3 Ways to Increase Your eCommerce Sales
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3 Ways to Increase Your eCommerce Sales

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Finding new and fresh ways to increase your eCommerce sales can be a daunting task. You want to sell the most amount of products available but being too pushy or aggressive could have the opposite effect. We bring you 3 ways to increase your eCommerce sales the right way!

Cross Selling and Upselling

When a customer is on your product page looking at a specific product, strategically placing other products or other options can help increase your sales. These are called cross sells as you are looking to sell another product to the customer that is already viewing a certain product on your page. Placing is very important, you want to make sure your customer can see it but you don’t want to be right in their face trying to sell them more. Bundling products like a gaming console with extras like accessories or more games can help you sell more.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are a very important factor of your eCommerce business. When buying products online, customers want to make sure they are getting the best available for their money. They often look to customer reviews to make sure they are buying from the best available. You want to make sure your eCommerce website has positive reviews associated with it. This way when a customer looks at your website, they are more inclined to purchase from you because other customers have had a positive experience shopping on your website as well.

Streamlined Checkouts

One of the main causes of cart abandonment is a messy checkout process. Many checkout processes often include multiple steps and pages and this could be considered a major inconvenience to your customers. Streamlining your checkout process by getting rid of unnecessary pages or steps can help increase your eCommerce sales and even have customers coming back to make more or repeat purchases. You want to make sure your customers have all the convenience they need to make their way through the checkout process.

As an eCommerce business increasing sales is always a priority but the way you increase your sales is equally as important. Upselling or cross selling, customer reviews, and streamlined checkouts are great nonaggressive ways to sell even more products to your customers. If you need to create product pages, implement customer reviews, or even streamline your checkout process contact 1Digital and we’ll help you achieve all of your sale goals.