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Why Did the Demand for Shopify SEO Services Explode?

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Companies that have provided Shopify SEO services for years will all tell you that 2020 was the year of eCommerce. ECommerce platforms, especially Shopify, have become the big winners after all the recent events, and I don’t mean to say that in a bad way. Everything could have been a lot worse if it weren’t for the ingenuity and hard work of merchants holding the line.

In perspective, eCommerce platforms, and brick-and-mortar retailers brave enough to sail the online marketplace waters (and smart enough to stay afloat), were real troopers. They made sure millions of people never had to worry about safety while shopping. Thanks to them, we could get everything we needed without leaving our homes. And this trend was reflected all over the world to the point that even international organizations have shown interest in it. Its impact on general global welfare and the future of the economy is undeniable:

“Countries that harness the potential of e-commerce will be better placed to benefit from global markets for their goods and services in this digitalizing economy, while those that fail to do so risk falling behind even further,”

Shamika N. Sirimanne, UNCTAD’s technology and logistics director.

In other words, a massive worldwide supply chain had to be built from the ground up in only one year so nobody was left behind. According to Shopify itself, the pandemic literally pushed eCommerce growth a decade into the future.

The Numbers Are In

The whole eCommerce ecosystem grew by $52 billion only last year. This meant a whopping 16.5% growth worldwide as 150 million people went shopping online for the first time in their lives. Surprisingly, the trend does not seem to be slowing down in 2021. Basically, eCommerce reached its critical mass and almost 80% of consumers declared that they will continue shopping online regularly in the near future, according to Shopify.

Of course, Shopify SEO companies deserve a big pat on the back for their efforts in that regard. Setting up an eCommerce store and waiting for customers to start ordering does not mean youre automatically riding the wave. Merchants who want to keep up the pace know the importance of having a digital agency on their side.

Shopify Merchants: Keep an Eye on These 3 Factors

  • One of the factors that separates winners from losers in this race is how much they closed the delta between customer expectation and experience. The most successful merchants are those who manage to narrow the gap between what customers were used to doing and what they experience when shopping online for the first time. For example, according to the National Retail Federation, 3 out of 4 customers expect stores to offer free shipping. For many, driving or walking to the store meant they didn’t have to pay delivery costs. For them, shipping fees are out of the question in most cases. Moreover, the latest Shopify yearly report shows that 29% of consumers abandon their carts if they can’t find a “two-day-shipping” option. This reflects our natural need to get what we want the minute we pay for it. Merchants who are able to design smart shopping cart strategies are leading the charge.

Another factor is channel responsiveness. Having a beautiful but intricate store tends to produce high bounce rates if no one knows how to shop on them. Only those who make it easy for people to buy the first product have any real chance of converting. This makes website design and Shopify SEO services extremely important.

These alone should explain why the demand for professional marketing services is off the charts. Yet there is another more powerful reason: the sudden spike in competitive pressure.

As in-person shopping restrictions rolled out, product categories like household essentials, online education, and even healthcare entered the competition for ad space. Additionally, legacy wholesalers and retail giants poured so much money into digital marketing that average Facebook CPC costs went from 0.71 in January 2021, to 1.07 in the present day.

In other words, long-term PPC campaigns have become nigh unsustainable for small businesses that want to drive traffic to their website. This fueled the demand for durable and cost-effective solutions that guarantee steady and solid organic growth through Shopify SEO campaigns.

2022 Will See The Rise of Innovative Shopify SEO Strategies

As we mentioned, competition for ad space today is insane. For reference, client acquisition costs went over $30 per new customer according to Statista. This means that customer retention is a top priority for businesses of all sizes.

Now, measuring customer behavior is vital to designing digital marketing strategies that produce long-term results. Here, third-party cookies play a big role as measuring and automation tools. They help gauge how audiences interact with a website, helping Shopify SEO experts fine-tune Ad campaigns and content strategies.

However, that is projected to change soon. The vision of a cookie-less online experience is becoming a reality and merchants will have to find new ways to enhance customer retention and loyalty. Some predict that the popularity of email marketing campaigns will skyrocket. Merchants must open new channels to get precious email addresses and deliver their message directly into their customer’s inbox.

This highlights the importance of designing effective omnichannel strategies. The idea behind this is to let customers find your products and services organically through their favorite channels. Shopify stresses the value of building immersive and unified experiences for your customers based on their preferences or behavior. That is the secret of resilience and growth in the eCommerce industry today.

The masses’ clamor for eCommerce speed and efficiency shot the demand for Shopify SEO services through the roof. Merchants feel the urge to get plugged into this massive online supply chain and reap the benefits of this massive eCommerce growth. However, they are in dire need of innovative marketing strategies if they really want to contribute in any meaningful way, or at least not be left behind.

Fortunately, the giant eCommerce platform offers a rich pool of resources and partnering options called Shopify Plus. They basically built a resilient network of app developers and Shopify Plus SEO strategists to lower the barrier to entry for merchants to start selling online right away.

1Digital is one of the few select Shopify plus SEO partners that offer top-notch services at a global scale. You can build true resiliency and long-term growth. Reach out to us on our site or at 888-982-8269.

We are excited to use our knowledge and experience and offer our Shopify SEO expert services to help your company grow.


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