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How to Gain Retention and Engagement Through Mobile Apps

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How to Gain Retention and Engagement Through Mobile Apps

Three Ways to Increase Mobile Engagement Through Apps

In today’s market, eCommerce doesn’t end at a PC. It certainly doesn’t end on a laptop, either. Your business can target customers that shop from home, and it should, but that isn’t the end game. Technology has been integrated with ways never seen before, and your brick and mortar store could be visited on a whim by a man in a nearby park searching for a product that you sell on his mobile phone. That’s right, mobile is the future. You want a fully optimized site for your mobile customers, too, or you’ll be left in the past.

One thing that plenty of businesses ponder is the necessity of apps. Well, as any Google AdWords training course will tell you, your mobile site is there to encourage new customer engagement in hopes for conversion. Your app, however, is there to retain ongoing customer relationships and encourage further engagement from those who already have. The success of a mobile app is overwhelming if done right.


An Example:

I would never have thought to look to Groupon for Father’s Day, had I not had their app. The moment that I received a push notification reminding me that Father’s Day was arriving and that Groupon had plenty of deals to choose from, I was sold. What does this mean? It means that I, an already active user of Groupon, was invited to re-use, re-engage, and send Groupon a conversion through my purchase. It wasn’t hard to convince me; I already enjoy the platform. Customers like me and customers similar to me are the customers that your mobile app can reach, and a recurring customer is always a win.


Let’s Talk Apps

Simply having an app isn’t going to do you any good. Why? You need to build an app that customers actually want to use. You need to think about strategy, consider a PPC campaign, and implement the latest trends as a hook. At the end of the day, there’s only so much room on someone’s phone. Why did I keep the Groupon app? It’s fantastic. It’s an excellent app that encourages me to utilize the platform to purchase more goods, and successfully, I might add. Be like Groupon; care about your app. 1Digital has put together a few tips to creating an excellent app, and remember, we can help you design it!




Caps Lock is for the angry or the important, and honestly, we’re angry that so many have skimmed the importance of push notifications. Without the guidance of Groupon, I would never have thought to use it for Father’s Day. I bought my dad a round of golf for him and a few friends; a great gift, right? I digress, there’s no way I would’ve thought to do that without a hefty push notification from Groupon.

What exactly do push notifications do for your customer? Plenty. For one, they’ll remind the customer that they’ve downloaded your app. With so many apps out there, it’s easy for yours to get lost in the mist. However, a push notification will alert the person of their download, typically convincing them to revisit your app. Outside of this, you can specify your notifications like Groupon did, and reach out to your customer with a specific offer. 1Digital Agency can help you create and maintain push notifications to better retain customers and increase your engagement rates.




Don’t make your customers fight to understand your application. It should not be a puzzle, it should not be a hassle, it should be easy. If you create a thousand steps to sign up, you’re going to lose them. You want to be authentic and you want to be simple. Users should understand the purpose of your app and how to navigate it in no time.

Imagine the first impression with a street canvasser; have you ever stopped to listen to what they’re saying? If you have, have you ever realized halfway through the conversation that you’re being solicited for money, and that you aren’t simply signing a petition (as they coerced you into believing)? Well, think about that anger. Your time was wasted, and you, in some ways, feel lied to. That’s what happens when someone downloads your app, only to spend five minutes trying to sign up to use it. Don’t force people to jump through hurdles; you want engagement, not rage.




Don’t make customers feel like your app is simply another extension of your website; give them app-specific deals that make your app worth downloading. For instance, if you’re selling soccer balls, maybe create a two for the price of one deal that is exclusive to those who purchase your soccer balls through your app. You get the idea. Regardless, these are the kind of things that drive engagement, and also drive home the point that your app is a necessity.

This also means advertising your app through your mobile site, as well as your desktop site. Let people know that the app contains app-specific deals, and let them know how easy it is to download and use. Once you’ve got customers using your app, it will be much easier to boost your customer retention.


Contact 1Digital For Your Mobile Success

All of these things sound easy to pull off on paper, but you’re going to run into some snags along the way without the help of eCommerce experts. The designers and developers at 1Digital know how to navigate a mobile platform in a way that brings out a clear victory for customer and merchant alike. Don’t sit around while your sales dwindle, take action and contact a proven success-driver like 1Digital Agency. Check out our mobile app development page, and then give us a ring. You’ll be glad you did.

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