they are making the right choice. A blog post that simply informs about the product without doing too much to make a sales pitch can make the difference in converting a customer.

Brand Building and ROI – Creating blog posts is an investment of time, but it is one that helps you build a reputation. It builds out your brand and creates more awareness that you can be trusted. That said, this is not a practice that can start and stop on a whim. Publishing one blog post will not create long-term results. You need to continue to build out your content and remember that the content you produce lasts much longer than the date posted. If the post is well-written and follows good SEO practices, it will rank higher with search engines and people will find it organically long after the publish date.

Publishing content regularly can have long-term benefits for your website and the only way to unlock those benefits is to start producing content. You may, however, be too busy to continually publish on a schedule. This is why you should look into a digital agency for content marketing that can help establish your voice and your brand and bring in more customers by expanding your reach through content.

At 1Digital Agency, we have expert writers skilled in producing content that speaks to your brand and that follows the best SEO practices so your organic results drive in more customers. Want to find out more about how a content marketing plan with 1Digital Agency can work for you? Contact 1Digital Agency today to find out.


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