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A properly managed PPC ad campaign can be incredibly beneficial for an eCommerce business, driving steady growth through consistent traffic and conversions. However, running an effective marketing campaign poses an array of challenges that can be difficult to circumvent without the help of skilled advertising experts.

It’s not as easy as simply throwing more money into a campaign or selecting different keywords to target. When it comes to any ad platform, whether it’s Google, Bing, Amazon, or even Facebook, there are dozens of data points to consider and a wide range of different strategies that could be potentially employed in order to get the desired results.

Depending on the industry you are in and the specific marketing goals you are trying to achieve, your approach to PPC must differ. Effective eCommerce PPC management means carefully analyzing everything from the customers that are being targeted to the way in which each ad is crafted, in order to make the appropriate changes that will generate the best possible ROI within budget.

Here at 1Digital®, providing effective marketing solutions for eCommerce businesses is a key part of what we do. Our PPC experts have become adept at spotting weaknesses in campaigns and being able to make the appropriate adjustments that result in more traffic and higher conversions. In the following case study, we discuss some of the tactics we used to turn an underperforming campaign into a success story in a few short weeks.

Diagnosing Issues Within a PPC Campaign

Launching a pay-per-click ad campaign and seeing some sales trickle in is not all that difficult to achieve. However, crafting a highly effective strategy that gets you a ton of traffic and a great ROI is another matter. Very often, it’s not all that clear what steps need to be taken in order to go from a mediocre campaign to one that allows you to grow as a business.

Divinity Clergy Wear, seller of high-quality clergy robes and vestments, was already finding success with the 1Digital® team through an effective eCommerce SEO campaign. While their PPC was returning modest results, the enterprise PPC team here at 1Digital® spotted areas of their ad campaigns that had room for improvement, and could potentially yield a greater ROI.

This was a pain point for Divinity Clergy Wear, as they found themselves wondering what they had to do to see a better return from their marketing budget. They felt as though they weren’t always targeting the right customers, which was reflected in a lackluster conversion rate and relatively high CPC (cost per click).

Of course, figuring out exactly how to tweak a Google ad campaign in order to increase conversions and target better-qualified customers is one of the most difficult aspects of eCommerce PCC. There’s no “one size fits all” solution that applies to every business, nor can you expect to make one single tweak and get the kind of results you’re looking for. Optimizing a campaign requires a deep understanding of buyer behavior, the necessary technical skill to fine-tune the targeting strategy, and the ability to listen to what the client is actually looking for in terms of their business goals.

Falling back on our wealth of knowledge when it comes to auditing ad accounts and spotting areas where improvements can be made, our PPC team was able to diagnose a few key areas where subtle changes could be implemented that would result in much better customer targeting, and therefore, better ROI.

Proper eCommerce PPC Management Techniques in Action

The process of improving this campaign began by simply listening to the client’s pain points and delving into how we could better target their ideal customers.

We have found that the best way to develop an effective marketing strategy is to establish a rock-solid client relationship before anything else. This allows our team to extract the necessary information with which we can base a successful campaign off of. Anyone can run ads for some products, but it takes a sophisticated approach in order to create a marketing campaign that actually drives results.

The foundation of expert PPC management begins well before any actions are taken within a Google ad account. To get worthwhile results from any campaign, you need a full understanding of who you are targeting and why. To that end, we worked with the Divinity Clergy Wear team closely in order to develop a greater understanding of their target market, so that we could take the proper actions on our end to ensure that we could give them the increase in ROI they were looking for.

One key aspect of our strategy was reallocating ad spend to higher ticket products, which are what customers in this niche are primarily looking for. By including Google price extensions along with these retargeted ads, we increased the likelihood that shoppers would find what they are looking for, and that they would click on a high ticket item. The natural result of this was a better CPC and more conversions because the ads were focusing on the right audience.

