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There’s an old marketing adage which usually goes something like this: Be where your customers are. Traditionally, that’s referring to the importance of well thought out ad placement. Now, you have an opportunity to place yourself directly in your customer’s pocket, on a screen that they will look at, on average, once every 12 minutes. No thought necessary. That’s the best possible placement in the history of marketing.

That’s the exposure that eCommerce mobile app development offers you. Between push notifications for special offers, order history and reorder capability, personalization of the shopping experience, and a whole lot more, a mobile app can build customer engagement and loyalty like no other tool before. Here at 1Digital®, we specialize in mobile apps designed for eCommerce. They’re the perfect partner to a custom designed eCommerce website to make sure you reach your customers wherever they are.

iOS Development

Development & Support

The iPhone needs no introduction. IOS apps are becoming a common offering for eCommerce businesses, and the cost to develop one is no longer prohibitive. We saw explosive growth in 2014, with mobile app usage increasing by 76%. eCommerce apps grew the most, at 174%. It was a natural progression for 1Digital Agency to become iPhone Application developers to create eCommerce apps for the merchants we work with. No different from the design and development services we offer, our mobile app clients range from small businesses that didn’t know they could afford an app to enterprises with specific and complex requirements.

Android Development

Autopilot or Direct Oversight

The Android app ecosystem, developed in response to Apple’s IOS apps, gives developers a lot more freedom to customize. But with that freedom comes extra complication. Android phones don’t all run on a uniform OS like Apple, therefore new Android apps need to be compatible with a lot more systems. That’s why 1Digital®’s team of eCommerce mobile app developers are deeply familiar with the nuances of the Android ecosystem’s fundamental prerequisites. If you have unique requirements for your mobile app, chances are we can bring them to life with the Android system.

Interested in Mobile App Development?

eCommerce mobile app development is possible for a wider range of businesses now that CMS platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce are making bigger strides towards bringing mobile apps into the fold. We’re able to take your eCommerce store and recreate it as a mobile app experience your customers can interact with more quickly and easily. We’re able to customize your mobile app to meet unique requirements, and offer services that your store can’t. If you’re interested in talking about what a mobile app for your business might look like, reach out to the professionals at 1Digital Agency.

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