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Mobile Reigns Over Desktop In Generating Traffic For eCommerce Websites

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Mobile Reigns Over Desktop In Generating Traffic For eCommerce Websites

Small screens are the big man on campus now. With the rise of smartphone use, more and more consumers are looking to make purchases from their mobile devices. eCommerce sales account for 7.8% of total retail sales. It’s reported that 41.5% of web shopping is done through smartphone portals, compared to the 45% done on desktops. While this may seem like an insignificant difference, smartphone web shopping will increase to 60% by the end of the year according to Bloomberg News. More consumers are looking to purchase their products online, which is why eCommerce sales reached $92.8 billion in revenue last year alone. So, why do smartphones see more traffic than computers?

Mobile shopping is becoming  more popular for many different reasons. Mobile shopping provides an easy and comfortable experience. Retailers have the opportunity to reach consumers anytime and anywhere. With options at the tip of your thumbs, it’s easy to see why more and more consumers choose to do their shopping through their smartphones. “Retailing today is more about the customer experience than it is about anything else,” says Poonam Goyal, senior retail analyst with Bloomberg Intelligence. This convenience is the driving force behind most eCommerce sales on smartphones.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t come without it’s own set of obstacles. Consumers have found issues with mobile shopping. Retailers and manufacturers are eagerly looking for a way to fix the problems. Shopping cart abandonment on mobile is at a high of 75%. To combat that, retailers and manufacturers are finding new ways for consumers to finish their shopping activity. Lengthy checkout times, and complicated payment procedures are two of the biggest problems consumers face when completing a transaction on a smartphone. In response to these hurdles, Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Paypal offer retailers the opportunity to provide a more streamlined transaction procedure that consumers appreciate. eCommerce platforms such as Shopify and Big Commerce plan to integrate Apple Pay and Android Pay into their systems. The development of in-house apps also allow for a more comfortable user experience. With apps completely dedicated to the retailers products, consumers are able to provide a more comfortable shopping experience. “If they can get it right on mobile today and tomorrow, that’s where they’re going to see a lot of value going forward,” said Rick Kenney, author of a study conducted by Demandware, an eCommerce software provider and head of consumer insights for Demandware. Larger phone screens and easier web browsing will also contribute to smartphone’s eCommerce success. Convenience and ease will streamline a user’s shopping experience, which in turn will help retailers see more profit from their eCommerce platforms.

With desktops being edged out as the leading source for eCommerce shopping, it is now time for retailers to focus their efforts on smartphone shopping. Overcoming obstacles like lengthy checkout times, as well as implementing easier transaction procedures, will allow for a more streamlined shopping experience that will provide even more convenience to customers. Consumers prefer the comfort and convenience of mobile shopping and retailers will see a change in how their consumers are shopping. If you’re looking to get your eCommerce site responsively designed for mobile devices or API integration as well as to learn more about all the digital marketing and development services we offer, contact 1 Digital Agency today!               

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