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Design Tips for a Great eCommerce Website

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Design Tips for a Great eCommerce Website

A key part of creating a great eCommerce website is the website design. The look and feel of an eCommerce website can make all the difference in converting a potential customer into a long-term customer.

At 1Digital Agency, creating custom designs and website redesigns is an integral part of what we do. We strive to give you the best design that is creative, clean and responsive to help your business draw more potential customers.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when working on a website design for your eCommerce store:

Clean and Organized – Having a large selection of products online is a great way to draw business, but keeping everything clean and organized is essential to conversion. Placing products into appropriate categories keeps a site organized so customers can easily find what they are looking for.

Easy to Navigate – In addition to a clean and organized look, navigation is equally as important. Your design should feature a menu that is simple to use and can navigate to the correct category pages easily.

Easy Access to Contact Info – On every page of your eCommerce website, the contact information should be clearly listed or easily accessible so customers can get in touch with you if there are any questions or concerns.

Reviews – Did you know that 61 percent of customers read a review of a product before they complete a purchase? Reviews are a sales driver and can lead to more customers and purchases. Including reviews on your eCommerce site for all products can only help you increase potential sales.

Include a Search Bar – While having easy navigation and a clean and organized shop is important, some customers will want an easy way to locate the product they want to find. Including a search bar on the website will allow customers to search for a specific product to find what they need faster.

High-Quality Images – In an eCommerce store, images are everything. When a customer purchases something online, they cannot see or touch the item in person. Using high-quality images is important to give the customer a detailed look at the product. Make sure the photos you use are of high-quality to avoid blurriness and give your website a professional look.

Simple Checkout – Customers will often times abandon their cart and one main reason is that the checkout process can be timely. Eliminate the unnecessary non-required fields from the checkout form and keep checkout quick and easy for customers. Another way to make things easy for customers is to allow them to check out as guests instead of having to create an account to complete a transaction.

Mobile Optimization – When choosing a theme, make sure that it is optimized for mobile devices. A theme that is optimized for mobile devices is capable of scaling images so the sizes adjust properly to each device, allowing for easy navigation on a smaller device. Having mobile payment options such as Apple Pay or PayPal One Touch can also help increase conversions.

Responsive Design – Platforms such as BigCommerce and Shopify offer responsive themes that have all necessary features from product previews to product filters and more. It’s important for an eCommerce website to have a responsive design so that it displays properly on all devices and is more search-engine friendly. Many people search for business, especially eCommerce businesses, through mobile devices, so a responsive design can easily lead to more conversions and successful business.

Product Previews – To make the online shopping experience better for your customers, add product previews to your store. By clicking on any product, customers should be able to not only see the price and description, but have images to see the product as well. Many eCommerce websites are built to have all of this information pop up on one click.

Shipping and Return Policies – Many shoppers, especially ones that are to become your customers, will want to know the online store policies of your business. Put links to shipping and return policies in the navigation to allow customers to easily access this information. In addition, having a FAQ page with common questions also provides good customer service.

Branding – The look and feel of your eCommerce store is important, but don’t forget to add more personalization with your own branding. Add your company logo throughout the website. You can also add a favicon for people who choose to favorite or bookmark your website so your logo is always on display and customers can instantly identify your store. Your color scheme should also be built around the colors of your brand to incorporate all elements of your brand.

Add to Cart Button – When customers go to a specific product page, they will see the option to add the item to their cart. Make sure that the add to cart button is always visible and has a design that stands out from the rest of your website. Use a color that contrasts the primary color of the website and make sure that the text is larger than the rest of the website so that it also stands out on mobile devices.

Product Filter – Choosing the correct filter options so that your products are able to be sorted easily for your customers is another great feature to an eCommerce store. Common filter options are sizes and colors, and many eCommerce platforms allow for filter options to be customized to fit your store.

Having a great web design and utilizing the right features within your design can make all the difference in turning potential customers into long-term customers. A quality design isn’t just meant to be appealing to the eye, it’s meant to function easily to make the customer experience more enjoyable.

At 1Digital Agency, we can help you create a custom design or a redesign for your eCommerce store to achieve the look, feel and customer experience that you need to succeed. Our experts are available to help get your website design project started. Contact us today!

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