4 Reasons Why You Should Consider an eCommerce Mobile App

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4 Reasons Why You Should Consider an eCommerce Mobile App

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4 Reasons Why You Should Consider an eCommerce Mobile App

Mobile is taking the reigns in preferred methods of shopping as more and more people rely on their smartphones to shop online for their favorite products. We bring you for reasons why you should the the plunge in creating your own retail mobile app.

1. Customers Love Apps

First things first, customers actually enjoy retail apps. They’re an easy and accessible way to shop for your favorite products at your favorite stores. Every piece of information whether it’s a product description, review, discount, or in-store promotion, is all found in one easily accessible location.

As a retailer, an app is also very useful to you as an eCommerce business. First, you can get customers to download your app by offering a special promotion or one-time discounts found on your app. As customers are inclined to download your app for the special promotion or discount, they will eventually use the app over and over again. Furthermore, the data collected from your app is also another valid reason. Your app is a great way to collect email addresses, age demographics, even purchase histories. You can use this information in marketing practices and other initiatives.


2. Trust In Smartphones

In an age when information is readily available, customers rely on their smartphones more than ever. In fact, when it comes to customer service, customers find that sales associates are often not knowledgeable enough on the products or services they are selling. They can be too pushy and too assertive, often not being helpful at all. Shoppers trust research, and conducting research on their own by consulting their smartphones is often how they make informed decisions. Using your specific eCommerce retail app, customers have access to all the information they would ever need. Customers can use the app to research everything they need about specific products and services.


3. Loyalty Programs

It’s a proven fact that customers love loyalty programs and rewards. Customers are more than likely to spend more when they know there’s a reward at the other end. Customers are also often brand loyal, they’ll choose to return to your eCommerce retail store when there’s a loyalty initiative involved. Apps are also a great way for customers to track and monitor your loyalty program statistics. You can keep track of your rewards, information regarding upcoming deals and promotions, and cash in points to redeem rewards as well. Everything in one app allows you and the customer convenience and ability to track and have everything in one place.


4. Incentives

Incentives are a great way for eCommerce retailers to turn shoppers into buyers. Providing incentives through your app provides customers the opportunity to collect and use coupons, special promotions and deals, and one-time offers. Your customer is more inclined to use the app if they know they have access to exclusive deals and promotions. Incentives provide a reason for customers to shop your site. Whether they want to redeem rewards or use one-time offers, incentives give customers that extra push and sense of urgency to purchase from your eCommerce site.


Creating an eCommerce mobile app is challenging with so many factors to consider. It can be rewarding though. You want to make sure your app is completely up as well as responsive 1Digital can help you create a responsive mobile design that will have customers coming back time and time again. Contact us today to get started!

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