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Volusion Custom Designs Can Help Showcase Your Brand

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Volusion Custom Designs Can Help Showcase Your Brand

Volusion is an industry leader as an eCommerce solution for online business owners. In the last 15 years that Volusion has been operating and aiding eCommerce business owners, customers have placed over 185 million orders and spent more than $26 billion at Volusion eCommerce stores. Over 180,000 entrepreneurs and eCommerce business owners have trusted Volusion as an eCommerce software in order to launch their business into a success. These eCommerce business owners use Volusion’s responsive themes and customizable templates to create a look that fits their brand.

Volusion’s popularity with eCommerce business owners is no fluke; its themes and templates are beautifully designed, professional templates that cover a wide variety of style preferences and business needs to make sure you find something that would work best for your online store. Volusion also provides its users with a comprehensive site builder, which allows you to customize your theme to create a site that is unique to your business without knowing anything about website code. If you do understand code, you can access it on your Volusion store for additional customization. For those that don’t, Volusion provides page layout customization that allows you to customize each page by dragging and dropping a wide range of content blocks. Volusion also provides in page editing with their Rich Content Editor, and more!

By utilizing Volusion custom designs, you can ensure that your business will have a unique look to make sure it stands out. If you want to build a comprehensive and consistent brand across the multitude of platforms you use for your business, then Volusion custom designs for your storefront is the first step to doing that.

Examples of Volusion Themes

Is Customization Right for Your eCommerce Business?

Pre-made templates are an excellent way to get your eCommerce business completely ready to go in a short amount of time. Volusion sets up their admin dashboard to be intuitive and easy-to-use, with the idea that the vast majority of people would be able to sit down and set up a website through their eCommerce platform without prior knowledge about web design. But, how do you know when to choose Volusion custom designs?

The primary thing you need to determine is whether or not you need functional requirements for your business, and if you do, exactly what types you’ll need for its design and function. If you feel that you need a more customized layout design to best display your products, then a straight Volusion template may not be the best decision for you. With Volusion custom designs, you can work to personalize your product pages in a way that will work best for your business.

If you want to have a variety or a personal touch on anything from customizing your navigation menu, to customizing your product options, using Volusion custom designs won’t limit you the way a simple pre-built template might. Basically, if there are any advanced functionality options that you may want to a specialized website to your business and products, then the custom design route will be the best for you. A free template may not give you advanced navigation or advanced customization with your product pages.

Another thing that is important to keep in mind is how much control you enjoy having your business and how your brand comes across in the variety of platforms that you use. When you use an eCommerce solution like Volusion, you can choose from a variety of themes, but that is placing a lot of decisions about design and function in the hands of a pre-built layout. If you are looking for control over the functionality and design of your eCommerce business, then Volusion custom designs are for you.

Volusion makes it easy to access its HTML and CSS in order to customize your template, but unfortunately, that doesn’t help eCommerce business owners with limited to no understanding of code. If you want to customize your website beyond the basic choices within each Volusion theme, an eCommerce design and development agency may be what you need. An eCommerce agency can help with planning out your website design and then execute it using the platform of your choice along with customizing through the website code.

Get a Unique Volusion Custom Design with 1 Digital Agency

If you have decided that a Volusion custom design would be best for your business, you may start feeling overwhelmed with the complexity of making customizations or even venturing into using website code. Maybe you aren’t very tech savvy and you need some help with either the design or development (or both) of your Volusion eCommerce store. Or, you could be nervous about making sure all of the custom changes you make stay on brand with your business. That is exactly where 1 Digital Agency comes in!

At 1 Digital Agency, we have been chosen by Volusion as one of it’s Elite Experts. We have a team of design and development experts that are pros at everything Volusion, including Volusion custom designs. Our designers specialize in code and customization and have been making Volusion custom designed sites worldwide. Do you want a design from scratch? Are you looking to redesign your website with advanced customizations? Or do you want to revamp your brand and have it fully reflected in your eCommerce store? Our Volusion design teams can do everything you need.

Our Volusion services encompass more than design and development of your eCommerce store. Whether you are in the gun, vaping, or furniture industry, we have experienced professionals that know how to best help your eCommerce business. We can help your business utilize Volusion as an eCommerce solution to it’s greatest potential and can help digitally market your store. Our marketing team specializes in content creation, social media and email campaigns, and comprehensive SEO campaigns. Do you have any questions about our Volusion services? Call us at 888-982-8269, or contact us and find out more about how we can enhance your Volusion eCommerce business.

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