These subtle yet strategic adjustments were enough to completely change the course of Divinity Clergy Wear’s PPC campaign. Where before they were dissatisfied with their sales figures, they had reached a point where they were struggling to keep up with demand:

“We’re running out of inventory at a pace that we had never seen. We just stepped up our inventory and all of a sudden it seems to be a low amount. It’s good and bad; but it’s good. It’s actually stressful. Now it’s about keeping the customers. Once you get them, it’s great, but we have to keep them! Now we have to worry about staffing ourselves again. These are the problems we want to have!”

In only a short amount of time, the changes we implemented on their campaign were enough to generate positive results, and the numbers certainly confirmed this.

PPC Campaign Stats 1

In one month, we effectively doubled eCommerce revenue and increased their eCommerce conversion rate by nearly 50%. These are life-changing statistics for a growing business, and proof that with an agile approach to eCommerce digital marketing, you can achieve incredible results. The key is listening to the needs of the client and addressing them with the appropriate strategy.


With everything from clicks to conversions up across the board month over month, it was clear that we were headed in the direction that Divinity Clergy Wear wanted to go, and they expressed this sentiment to our team.
“Everyone seems to be in the zone on our project. We give you the ideas of what we want to sell and then you guys make it happen.”

How you approach eCommerce PPC management will dictate the kind of results you are going to get. Instead of cookie-cutter plans, our team works on providing comprehensive custom solutions that address specific issues that apply solely to your business and niche, for the best possible results.

How We Boost Sales With PPC

When we asked the Divinity Clergy Wear team what stood out the most about the results we were generating for them, it was all about conversions:

“Sales have impressed us the most. Sheer volume of orders; not even the money. Just seeing that we’re doing as many sales as we are in a day. We’ve been around for a while but now we’re really growing.”

The results we were able to generate for Divinity Clergy Wear are just one of many similar instances where our smart approach to eCommerce PPC has paid off. We are able to consistently improve the performance of ad campaigns by addressing a handful of key areas, which we will break down below.

Smarter PPC Strategies

When it comes to digital marketing, you need a proper strategy in order to find success. Rather than performing an array of unconnected actions and hoping to drive results just by throwing money at Google, our entire approach to ad management is different. Our eCommerce PPC services start a carefully devised strategy based on a client’s unique goals, the demographic they want to target, and the goals they have for their business.

By constructing an overarching strategy, we are better able to uncover lucrative opportunities for clients that would otherwise go unseen. We are also able to put their ad spend to better use, by getting the best CPC possible in a given market. The result is a smarter strategy that generates real results.

Precise Audience Targeting

Integral to our approach is how we target potential shoppers. Platforms such as Google provide an incredible array of features that can be applied to ad campaigns in order to improve the performance of campaigns. In the case of our strategy for Divinity Clergy Wear, the expert use of price extensions meant better-qualified traffic within a specific price bracket. This was enough to improve CPC because it meant users had a better chance at knowing they were in the right place before ever clicking the ad.

An expertly crafted PPC ad will provide potential shoppers with as much information as possible relative to their buying habits. With other areas of targeting taken into consideration, such as the use of proper keywords and professionally written ad copy, the result is a more precise form of targeting that converts better.

Understanding Your Business

For us, listening to the needs of our clients is the number one differentiating factor when it comes to generating a successful eCommerce marketing campaign. Our goal is to pair professional eCommerce consulting with analytical implementation for an approach to PPC marketing that is smart, flexible, and data-driven.

At the heart of our strategy is a need to understand the hurdles you face as a business and what your long-term goals are, so we can develop a plan of action that is about more than just clicks and sales, but sustainable revenue and palpable success.

Managing Your PPC Campaign The Right Way

Whether it’s getting a better return on ad spend or improving the face of your business with a branded campaign, you need the help of an eCommerce PPC company that is ready to listen to your needs and that is equipped to handle any situation in order to generate results.

1Digital® is known as a leading authority when it comes to putting together successful digital marketing campaigns for eCommerce stores. Regardless of niche or business pain points, our team of eCommerce experts is able to formulate sound strategies that promote growth and bring in the kind of results you want.

If you are interested in eCommerce PPC management services and would like some insight into the health of your current campaigns in order to better understand what direction to take, we offer a free PPC audit. You can also get in touch with our experts by calling 888-982-8269.


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