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Bolt: An All-in-One Solution for Conversion Optimization

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Bolt: An All-in-One Solution for Conversion Optimization

Getting to the finish line is the most important part of the race. You can interest customers with your products, your brand and your message, but if you do not get them to complete a purchase or finish checking out, it really has no value to you as an online merchant.

If you feel like you are losing out on customers because of checkout processes, you may need to make a change. Bolt is a conversion optimization solution that we recommend as a way to push and increase your conversion rates. This all-in-one solution for checkout, payments, and fraud can be your answer to checkout abandonment.

Today, we will inform you of what conversion optimization is, why having fast checkout is important, why you should choose Bolt through 1Digital® Agency as a tool to improve your conversion rates and more.

What is Conversion Optimization?

Before learning more about what Bolt can do as an all-in-one conversion optimization solution, we should have an understanding of what conversion optimization is.

Conversion rate optimization is a systematic process that leads to an increased percentage of online visitors and customers taking an action. An action could be filling out a form, subscribing for a newsletter or making a purchase.

Your conversion rate is the percentage of how often you reach the finish line with a customer, the completion of a purchase. There are different ways to measure this. For many people, a successful conversion rate is one that shows people making visits to their website from their marketing efforts. But you also want to see your overall conversion rate for customers completing purchases be just as successful.

Conversion rate optimization can help you get a better understanding of your target audience and the best way to connect with them. This way, your marketing can target the customers who come to your site to make a purchase, as opposed to those who come just to research or browse.

CRO also helps you get a better return on investment, makes it easier to scale your business to larger audiences and create a better user experience for your customers while building trust with your customers.

Why Fast Checkout is Important?

The most important part of the checkout experience is often the first step because it is your one and only chance to make a first impression. Many times, customers drop off at the very first step.

In many cases, it’s just a hesitation on the part of the customer. Something doesn’t feel right, whether it has to do with the experience or some sort of disconnect related to the product. Whatever the reason, conversion rates can increase by improving the user experience and having fast checkout.

In 2017, the main reason people left shopping carts abandoned was because they learned of an extra cost during checkout, such as shipping or fees. In fact, 60 percent of people surveyed by Baymard Institute in 2017 indicated that was the reason they left a shopping cart without making a purchase.  The other two main experience issues that caused customers to leave were both experience-based. 37 percent of people surveyed said the website’s request to create an account chased them away. 28 percent said that the checkout process was too long or too complicated.

The bottom line is that customers don’t want to wait online when it comes to making a purchase. Part of the reason they purchased online was to skip the lines of retail or to find a special product that isn’t available in stores. This is especially true for returning customers. Fast checkout should be available so that your customers don’t need to fill out information all over again and use previous shipping and billing information.

Having fast checkout can drastically improve your conversion rate because it makes things quick and easy for the customer, thus improving the user experience for them.

Why Choose Bolt?

Bolt Benefits

Bolt is an all-in-one solution, so there are multiple layers to what you get with Bolt. First and foremost, you want to get customers to complete purchases. On average, checkout abandonment rates are 80 percent or higher. With Bolt, you don’t have to settle for the 20 percent success rate on conversions. With an optimized layout and enhanced checkout experience, you can get more customers to the finish line and achieve greater sales.

Bolt is mobile-optimized, which is a necessary feature in today’s eCommerce world. So much business is done through mobile devices. With Bolt, you get a mobile-optimized checkout experience that allows customers to complete purchases wherever they are.

Bolt gives you an easy to use overlay and design, fewer form fields to fill out and puts the focus on customer experience. Bolt’s user studies show that 86 percent of customers preferred Bolt’s checkout to the conventional checkout process and that it resulted in increases in checkout completion rates for merchants of between 10 and 50 percent.

With Bolt, you get fewer customers leaving their carts and missing out on potential conversions. The interface and customer experience through checkout is second to none. And the results from using Bolt will help you see the value of using this checkout interface.

In addition, Bolt offers user-friendly analytics so you can easily track all transactions and conversions. Bolt also identifies good customers, meaning you are completely protected from fraud. You never have to worry about fraud with Bolt’s 100 percent fraudulent chargeback coverage. Bolt also has international risk coverage so you can feel safe and confident in doing business with a global audience.

Bolt Checkout vs. Shopify

Want to know just how quick and easy it is to use Bolt checkout compared to a conventional checkout?

Using Shopify as the conventional checkout platform, it took 69 seconds to complete an order. In that time, it required four clicks and 15 fields to enter the necessary information and complete the purchase. On each click, the page was redirected.

With Bolt, it took 34 seconds to complete a purchase, needing four clicks and 12 fields completed before purchasing. There were also no page redirects.

Bolt Shopify Comparison


Now that you know the importance of conversion optimization and why fast checkout is important, don’t you want the best for your eCommerce store? With the help of 1Digital® Agency, in partnership with Bolt, you can get the fast checkout tools you need for your online store. Just follow this link to see more about what 1Digital® and Bolt have to offer and how you can get started.

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